CDI Labs Launches Two New Powerful Assays to its Biomarker Discovery Platform

Proteomics company CDI adds HuScan™ (PhIP-Seq patient biomarker discovery platform) and VirScan™ (PhIP-Seq antibody detection assays that includes every known human and viral protein).

Feb 04, 2020, 09:00 ET

MAYAGUEZ, Puerto Rico and BALTIMOREFeb. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CDI Laboratories, Inc. Antygen Division announced the addition of two powerful new assays to its biomarker discovery platform.  HuScan and VirScan are the first commercial use of PhIP-seq technology developed in the laboratories of Steve Elledge & Ben LarmanHuScan detects antibodies against the entire human proteome via long peptides on the surface of bacteriophages, antibody pulldown and sequencing readouts. VirScan detects antibodies against the proteomes of every viral strain known to infect humans in the same manner. These portfolio additions further strengthen CDI as a global leader in patient-derived antibody biomarker discovery.

HuScan and VirScan are powerful tools for interrogating immune system changes via patient antibody levels as well as infectious virus exposure and changes to patient antibody composition caused by viral infection.

In addition to diagnostics, both assays are particularly useful for discovering biomarkers to differentiate clinical trial cohorts for cancer immune-oncology, autoimmune disease, neurodegeneration, viral infection, other immunotherapies and in cross-reactivity assessment of antibodies as research reagents.

“These new assays complement our HuProt™ proteome microarray platform, making CDI’s Antygen Division the most comprehensive proteomics platform in the world – focusing on the increasingly important field of patient autoantibody biomarker discovery,” said Scott Paschke, CDI VP. “Furthermore they expand our ability to contribute important data to the rapidly growing area of cancer immunotherapy.”

CDI’s Antygen Division offers HuScan and VirScan as custom discovery services using patient-derived antibodies in biological fluids. Other services including assay design, contract research and bioinformatics are available.

About CDI – A privately-owned biotechnology corporation, CDI’s Antygen Division focuses on contract research services to enable R&D of future therapeutic and diagnostic tools to proceed more rapidly and cost-effectively. The Company exports products and offers services worldwide and is expanding its clientele base and its academic and industrial collaborations.

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