CDI Labs Releases HuProt™ v4.0 – Adding additional content to Largest Content Human Proteome Microarray in the World

Proteomics company now producing glass slides printed with recombinant human proteins containing over 21,000 human proteins and protein isoforms, including >81% of canonically expressed proteins as defined by the Human Protein Atlas for high through­put analytics, contract research and hybridoma development services.

March 5, 2019, 09:00 ET

MAYAGUEZ, Puerto Rico and BALTIMOREMarch 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — CDI Laboratories, Inc. has announced that ~2,000 new recombinant proteins have been added to HuProt™ – its human proteome microarray.  This addition now means that CDI’s HuProt v4.0 array “v4.0 now contains over 21,000 human proteins and protein isoforms, including >81% of canonically expressed proteins as defined by the Human Protein Atlas.” CDI’s HuProt™ array is available as a stand-alone product or as part of CDI’s services platform. The addition of this additional content further strengthens CDI’s posi­tion as a global leader in microarray production, content and application development.

HuProt™ microarrays can generate massive binding profiles in days – not months – and are used in:

  • Serum (biomarker) profiling– disease diagnosis, prognosis; cancer immunotherapy, vaccine development
  • Protein binding assays- small molecule binding, DNA/RNA binding, enzyme binding specificity, etc.
  • Antibody specificity testing– assess cross-reactivity, identify highest quality research reagents

“We’re excited to launch this next generation of HuProt™! With our continuing improvement program we have added another significant number of full length proteins with the ultimate goal of having the entire human proteome on a slide.” said Scott Paschke, CDI VP of Marketing. “Further, we feel that this addition will help our customers achieve additional novel discoveries with our products and services .”

HuProt microarrays are available for purchase by labs with in-house microarray scanning capability. Alternatively, CDI’s Discovery Services division offers contract assay design, research, bioinformatics and custom-configured microarray production on a per-project basis.

About CDI – A privately-owned biotechnology corporation, CDI focuses on protein- and antibody microarray design, production and custom assay services. CDI’s flagship – HuProt™ – is the most comprehensive human proteome microarray in the industry, allowing thousands of protein interactions to be done in parallel. HuProt enables R&D of future therapeutic and diagnostic tools to proceed more rapidly and cost-effectively. CDI’s Fast-MAb® hybridoma development service addresses the urgent need for monoclonal antibodies with unprec­edented specificity for research, diagnostic or therapeutic targets. Fast-MAb antibodies are evaluated for speci­ficity on the HuProt array. The Company exports products world-wide and is expanding its clientele base and its academic and industrial collaborations.

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