MouseScan: PhIP-Seq Antibody Profiling

Murine proteome epitope-level autoantibody profiling service via T7 phage display and immunoprecipitation sequencing

MouseScan: PhIP-Seq Antibody Profiling

Murine proteome epitope-level autoantibody profiling service via T7 phage display and immunonprecipitation sequencing

High-throughput preclinical autoantibody discovery service.

Our new MouseScan™ technology provides epitope-level antibody discovery versus an entire mouse proteome.

ANTYGENMouseScan™ service allows us to analyze preclinical murine samples (serum, plasma, etc.) for the presence of autoantibodies against the full GRCm38.p5 mouse proteome in a single-well assay with quantitative sequencing readouts. This product is available as a service to both academic and industry customers.

MouseScan™ Content.

CDI Antygen™ MouseScan™ detects antibodies against 50,135 unique murine proteins and protein isoforms.

Download MouseScan™ Mouse PhIP-Seq Content List

An entire mouse proteome (GRCm38.p5) is included in MouseScan™ autoantibody testing.

0610009B22Rik 0610010K14Rik 0610030E20Rik 0610040J01Rik 1110004F10Rik 1110017D15Rik 1110032A03Rik 1110032F04Rik 1110038F14Rik 1110059E24Rik 1110059G10Rik 1190005I06Rik 1190007I07Rik 1500009L16Rik 1500011B03Rik 1520401A03Rik 1600012H06Rik 1600014C10Rik 1600014C23Rik 1700001C19Rik 1700001J03Rik 1700001K19Rik 1700001L19Rik 1700001O22Rik 1700001P01Rik 1700003E16Rik 1700003F12Rik 1700006A11Rik 1700008O03Rik 1700009N14Rik 1700010I14Rik 1700011L22Rik 1700012A03Rik 1700012B07Rik 1700012B09Rik 1700013G24Rik 1700013H16Rik 1700014D04Rik 1700015G11Rik 1700016C15Rik 1700016H13Rik 1700016K19Rik 1700017B05Rik 1700017N19Rik 1700018B08Rik 1700018F24Rik 1700019A02Rik 1700019D03Rik 1700019N19Rik 1700020A23Rik 1700020L24Rik 1700020N15Rik 1700021F07Rik 1700022I11Rik 1700024G13Rik 1700025G04Rik 1700028K03Rik 1700029F12Rik 1700029H14Rik 1700029I15Rik 1700030K09Rik 1700031F05Rik 1700034E13Rik 1700034J05Rik 1700037C18Rik 1700037H04Rik 1700056E22Rik 1700057G04Rik 1700066M21Rik 1700067K01Rik 1700088E04Rik 1700093K21Rik 1700102P08Rik 1700109H08Rik 1700113H08Rik 1700122O11Rik 1700123K08Rik 1700123O20Rik 1700129C05Rik 1810009A15Rik 1810009J06Rik 1810010H24Rik 1810013L24Rik 1810024B03Rik 1810030O07Rik 1810037I17Rik 1810055G02Rik 1810062G17Rik 1810065E05Rik 2010003K11Rik 2010106E10Rik 2010109A12Rik 2010315B03Rik 2200002D01Rik 2200002J24Rik 2210010C04Rik 2210016F16Rik 2210016L21Rik 2210408I21Rik 2210418O10Rik 2300002M23Rik 2300003K06Rik 2300009A05Rik 2310002L09Rik 2310009B15Rik 2310011J03Rik 2310022A10Rik 2310022B05Rik 2310030G06Rik 2310033P09Rik 2310034C09Rik 2310039H08Rik 2310050C09Rik 2310057J18Rik 2310057M21Rik 2310057N15Rik 2310061I04Rik 2310061N02Rik 2310079G19Rik 2410002F23Rik 2410004B18Rik 2410004P03Rik 2410137M14Rik 2510002D24Rik 2510009E07Rik 2510039O18Rik 2610008E11Rik 2610028H24Rik 2610042L04Rik 2610044O15Rik8 2610318N02Rik 2610528A11Rik 2610528J11Rik 2700049A03Rik 2700062C07Rik 2700097O09Rik 2810004N23Rik 2810021J22Rik 2810408A11Rik 2810459M11Rik 2900026A02Rik 2900092C05Rik 3110009E18Rik 3110040N11Rik 3110082I17Rik 3110082J24Rik 3300002I08Rik 3425401B19Rik 3830403N18Rik 3830406C13Rik 4833439L19Rik 4921504E06Rik 4921507P07Rik 4921509C19Rik 4921517D22Rik 4921524J17Rik 4921524L21Rik 4921536K21Rik 4921539E11Rik 4930402F06Rik 4930402K13Rik 4930407I10Rik 4930415L06Rik 4930430F08Rik 4930433I11Rik 4930444P10Rik 4930447C04Rik 4930451I11Rik 4930453N24Rik 4930474N05Rik 4930480E11Rik 4930486L24Rik 4930503B20Rik 4930503L19Rik 4930505A04Rik 4930512M02Rik 4930517N10Rik 4930519G04Rik 4930522H14Rik 4930522L14Rik 4930524B15Rik 4930544D05Rik 4930544G11Rik 4930550C14Rik 4930558K02Rik 4930562C15Rik 4930563E22Rik 4930568D16Rik 4930578I06Rik 4930579F01Rik 4930579G24Rik 4930590J08Rik 4930595M18Rik 4930596D02Rik 4931406B18Rik 4931406C07Rik 4931408C20Rik 4931414P19Rik 4931428F04Rik 4931429L15Rik 4932414N04Rik 4932415D10Rik 4932429P05Rik 4933402J07Rik 4933402N03Rik 4933403O08Rik 4933405L10Rik 4933405O20Rik 4933409G03Rik 4933411K16Rik 4933412E24Rik 4933416I08Rik 4933421I07Rik 4933430I17Rik 4933434E20Rik 4933436I01Rik 5031439G07Rik 5530400C23Rik 5730409E04Rik 5730455P16Rik 5730480H06Rik 5730507C01Rik 6030458C11Rik 6030468B19Rik 6030498E09Rik 6330403K07Rik 6430548M08Rik 6430550D23Rik 6430571L13Rik 6720489N17Rik 6820408C15Rik 7420426K07Rik 7530416G11Rik 8030462N17Rik 8030474K03Rik 9030025P20Rik 9030624G23Rik 9130008F23Rik 9130019O22Rik 9130023H24Rik 9130401M01Rik 9130409I23Rik 9230112D13Rik 9330159F19Rik 9330182O14Rik 9430015G10Rik 9430038I01Rik 9430069I07Rik 9530002B09Rik 9530003J23Rik 9530053A07Rik 9530068E07Rik 9530077C05Rik 9830107B12Rik 9930012K11Rik 9930021J03Rik 9930104L06Rik 9930111J21Rik1 9930111J21Rik2 a A130010J15Rik A1bg A1cf A2m A2ml1 A3galt2 A430005L14Rik A430033K04Rik A4galt A4gnt A530016L24Rik A530032D15Rik A530064D06Rik A630001G21Rik A630023A22Rik A630073D07Rik A630095N17Rik A830018L16Rik A930009A15Rik A930018P22Rik AA986860 Aaas Aacs Aadac Aadacl2 Aadacl2fm1 Aadacl2fm2 Aadacl2fm3 Aadacl3 Aadacl4 Aadacl4fm1 Aadacl4fm2 AAdacl4fm3 Aadacl4fm4 Aadacl4fm5 Aadat Aagab Aak1 Aamdc Aamp Aanat Aar2 Aard Aars Aars2 Aarsd1 Aasdh Aasdhppt Aass Aatf Aatk AB124611 Abat Abca1 Abca12 Abca13 Abca14 Abca15 Abca16 Abca17 Abca2 Abca3 Abca4 Abca5 Abca6 Abca7 Abca8a Abca8b Abca9 Abcb10 Abcb11 Abcb1a Abcb1b Abcb4 Abcb5 Abcb6 Abcb7 Abcb8 Abcb9 Abcc1 Abcc10 Abcc12 Abcc2 Abcc3 Abcc4 Abcc5 Abcc6 Abcc8 Abcc9 Abcd1 Abcd2 Abcd3 Abcd4 Abce1 Abcf1 Abcf3 Abcg1 Abcg2 Abcg3 Abcg4 Abcg5 Abcg8 Abhd10 Abhd11 Abhd12 Abhd12b Abhd13 Abhd14a Abhd14b Abhd15 Abhd16a Abhd16b Abhd17a Abhd17b Abhd17c Abhd18 Abhd2 Abhd3 Abhd4 Abhd5 Abhd6 Abhd8 Abi1 Abi2 Abi3 Abi3bp Abitram Abl1 Abl2 Ablim1 Ablim2 Ablim3 Abo Abr Abra Abraxas1 Abraxas2 Abt1 Abtb1 Abtb2 Acaa1a Acaa1b Acaa2 Acaca Acacb Acad10 Acad11 Acad12 Acad8 Acad9 Acadl Acadm Acads Acadsb Acadvl Acan Acap1 Acap2 Acap3 Acat1 Acat2 Acat3 Acbd3 Acbd5 Acbd6 Acbd7 Accs Accsl Acd Ace Ace2 Ace3 Acer1 Acer2 Acer3 Ache Acin1 Ackr1 Ackr2 Ackr3 Ackr4 Acly Acmsd Acnat1 Acnat2 Aco1 Aco2 Acod1 Acot1 Acot10 Acot11 Acot12 Acot13 Acot2 Acot3 Acot4 Acot5 Acot6 Acot7 Acot8 Acot9 Acox1 Acox2 Acox3 Acoxl Acp1 Acp2 Acp4 Acp5 Acp6 Acp7 Acpp Acr Acrbp Acrv1 Acsbg1 Acsbg2 Acsbg3 Acsf2 Acsf3 Acsl1 Acsl3 Acsl4 Acsl5 Acsl6 Acsm1 Acsm2 Acsm3 Acsm4 Acsm5 Acss1 Acss2 Acss3 Acta2 Actb Actbl2 Actc1 Acte1 Actg1 Actl10 Actl11 Actl6a Actl6b Actl7a Actl7b Actl9 Actn1 Actn2 Actn3 Actn4 Actr10 Actr1a Actr1b Actr2 Actr3 Actr3b Actr5 Actr6 Actr8 Actrt1 Actrt2 Actrt3 Acvr1 Acvr1b Acvr1c Acvr2a Acvr2b Acvrl1 Acy1 Acy3 Acyp1 Acyp2 Ada Adad2 Adal Adam10 Adam11 Adam12 Adam15 Adam17 Adam18 Adam19 Adam1a Adam1b Adam2 Adam20 Adam21 Adam22 Adam23 Adam24 Adam25 Adam26a Adam26b Adam28 Adam29 Adam3 Adam30 Adam32 Adam33 Adam34 Adam34l Adam39 Adam4 Adam5 Adam6a Adam6b Adam7 Adam8 Adam9 Adamdec1 Adamts1 Adamts10 Adamts12 Adamts13 Adamts14 Adamts15 Adamts16 Adamts17 Adamts18 Adamts19 Adamts2 Adamts20 Adamts3 Adamts4 Adamts5 Adamts6 Adamts7 Adamts8 Adamts9 Adamtsl1 Adamtsl2 Adamtsl3 Adamtsl4 Adamtsl5 Adap1 Adap2 Adar Adarb1 Adarb2 Adat1 Adat2 Adat3 Adck1 Adck2 Adck5 Adcy1 Adcy10 Adcy2 Adcy3 Adcy4 Adcy5 Adcy6 Adcy7 Adcy8 Adcy9 Adcyap1 Adcyap1r1 Add1 Add2 Add3 Adgb Adgra1 Adgra2 Adgra3 Adgrb1 Adgrb2 Adgrb3 Adgrd1 Adgre1 Adgre4 Adgre5 Adgrf1 Adgrf2 Adgrf3 Adgrf4 Adgrf5 Adgrg1 Adgrg2 Adgrg3 Adgrg5 Adgrg6 Adgrg7 Adgrl1 Adgrl2 Adgrl3 Adgrl4 Adgrv1 Adh1 Adh4 Adh5 Adh6a Adh7 Adhfe1 Adi1 Adig Adipoq Adipor1 Adk Adm Adm2 Adnp Adnp2 Ado Adora1 Adora2a Adora2b Adora3 Adprh Adprhl1 Adprm Adprs Adra1a Adra1b Adra1d Adra2a Adra2b Adra2c Adrb1 Adrb2 Adrm1 Adsl Adss Adssl1 Adtrp Aebp1 Aebp2 Aen AF067061 AF067063 Afap1 Afap1l1 Afap1l2 Afdn Aff1 Aff2 Aff3 Aff4 Afg1l Afg3l1 Afg3l2 Afm Afmid Afp Aftph Aga Agap1 Agap2 Agap3 Agbl1 Agbl2 Agbl3 Agbl4 Agbl5 Ager Agfg1 Agfg2 Aggf1 Agk Agl Agmat Agmo Ago1 Ago2 Ago3 Ago4 Agpat1 Agpat2 Agpat3 Agpat4 Agpat5 Agps Agr2 Agr3 Agrn Agrp Agt Agtpbp1 Agtr1a Agtr1b Agtr2 Agtrap Agxt Agxt2 Ahctf1 Ahcy Ahcyl1 Ahcyl2 Ahdc1 Ahi1 Ahnak Ahr Ahrr Ahsa1 Ahsa2 Ahsg AI182371 AI429214 AI467606 AI593442 AI597479 AI661453 AI837181 AI987944 Aicda Aida Aif1 Aif1l Aifm1 Aifm2 Aifm3 Aig1 Aim2 Aimp1 Aimp2 Aip Aipl1 Aire Ajap1 Ajm1 Ajuba Ak1 Ak2 Ak3 Ak4 Ak5 Ak6 Ak7 Ak8 Ak9 Akain1 Akap1 Akap10 Akap12 Akap13 Akap14 Akap17b Akap3 Akap4 Akap5 Akap6 Akap7 Akap8 Akap8l Akap9 Akip1 Akirin1 Akirin2 Akna Aknad1 Akp3 Akr1a1 Akr1b10 Akr1b3 Akr1b7 Akr1b8 Akr1c12 Akr1c13 Akr1c14 Akr1c18 Akr1c19 Akr1c20 Akr1c21 Akr1c6 Akr1cl Akr1d1 Akr1e1 Akr7a5 Akt1 Akt1s1 Akt2 Akt3 Aktip Alad Alas1 Alas2 Alb Albfm1 Alcam Aldh16a1 Aldh18a1 Aldh1a1 Aldh1a2 Aldh1a3 Aldh1a7 Aldh1b1 Aldh1l1 Aldh1l2 Aldh2 Aldh3a1 Aldh3a2 Aldh3b1 Aldh3b2 Aldh3b3 Aldh4a1 Aldh5a1 Aldh6a1 Aldh7a1 Aldh8a1 Aldh9a1 Aldoa Aldoart1 Aldoart2 Aldob Aldoc Alg1 Alg10b Alg11 Alg12 Alg13 Alg14 Alg2 Alg3 Alg5 Alg6 Alg8 Alg9 Alk Alkal1 Alkbh1 Alkbh3 Alkbh5 Alkbh6 Alkbh7 Alkbh8 Alms1 Alox12 Alox12b Alox12e Alox15 Alox5 Alox5ap Alox8 Aloxe3 Alpi Alpk1 Alpk2 Alpk3 Alpl Alppl2 Als2 Als2cl Alx1 Alx3 Alx4 Alyref Alyref2 Amacr Ambn Ambp Ambra1 Amd1 Amdhd1 Amdhd2 Amelx Amer1 Amer2 Amer3 Amfr Amh Amhr2 Amigo1 Amigo2 Amigo3 Ammecr1 Ammecr1l Amn Amn1 Amot Amotl1 Amotl2 Ampd1 Ampd2 Ampd3 Amph Amt Amtn Amy1 Amy2a4 Amz1 Amz2 Anapc1 Anapc10 Anapc11 Anapc13 Anapc15 Anapc16 Anapc2 Anapc4 Anapc5 Anapc7 Ang Ang2 Ang4 Ang5 Ang6 Angel1 Angel2 Angpt1 Angpt2 Angpt4 Angptl1 Angptl2 Angptl3 Angptl4 Angptl6 Angptl7 Angptl8 Ank Ank1 Ank2 Ank3 Ankar Ankdd1a Ankdd1b Ankef1 Ankfn1 Ankfy1 Ankhd1 Ankib1 Ankk1 Ankle1 Ankle2 Ankmy1 Ankmy2 Ankra2 Ankrd1 Ankrd10 Ankrd11 Ankrd12 Ankrd13b Ankrd13c Ankrd13d Ankrd16 Ankrd17 Ankrd2 Ankrd22 Ankrd23 Ankrd24 Ankrd26 Ankrd27 Ankrd28 Ankrd29 Ankrd33 Ankrd33b Ankrd34a Ankrd34b Ankrd34c Ankrd36 Ankrd37 Ankrd39 Ankrd40 Ankrd42 Ankrd44 Ankrd45 Ankrd50 Ankrd52 Ankrd53 Ankrd54 Ankrd55 Ankrd6 Ankrd60 Ankrd61 Ankrd63 Ankrd65 Ankrd66 Ankrd7 Ankrd9 Anks1 Anks1b Anks3 Anks4b Anks6 Ankub1 Ankzf1 Anln Ano1 Ano10 Ano2 Ano3 Ano4 Ano5 Ano6 Ano7 Ano8 Ano9 Anp32a Anp32b Anp32e Antkmt Antxr1 Antxr2 Antxrl Anxa1 Anxa10 Anxa11 Anxa13 Anxa2 Anxa3 Anxa4 Anxa5 Anxa6 Anxa7 Anxa8 Aoah Aoc1 Aoc1l1 Aoc1l2 Aoc1l3 Aoc2 Aoc3 Aopep Aox1 Aox2 Aox3 Aox4 Ap1ar Ap1b1 Ap1g1 Ap1g2 Ap1m1 Ap1m2 Ap1s1 Ap1s2 Ap1s3 Ap2a1 Ap2a2 Ap2b1 Ap2m1 Ap2s1 Ap3b1 Ap3b2 Ap3d1 Ap3m1 Ap3m2 Ap3s1 Ap3s2 Ap4b1 Ap4e1 Ap4m1 Ap4s1 Ap5m1 Ap5s1 Ap5z1 Apaf1 Apba1 Apba2 Apba3 Apbb1 Apbb1ip Apbb2 Apbb3 Apc Apc2 Apcdd1 Apcs Apeh Apela Apex1 Apex2 Aph1a Aph1b Aph1c Api5 Apip Aplf Apln Aplnr Aplp1 Aplp2 Apmap Apoa1 Apoa2 Apoa4 Apob Apobec1 Apobec2 Apobec3 Apobec4 Apobr Apoc1 Apoc2l Apoc3 Apoc4 Apod Apoe Apof Apoh Apol10a Apol10b Apol11a Apol11b Apol6 Apol7a Apol7c Apol7e Apol8 Apol9a Apol9b Apold1 Apom Apon Apoo Apool App Appbp2 Appl1 Appl2 Aprt Aptx Aqp1 Aqp11 Aqp12 Aqp2 Aqp3 Aqp4 Aqp5 Aqp6 Aqp7 Aqp8 Aqp9 Aqr Ar Araf Arap1 Arap2 Arap3 Arc Arcn1 Areg Arel1 Arf1 Arf2 Arf4 Arf5 Arf6 Arfgap1 Arfgap2 Arfgap3 Arfgef1 Arfgef2 Arfgef3 Arfip1 Arfip2 Arfrp1 Arg1 Arg2 Arglu1 Arhgap1 Arhgap10 Arhgap11a Arhgap12 Arhgap15 Arhgap17 Arhgap18 Arhgap19 Arhgap20 Arhgap21 Arhgap22 Arhgap23 Arhgap24 Arhgap25 Arhgap26 Arhgap27 Arhgap28 Arhgap29 Arhgap30 Arhgap31 Arhgap32 Arhgap33 Arhgap35 Arhgap36 Arhgap39 Arhgap4 Arhgap40 Arhgap42 Arhgap44 Arhgap45 Arhgap5 Arhgap6 Arhgap8 Arhgap9 Arhgdia Arhgdib Arhgdig Arhgef1 Arhgef10 Arhgef10l Arhgef11 Arhgef12 Arhgef15 Arhgef16 Arhgef17 Arhgef18 Arhgef19 Arhgef2 Arhgef25 Arhgef26 Arhgef28 Arhgef3 Arhgef33 Arhgef37 Arhgef38 Arhgef4 Arhgef40 Arhgef5 Arhgef6 Arhgef7 Arhgef9 Arid1a Arid1b Arid2 Arid3a Arid3b Arid3c Arid4a Arid4b Arid5a Arid5b Arih1 Arl1 Arl10 Arl11 Arl13a Arl13b Arl14 Arl14epl Arl15 Arl16 Arl2 Arl2bp Arl3 Arl4a Arl4c Arl4d Arl5a Arl5b Arl5c Arl6 Arl6ip1 Arl6ip4 Arl6ip5 Arl6ip6 Arl8a Arl8b Arl9 Armc1 Armc10 Armc12 Armc2 Armc3 Armc5 Armc6 Armc7 Armc8 Armc9 Armcx1 Armcx2 Armcx4 Armcx5 Armcx6 Armh1 Armh2 Armh3 Armh4 Armt1 Arnt Arnt2 Arntl Arntl2 Arpc1a Arpc1b Arpc3 Arpc4 Arpc5 Arpc5l Arpin Arpp19 Arpp21 Arr3 Arrb1 Arrb2 Arrdc1 Arrdc2 Arrdc3 Arrdc4 Arrdc5 Arsa Arsb Arsg Arsi Arsj Arsk Art1 Art2b Art3 Art4 Art5 Artn Arv1 Arvcf Arx Arxes1 As3mt Asah1 Asap1 Asap2 Asap3 Asb1 Asb10 Asb11 Asb12 Asb13 Asb14 Asb15 Asb16 Asb17 Asb18 Asb2 Asb3 Asb4 Asb5 Asb6 Asb7 Asb8 Asb9 Ascc1 Ascc2 Ascc3 Ascl1 Ascl2 Ascl3 Ascl4 Ascl5 Asf1a Asf1b Asgr1 Asgr2 Ash1l Ash2l Asic1 Asic2 Asic3 Asic4 Asic5 Asl Asmt Asns Asnsd1 Aspa Aspdh Aspg Asph Asphd1 Aspm Aspn Asprv1 Aspscr1 Asrgl1 Ass1 Aste1 Astl Astn1 Astn2 Asxl1 Asxl2 Asxl3 Asz1 Atad1 Atad2 Atad2b Atad3a Atad5 Atat1 Atcay Ate1 Atf1 Atf2 Atf3 Atf4 Atf5 Atf6 Atf6b Atf7 Atf7ip Atf7ip2 Atg10 Atg101 Atg12 Atg13 Atg14 Atg16l1 Atg16l2 Atg2a Atg2b Atg3 Atg4a Atg4b Atg4c Atg4d Atg5 Atg7 Atg9a Atg9b Atic Atl1 Atl2 Atl3 Atm Atmin Atn1 Atoh1 Atoh7 Atoh8 Atosa Atosb Atox1 Atp10a Atp10b Atp11a Atp11b Atp11c Atp12a Atp13a1 Atp13a2 Atp13a3 Atp13a4 Atp13a5 Atp1a1 Atp1a2 Atp1a3 Atp1a4 Atp1b1 Atp1b2 Atp1b3 Atp1b4 Atp23 Atp2a1 Atp2a2 Atp2a3 Atp2b1 Atp2b2 Atp2b3 Atp2b4 Atp2c1 Atp2c2 Atp4a Atp4b Atp5a1 Atp5b Atp5c1 Atp5d Atp5e Atp5g1 Atp5g2 Atp5g3 Atp5h Atp5j2 Atp5k Atp5l Atp5md Atp5mpl Atp5o Atp5pb Atp6ap1 Atp6ap1l Atp6ap2 Atp6v0a1 Atp6v0a2 Atp6v0a4 Atp6v0b Atp6v0c Atp6v0d1 Atp6v0d2 Atp6v0e Atp6v0e2 Atp6v1b1 Atp6v1b2 Atp6v1c1 Atp6v1c2 Atp6v1d Atp6v1e1 Atp6v1e2 Atp6v1f Atp6v1fnb Atp6v1g1 Atp6v1g2 Atp6v1g3 Atp6v1h Atp7a Atp7b Atp8a1 Atp8b1 Atp8b2 Atp8b3 Atp8b4 Atp8b5 Atp9a Atp9b Atpaf1 Atpaf2 Atpif1 Atpsckmt Atr Atraid Atrip Atrn Atrnl1 Atxn1 Atxn10 Atxn2 Atxn2l Atxn3 Atxn7 Atxn7l1 Atxn7l2 Atxn7l3 Atxn7l3b AU018091 AU021092 AU022252 AU040320 AU041133 Auh Aunip Aup1 Aurka Aurkaip1 Aurkb Aurkc AV320801 Aven Avil Avl9 Avp Avpi1 Avpr1a Avpr1b Avpr2 AW146154 AW209491 AW551984 AW554918 AW822073 Awat1 Awat2 Axin1 Axin2 Axl AY074887 AY358078 AY761185 Azgp1 Azi2 Azin1 Azin2 B020031M17Rik B230219D22Rik B2m B3galnt1 B3galnt2 B3galt1 B3galt2 B3galt4 B3galt5 B3galt6 B3galt9 B3gat1 B3gat2 B3gat3 B3glct B3gnt2 B3gnt3 B3gnt4 B3gnt5 B3gnt6 B3gnt7 B3gnt8 B3gnt9 B3gntl1 B430306N03Rik B4galnt1 B4galnt2 B4galnt3 B4galnt4 B4galt1 B4galt2 B4galt3 B4galt4 B4galt5 B4galt6 B4galt7 B4gat1 B9d1 B9d2 Baalc Baat Babam1 Babam2 Bace1 Bace2 Bach1 Bach2 Bad Bag1 Bag2 Bag3 Bag4 Bag5 Bag6 Bahcc1 Bahd1 Baiap2 Baiap2l1 Baiap2l2 Baiap3 Bak1 Bambi Banf1 Banf2 Bank1 Banp Bap1 Bard1 Barhl1 Barhl2 Barx1 Barx2 Basp1 Batf Batf2 Batf3 Bax Baz1a Baz1b Baz2a Baz2b Bbc3 Bbip1 Bbln Bbox1 Bbs1 Bbs10 Bbs12 Bbs2 Bbs4 Bbs5 Bbs7 Bbs9 Bbx BC003965 BC005537 BC005624 BC016579 BC024139 BC024978 BC028528 BC030500 BC034090 BC035044 BC048507 BC048562 BC048679 BC049715 BC051019 BC051142 BC051665 BC053393 BC055324 BC061237 BC147527 Bcam Bcan Bcap29 Bcap31 Bcar1 Bcar3 Bcas1 Bcas2 Bcas3 Bcat1 Bcat2 Bccip Bcdin3d Bche Bckdha Bckdhb Bckdk Bcl10 Bcl11a Bcl11b Bcl2 Bcl2a1a Bcl2a1b Bcl2a1c Bcl2a1d Bcl2l10 Bcl2l11 Bcl2l12 Bcl2l13 Bcl2l14 Bcl2l15 Bcl2l2 Bcl3 Bcl6 Bcl6b Bcl7a Bcl7b Bcl7c Bcl9 Bcl9l Bclaf1 Bclaf3 Bco1 Bco2 Bcor Bcorl1 Bcr Bcs1l Bdh1 Bdh2 Bdkrb1 Bdkrb2 Bdnf Bdp1 Bean1 Becn1 Becn2 Begain Bend3 Bend4 Bend5 Bend6 Bend7 Best1 Best2 Best3 Bet1 Bet1l Bex1 Bex2 Bex3 Bex4 Bex6 Bfar Bfsp1 Bfsp2 Bglap Bglap3 Bgn Bhlha15 Bhlha9 Bhlhb9 Bhlhe22 Bhlhe23 Bhlhe40 Bhlhe41 Bhmt Bhmt2 Bicc1 Bicd1 Bicd2 Bicdl1 Bicdl2 Bicra Bicral Bid Bik Bin1 Bin2 Bin3 Birc2 Birc3 Birc5 Birc6 Birc7 Bivm Blk Blm Blmh Blnk Bloc1s2 Bloc1s3 Bloc1s4 Bloc1s5 Bloc1s6 Bltp1 Bltp2 Blvra Blvrb Blzf1 Bmerb1 Bmf Bmi1 Bmp1 Bmp10 Bmp15 Bmp2 Bmp2k Bmp3 Bmp5 Bmp6 Bmp7 Bmp8a Bmp8b Bmper Bmpr1b Bmpr2 Bms1 Bmt2 Bmx Bmyc Bnc1 Bnc2 Bnip1 Bnip2 Bnip3 Bnip3l Bnip5 Bnipl Boc Bod1 Bod1l Bok Bola1 Bola2 Bola3 Boll Bop1 Bora Borcs5 Borcs6 Borcs7 Borcs8 Bpgm Bphl Bpi Bpifa1 Bpifa2 Bpifa3 Bpifa5 Bpifa6 Bpifb1 Bpifb2 Bpifb4 Bpifb5 Bpifb6 Bpifb9a Bpifc Bpnt1 Bpnt2 Bptf Braf Brap Brat1 Brca1 Brca2 Brcc3 Brcc3dc Brd1 Brd2 Brd3 Brd4 Brd8 Brd8dc Brd9 Brdt Brf1 Brf2 Bri3 Bri3bp Bricd5 Brinp1 Brinp2 Brinp3 Brip1 Brix1 Brk1 Brme1 Brms1 Brms1l Brox Brpf1 Brpf3 Brs3 Brsk1 Brsk2 Brwd1 Brwd3 Bscl2 Bsdc1 Bsg Bsn Bsnd Bsph1 Bsph2 Bspry Bst1 Bst2 Bsx Btaf1 Btbd1 Btbd10 Btbd11 Btbd16 Btbd17 Btbd18 Btbd2 Btbd3 Btbd35f5 Btbd6 Btbd7 Btbd8 Btbd9 Btc Btd Btf3 Btf3l4 Btg1 Btg2 Btg3 Btg4 Btk Btla Btn1a1 Btn2a2 Btnl1 Btnl10 Btnl2 Btnl4 Btnl6 Btnl9 Btrc Bub1 Bub1b Bub3 Bud13 Bud23 Bud31 Bves Bysl Bzw1 Bzw2 C030006K11Rik C130026I21Rik C130050O18Rik C130074G19Rik C1galt1 C1galt1c1 C1qa C1qb C1qbp C1qc C1ql1 C1ql2 C1ql3 C1ql4 C1qtnf1 C1qtnf12 C1qtnf2 C1qtnf3 C1qtnf4 C1qtnf5 C1qtnf6 C1qtnf7 C1qtnf9 C1ra C1rb C1rl C1s1 C1s2 C2 C2cd2 C2cd3 C2cd4a C2cd4b C2cd4c C2cd4d C2cd5 C2cd6 C3 C330018D20Rik C3ar1 C4b C4bp C5ar1 C5ar2 C6 C7 C77080 C87436 C8a C8b C8g C9 C9orf72 Caap1 Cab39 Cab39l Cabcoco1 Cabin1 Cables1 Cables2 Cabp1 Cabp2 Cabp4 Cabp5 Cabp7 Cabs1 Cabyr Cacfd1 Cachd1 Cacna1a Cacna1b Cacna1c Cacna1d Cacna1e Cacna1f Cacna1g Cacna1h Cacna1i Cacna1s Cacna2d1 Cacna2d2 Cacna2d3 Cacna2d4 Cacnb1 Cacnb2 Cacnb3 Cacnb4 Cacng1 Cacng2 Cacng3 Cacng4 Cacng5 Cacng6 Cacng8 Cactin Cacul1 Cacybp Cad Cadm1 Cadm2 Cadm3 Cadm4 Cadps Cadps2 Cage1 Calb1 Calb2 Calca Calcb Calcoco1 Calcoco2 Calcrl Cald1 Calhm1 Calhm2 Calhm4 Calhm5 Calhm6 Calm1 Calm2 Calm4 Calm5 Calml3 Calml4 Caln1 Calr Calr3 Calr4 Calu Caly Camk1 Camk1d Camk1g Camk2a Camk2b Camk2d Camk2g Camk2n1 Camk2n2 Camk4 Camkk1 Camkk2 Camkmt Camkv Caml Camp Camsap1 Camsap2 Camsap3 Camta1 Camta2 Cand1 Cand2 Cant1 Canx Cap1 Cap2 Capg Capn1 Capn10 Capn11 Capn12 Capn13 Capn15 Capn2 Capn3 Capn5 Capn6 Capn7 Capn8 Capn9 Capns1 Capns2 Caprin1 Caprin2 Caps2 Capsl Capza1 Capza2 Capza3 Capzb Car1 Car11 Car12 Car13 Car14 Car15 Car2 Car3 Car4 Car5a Car5b Car6 Car7 Car8 Car9 Card11 Card14 Card19 Card6 Card9 Carf Carhsp1 Carm1 Carmil1 Carmil2 Carmil3 Carnmt1 Carns1 Cars Cars2 Cartpt Casc1 Casc3 Casd1 Cask Caskin1 Caskin2 Casp1 Casp12 Casp14 Casp2 Casp3 Casp4 Casp6 Casp7 Casp8 Casp8ap2 Casp9 Casq1 Casq2 Casr Cass4 Cast Castor1 Castor2 Casz1 Cat Catip Catsper1 Catsper2 Catsper3 Catsper4 Catsperb Catsperd Catspere1 Catspere2 Catsperg1 Catsperg2 Catsperz Cav1 Cav2 Cav3 Cavin1 Cavin2 Cavin3 Cavin4 Cbarp Cbfa2t2 Cbfa2t3 Cbfb Cbl Cblb Cblc Cblif Cbll1 Cbln1 Cbln3 Cbln4 Cbr1 Cbr2 Cbr3 Cbr4 Cbs Cbwd1 Cbx1 Cbx2 Cbx3 Cbx4 Cbx5 Cbx6 Cbx7 Cbx8 Cby1 Cby2 Cc2d1b Cc2d2a Cc2d2b Ccar1 Ccar2 Ccbe1 Ccdc102a Ccdc103 Ccdc105 Ccdc106 Ccdc107 Ccdc110 Ccdc112 Ccdc113 Ccdc115 Ccdc116 Ccdc117 Ccdc12 Ccdc120 Ccdc121 Ccdc121rt1 Ccdc121rt2 Ccdc121rt3 Ccdc122 Ccdc124 Ccdc125 Ccdc126 Ccdc127 Ccdc13 Ccdc130 Ccdc134 Ccdc136 Ccdc137 Ccdc138 Ccdc14 Ccdc141 Ccdc142 Ccdc144b Ccdc146 Ccdc148 Ccdc149 Ccdc15 Ccdc150 Ccdc152 Ccdc153 Ccdc154 Ccdc157 Ccdc158 Ccdc159 Ccdc160 Ccdc162 Ccdc163 Ccdc166 Ccdc167 Ccdc169 Ccdc17 Ccdc170 Ccdc171 Ccdc172 Ccdc173 Ccdc175 Ccdc177 Ccdc178 Ccdc18 Ccdc180 Ccdc181 Ccdc182 Ccdc183 Ccdc184 Ccdc185 Ccdc186 Ccdc187 Ccdc188 Ccdc189 Ccdc190 Ccdc191 Ccdc192 ccdc198 Ccdc22 Ccdc24 Ccdc25 Ccdc27 Ccdc28a Ccdc28b Ccdc3 Ccdc30 Ccdc32 Ccdc33 Ccdc34 Ccdc38 Ccdc39 Ccdc42 Ccdc43 Ccdc47 Ccdc50 Ccdc51 Ccdc54 Ccdc57 Ccdc58 Ccdc59 Ccdc6 Ccdc60 Ccdc61 Ccdc62 Ccdc63 Ccdc65 Ccdc66 Ccdc68 Ccdc69 Ccdc71 Ccdc71l Ccdc73 Ccdc74a Ccdc77 Ccdc78 Ccdc7a Ccdc7b Ccdc8 Ccdc80 Ccdc81 Ccdc82 Ccdc83 Ccdc84 Ccdc85a Ccdc85b Ccdc85c Ccdc86 Ccdc87 Ccdc88a Ccdc88b Ccdc88c Ccdc89 Ccdc9 Ccdc90b Ccdc91 Ccdc92 Ccdc92b Ccdc93 Ccdc96 Ccdc97 Ccdc9b Ccer1 Ccer2 Cchcr1 Ccin Cck Cckar Cckbr Ccl1 Ccl11 Ccl12 Ccl17 Ccl2 Ccl20 Ccl21d Ccl22 Ccl24 Ccl25 Ccl26 Ccl27a Ccl28 Ccl3 Ccl5 Ccl6 Ccl7 Ccl8 Ccl9 Ccm2 Ccm2l Ccn1 Ccn2 Ccn3 Ccn4 Ccn5 Ccn6 Ccna1 Ccnb1 Ccnb1ip1 Ccnb2 Ccnb3 Ccnc Ccnd1 Ccnd2 Ccnd3 Ccndbp1 Ccne1 Ccne2 Ccnf Ccng1 Ccng2 Ccnh Ccni Ccnj Ccnjl Ccnk Ccnl1 Ccnl2 Ccno Ccnq Ccnt1 Ccnt2 Ccny Ccnyl1 Ccp110 Ccpg1 Ccr1 Ccr10 Ccr1l1 Ccr2 Ccr4 Ccr5 Ccr6 Ccr7 Ccr8 Ccr9 Ccrl2 Ccs Ccsap Ccser1 Ccser2 Cct2 Cct3 Cct4 Cct5 Cct6a Cct6b Cct7 Cct8 Cct8l1 Ccz1 Cd101 Cd109 Cd14 Cd151 Cd160 Cd163 Cd164 Cd164l2 Cd177 Cd180 Cd1d1 Cd2 Cd200 Cd200l1 Cd200l2 Cd200r1 Cd200r2 Cd200r3 Cd200r4 Cd207 Cd209a Cd209b Cd209c Cd209d Cd209e Cd209f Cd209g Cd22 Cd226 Cd244a Cd247 Cd248 Cd24a Cd27 Cd274 Cd276 Cd28 Cd2ap Cd2bp2 Cd300a Cd300c2 Cd300e Cd300lb Cd300ld Cd300ld4 Cd300ld5 Cd300lf Cd300lg Cd302 Cd320 Cd33 Cd34 Cd36 Cd37 Cd38 Cd3d Cd3e Cd3eap Cd3g Cd4 Cd40 Cd40lg Cd44 Cd46 Cd47 Cd48 Cd5 Cd52 Cd53 Cd55 Cd55b Cd59a Cd59b Cd5l Cd6 Cd63 Cd68 Cd69 Cd7 Cd70 Cd72 Cd74 Cd79a Cd79b Cd80 Cd81 Cd82 Cd83 Cd84 Cd86 Cd8a Cd8b1 Cd9 Cd93 Cd96 Cd99l2 Cda Cdadc1 Cdan1 Cdc123 Cdc14a Cdc14b Cdc16 Cdc20 Cdc20b Cdc23 Cdc25b Cdc25c Cdc27 Cdc34 Cdc37 Cdc37l1 Cdc40 Cdc42 Cdc42bpa Cdc42bpb Cdc42bpg Cdc42ep1 Cdc42ep2 Cdc42ep3 Cdc42ep4 Cdc42ep5 Cdc42se1 Cdc42se2 Cdc45 Cdc5l Cdc6 Cdc7 Cdc73 Cdca2 Cdca3 Cdca4 Cdca5 Cdca7 Cdca7l Cdca8 Cdcp1 Cdcp2 Cdcp3 Cdh1 Cdh10 Cdh11 Cdh12 Cdh13 Cdh15 Cdh16 Cdh17 Cdh18 Cdh19 Cdh2 Cdh20 Cdh22 Cdh23 Cdh24 Cdh26 Cdh3 Cdh4 Cdh5 Cdh6 Cdh7 Cdh8 Cdh9 Cdhr1 Cdhr2 Cdhr3 Cdhr5 Cdin1 Cdip1 Cdipt Cdk1 Cdk10 Cdk12 Cdk13 Cdk14 Cdk15 Cdk16 Cdk17 Cdk18 Cdk19 Cdk2 Cdk20 Cdk2ap1 Cdk2ap2 Cdk4 Cdk5 Cdk5r1 Cdk5r2 Cdk5rap1 Cdk5rap2 Cdk5rap3 Cdk6 Cdk7 Cdk8 Cdk9 Cdkal1 Cdkl1 Cdkl2 Cdkl3 Cdkl4 Cdkl5 Cdkn1a Cdkn1b Cdkn1c Cdkn2a Cdkn2aip Cdkn2aipnl Cdkn2b Cdkn2c Cdkn2d Cdkn3 Cdnf Cdo1 Cdon Cdpf1 Cdr2 Cdr2l Cdrt4 Cds1 Cds2 Cdsn Cdt1 Cdv3 Cdx1 Cdx2 Cdx4 Cdyl Cdyl2 Ceacam1 Ceacam10 Ceacam11 Ceacam12 Ceacam13 Ceacam14 Ceacam15 Ceacam16 Ceacam18 Ceacam19 Ceacam2 Ceacam20 Ceacam3 Ceacam5 Ceacam9 Cebpa Cebpb Cebpd Cebpe Cebpg Cebpz Cebpzos Cecr2 Cel Cela1 Cela2a Cela3a Cela3b Celf1 Celf2 Celf3 Celf4 Celf5 Celf6 Celsr1 Celsr2 Celsr3 Cemip Cemip2 Cenpa Cenpb Cenpc1 Cenpf Cenph Cenpi Cenpj Cenpk Cenpl Cenpm Cenpn Cenpo Cenpp Cenpq Cenps Cenpt Cenpu Cenpv Cenpw Cenpx Cep104 Cep112 Cep120 Cep126 Cep128 Cep131 Cep135 Cep152 Cep162 Cep164 Cep170 Cep170b Cep19 Cep192 Cep20 Cep250 Cep290 Cep295 Cep295nl Cep350 Cep41 Cep43 Cep44 Cep55 Cep57 Cep57l1 Cep63 Cep68 Cep70 Cep72 Cep76 Cep78 Cep83 Cep85 Cep85l Cep89 Cep95 Cep97 Cept1 Cer1 Cercam Cerk Cerkl Cers1 Cers2 Cers3 Cers4 Cers5 Cers6 Cert1 Ces1a Ces1b Ces1c Ces1d Ces1e Ces1f Ces1g Ces1h Ces2a Ces2b Ces2c Ces2e Ces2f Ces2g Ces2h Ces3a Ces3b Ces4a Ces5a Cetn1 Cetn2 Cetn3 Cetn4 Cfap100 Cfap107 Cfap141 Cfap157 Cfap161 Cfap20 Cfap206 Cfap20dc Cfap221 Cfap276 Cfap298 Cfap299 Cfap300 Cfap36 Cfap410 Cfap418 Cfap43 Cfap44 Cfap45 Cfap46 Cfap52 Cfap53 Cfap54 Cfap57 Cfap58 Cfap61 Cfap65 Cfap69 Cfap70 Cfap73 Cfap74 Cfap77 Cfap91 Cfap95 Cfap97 Cfap97d1 Cfap97d2 Cfap99 Cfb Cfc1 Cfd Cfdp1 Cfh Cfhr1 Cfhr2 Cfhr4 Cfl1 Cfl2 Cflar Cfp Cga Cgas Cggbp1 Cgn Cgnl1 Cgref1 Ch25h Chac1 Chac2 Chad Chadl Chaf1a Chaf1b Champ1 Chat Chchd1 Chchd2l Chchd3 Chchd4 Chchd5 Chchd6 Chchd7 Chct1 Chd1 Chd1l Chd2 Chd3 Chd4 Chd5 Chd6 Chd7 Chd8 Chd9 Chdh Chek1 Chek2 Cherp Chfr Chga Chgb Chia1 Chic1 Chic2 Chid1 Chil1 Chil3 Chil4 Chil5 Chil6 Chit1 Chka Chkb Chl1 Chm Chml Chmp1a Chmp1b Chmp1b2 Chmp2a Chmp2b Chmp3 Chmp4b Chmp4c Chmp5 Chmp6 Chmp7 Chn1 Chn2 Chodl Chordc1 Chp1 Chp2 Chpf Chpf2 Chpt1 Chrac1 Chrd Chrdl1 Chrdl2 Chrm1 Chrm2 Chrm3 Chrm4 Chrm5 Chrna1 Chrna10 Chrna2 Chrna3 Chrna4 Chrna5 Chrna6 Chrna7 Chrna9 Chrnb1 Chrnb2 Chrnb3 Chrnb4 Chrnd Chrne Chrng Chst10 Chst11 Chst12 Chst13 Chst14 Chst15 Chst2 Chst3 Chst4 Chst5 Chst7 Chst8 Chst9 Chsy1 Chsy3 Chtf18 Chtf8 Chtop Chuk Churc1 Ciao1 Ciao2a Ciao2b Ciao3 Ciapin1 Ciart Cib1 Cib2 Cib3 Cib4 Cibar1 Cibar2 Cic Cidea Cideb Cidec Ciita Cilk1 Cilp Cilp2 Cinp Cip2a Cipc Cir1 Cirbp Cisd1 Cisd2 Cisd3 Cish Cit Cited1 Cited2 Cited4 Ciz1 CK137956 Ckap2 Ckap2l Ckap4 Ckap5 Ckb Cklf Ckm Ckmt1 Ckmt2 Cks1b Cks1brt Cks2 Clasp1 Clasp2 Clasrp Clba1 Clca1 Clca2 Clca3a1 Clca3a2 Clca3b Clca4a Clca4b Clcc1 Clcf1 Clcn1 Clcn2 Clcn3 Clcn4 Clcn5 Clcn6 Clcn7 Clcnka Clcnkb Cldn1 Cldn10 Cldn11 Cldn12 Cldn13 Cldn14 Cldn15 Cldn16 Cldn17 Cldn18 Cldn19 Cldn2 Cldn22 Cldn23 Cldn24 Cldn3 Cldn34a Cldn34b1 Cldn34b2 Cldn34b3 Cldn34b4 Cldn34c1 Cldn34c2 Cldn34c4 Cldn34d Cldn4 Cldn5 Cldn6 Cldn7 Cldn8 Cldn9 Cldnd1 Cldnd2 Clec10a Clec11a Clec12a Clec12b Clec14a Clec16a Clec18a Clec1a Clec1b Clec2d Clec2e Clec2f Clec2g Clec2h Clec2i Clec2l Clec2m Clec3a Clec3b Clec4a1 Clec4a2 Clec4a3 Clec4a4 Clec4b1 Clec4b2 Clec4d Clec4e Clec4f Clec4g Clec4n Clec5a Clec7a Clec9a Clgn Clhc1 Clic1 Clic3 Clic4 Clic5 Clic6 Clint1 Clip1 Clip2 Clip3 Clip4 Clk1 Clk2 Clk3 Clk4 Clmn Clmp Cln3 Cln5 Cln6 Cln8 Clnk Clns1a Clock Clp1 Clpb Clpp Clps Clpsl2 Clptm1 Clptm1l Clpx Clrn1 Clrn2 Clrn3 Clspn Clstn1 Clstn2 Clstn3 Clta Cltb Cltc Cltrn Clu Cluap1 Cluh Clvs1 Clvs2 Clybl Cma1 Cma2 Cmah Cmas Cmbl Cmc1 Cmc2 Cmc4 Cmip Cmklr1 Cmpk1 Cmpk2 Cmss1 Cmtm1 Cmtm2a Cmtm2b Cmtm3 Cmtm4 Cmtm5 Cmtm6 Cmtm7 Cmtm8 Cmtr1 Cmtr2 Cmya5 Cnbd2 Cnbp Cndp1 Cndp2 Cnep1r1 Cnfn Cnga1 Cnga2 Cnga3 Cnga4 Cngb1 Cngb3 Cnih1 Cnih2 Cnih3 Cnih4 Cnksr1 Cnksr2 Cnksr3 Cnmd Cnn1 Cnn2 Cnn3 Cnnm1 Cnnm2 Cnnm3 Cnnm4 Cnot1 Cnot10 Cnot11 Cnot2 Cnot3 Cnot4 Cnot6 Cnot6l Cnot7 Cnot8 Cnot9 Cnp Cnppd1 Cnpy1 Cnpy2 Cnpy3 Cnpy4 Cnr1 Cnr2 Cnrip1 Cnst Cntd1 Cntf Cntfr Cntln Cntn1 Cntn2 Cntn3 Cntn4 Cntn5 Cntn6 Cntnap1 Cntnap2 Cntnap3 Cntnap4 Cntnap5a Cntnap5b Cntnap5c Cntrl Cntrob Coa3 Coa4 Coa5 Coa6 Coa7 Coa8 Coasy Cobl Cobll1 Cog1 Cog2 Cog3 Cog4 Cog5 Cog6 Cog7 Cog8 Coil Col10a1 Col11a1 Col11a2 Col12a1 Col13a1 Col14a1 Col15a1 Col16a1 Col17a1 Col18a1 Col19a1 Col1a1 Col1a2 Col20a1 Col22a1 Col23a1 Col24a1 Col25a1 Col26a1 Col27a1 Col28a1 Col2a1 Col3a1 Col4a1 Col4a2 Col4a3 Col4a4 Col4a5 Col4a6 Col5a1 Col5a2 Col5a3 Col6a1 Col6a2 Col6a3 Col6a4 Col6a5 Col6a6 Col7a1 Col8a1 Col8a2 Col9a1 Col9a2 Col9a3 Colec10 Colec11 Colec12 Colgalt1 Colgalt2 Colq Commd1 Commd10 Commd2 Commd3 Commd4 Commd5 Commd6 Commd7 Commd8 Commd9 Comp Comt Comtd1 Cop1 Copa Copb1 Copb2 Cope Copg1 Copg2 Coprs Cops2 Cops3 Cops4 Cops5 Cops6 Cops7b Cops8 Copz1 Copz2 Coq10a Coq10b Coq2 Coq3 Coq4 Coq5 Coq6 Coq7 Coq8a Coq8b Coq9 Corin Coro1a Coro1b Coro1c Coro2a Coro2b Coro6 Coro7 Cort Cotl1 Cox10 Cox11 Cox15 Cox16 Cox17 Cox18 Cox19 Cox20 Cox4i1 Cox4i2 Cox5a Cox5b Cox6a1 Cox6a2 Cox6b1 Cox6b2 Cox6c Cox7a1 Cox7a2 Cox7a2l Cox7b Cox7b2 Cox7c Cox8a Cox8b Cox8c Cp Cpa1 Cpa2 Cpa3 Cpa4 Cpa5 Cpa6 Cpb1 Cpb2 Cpd Cpe Cpeb1 Cpeb2 Cpeb3 Cpeb4 Cped1 Cphx1 Cplane1 Cplane2 Cplx1 Cplx3 Cplx4 Cpm Cpn1 Cpn2 Cpne1 Cpne2 Cpne3 Cpne4 Cpne5 Cpne6 Cpne7 Cpne8 Cpne9 Cpox Cpped1 Cpq Cps1 Cpsf1 Cpsf2 Cpsf3 Cpsf4 Cpsf4l Cpsf6 Cpsf7 Cpt1a Cpt1b Cpt1c Cpt2 Cptp Cpvl Cpxcr1 Cpxm1 Cpxm2 Cpz Cr1l Cr2 Crabp1 Crabp2 Cracd Cracdl Cracr2a Cracr2b Cradd Cramp1 Crat Crb1 Crb2 Crbn Crcp Crct1 Creb1 Creb3 Creb3l1 Creb3l2 Creb3l3 Creb3l4 Creb5 Crebbp Crebl2 Crebzf Creg2 Creld1 Creld2 Crem Crh Crhbp Crhr1 Crhr2 Crim1 Crip1 Crip2 Crip3 Cript Crisp1 Crisp2 Crisp3 Crisp4 Crispld1 Crispld2 Crk Crkl Crlf1 Crlf2 Crlf3 Crls1 Crmp1 Crnkl1 Crnn Crocc Crocc2 Crot Crp Crppa Crtac1 Crtam Crtap Crtc1 Crtc2 Crtc3 Crx Cry1 Cry2 Cryaa Cryab Cryba1 Cryba2 Cryba4 Crybb1 Crybb2 Crybb3 Crybg1 Crybg2 Crybg3 Cryga Crygb Crygc Crygd Crygf Crygn Crygs Cryl1 Crym Cryz Cryzl1 Cryzl2 Cs Csad Csdc2 Csde1 Cse1l Csf1 Csf2 Csf2ra Csf2rb Csf2rb2 Csf3 Csf3r Csgalnact1 Csgalnact2 Csk Csl Csmd1 Csmd2 Csmd3 Csn1s1 Csn1s2a Csn1s2b Csn2 Csnk1a1 Csnk1d Csnk1e Csnk1g1 Csnk1g2 Csnk1g3 Csnk2a1 Csnk2a2 Csnk2b Csnka2ip Cspg4 Cspg5 Cspp1 Csrnp2 Csrnp3 Csrp1 Csrp2 Csrp3 Cst10 Cst11 Cst12 Cst13 Cst3 Cst6 Cst7 Cst8 Cst9 Csta1 Csta3 Cstad Cstb Cstdc1 Cstdc2 Cstdc5 Cstdc6 Cstf1 Cstf2 Cstf2t Cstf3 Cstl1 Cstpp1 Ct55 Ctag2 Ctag2l1 Ctag2l2 Ctbp1 Ctbp2 Ctbs Ctc1 Ctcf Ctcfl Ctdnep1 Ctdp1 Ctdsp1 Ctdsp2 Ctdspl Ctdspl2 Ctf1 Ctf2 Cth Cthrc1 Ctif Ctla2a Ctla2b Ctla4 Ctnna1 Ctnna2 Ctnna3 Ctnnal1 Ctnnb1 Ctnnbip1 Ctnnbl1 Ctnnd1 Ctnnd2 Ctns Ctps Ctps2 Ctr9 Ctrb1 Ctrl Cts3 Cts6 Cts8 Ctsa Ctsb Ctsc Ctsd Ctse Ctsf Ctsg Ctsh Ctsk Ctsl Ctsll3 Ctsm Ctso Ctsq Ctsr Ctss Ctsw Ctsz Cttn Cttnbp2 Cttnbp2nl Ctu1 Ctu2 Ctxn1 Ctxn2 Cubn Cuedc1 Cuedc2 Cul1 Cul2 Cul3 Cul4a Cul4b Cul5 Cul7 Cul9 Cuta Cutal Cutc Cux1 Cux2 Cuzd1 Cwc15 Cwc22 Cwc25 Cwc27 Cwf19l1 Cwf19l2 Cwh43 Cx3cl1 Cx3cr1 Cxadr Cxcl1 Cxcl10 Cxcl12 Cxcl13 Cxcl14 Cxcl15 Cxcl16 Cxcl17 Cxcl2 Cxcl3 Cxcl5 Cxcl9 Cxcr1 Cxcr2 Cxcr3 Cxcr5 Cxcr6 Cxxc1 Cxxc4 Cyb561 Cyb561a3 Cyb561d1 Cyb5a Cyb5b Cyb5d1 Cyb5d2 Cyb5r1 Cyb5r2 Cyb5r3 Cyb5r4 Cyb5rl Cyba Cybb Cybc1 Cybrd1 Cyc1 Cycs Cyct Cyfip1 Cyfip2 Cygb Cyhr1 Cylc1 Cylc2 Cyld Cym Cyp11a1 Cyp11b1 Cyp11b2 Cyp17a1 Cyp1a2 Cyp1b1 Cyp20a1 Cyp21a1 Cyp24a1 Cyp26a1 Cyp26b1 Cyp26c1 Cyp27a1 Cyp27b1 Cyp2a12 Cyp2a22 Cyp2a4 Cyp2a5 Cyp2ab1 Cyp2b10 Cyp2b13 Cyp2b19 Cyp2b23 Cyp2b9 Cyp2c23 Cyp2c29 Cyp2c37 Cyp2c38 Cyp2c39 Cyp2c40 Cyp2c50 Cyp2c54 Cyp2c55 Cyp2c65 Cyp2c66 Cyp2c67 Cyp2c68 Cyp2c69 Cyp2c70 Cyp2d10 Cyp2d11 Cyp2d12 Cyp2d22 Cyp2d26 Cyp2d34 Cyp2d40 Cyp2d9 Cyp2e1 Cyp2f2 Cyp2g1 Cyp2j11 Cyp2j12 Cyp2j13 Cyp2j5 Cyp2j6 Cyp2j8 Cyp2j9 Cyp2r1 Cyp2s1 Cyp2t4 Cyp2u1 Cyp2w1 Cyp39a1 Cyp3a11 Cyp3a13 Cyp3a16 Cyp3a25 Cyp3a41a Cyp3a41b Cyp3a44 Cyp3a57 Cyp3a59 Cyp46a1 Cyp4a10 Cyp4a12a Cyp4a12b Cyp4a14 Cyp4a29 Cyp4a30b Cyp4a31 Cyp4a32 Cyp4b1 Cyp4f13 Cyp4f15 Cyp4f16 Cyp4f17 Cyp4f18 Cyp4f37 Cyp4f39 Cyp4f40 Cyp4v3 Cyp4x1 Cyp51 Cyp7b1 Cyp8b1 Cypt1 Cypt12 Cypt2 Cypt3 Cypt4 Cyren Cyria Cyrib Cys1 Cysltr1 Cysrt1 Cystm1 Cyth1 Cyth2 Cyth3 Cyth4 Cytip Cytl1 Cyyr1 Czib D030056L22Rik D11Wsu47e D130043K22Rik D16Ertd472e D17H6S53E D1Pas1 D2hgdh D3Ertd751e D430019H16Rik D430041D05Rik D5Ertd579e D630003M21Rik D630023F18Rik D630039A03Rik D630045J12Rik D6Wsu163e D7Ertd443e D830030K20Rik D8Ertd738e D930020B18Rik Daam1 Daam2 Dab1 Dab2 Dab2ip Dach1 Dach2 Dact1 Dact2 Dact3 Dad1 Dag1 Dagla Daglb Dalrd3 Dand5 Dao Dap Dap3 Dapk1 Dapk2 Dapk3 Dapl1 Dapp1 Dars Dars2 Daw1 Daxx Dazap1 Dazap2 Dazl Dbf4 Dbh Dbi Dbil5 Dbn1 Dbndd1 Dbndd2 Dbnl Dbp Dbr1 Dbt Dbx1 Dbx2 Dcaf1 Dcaf10 Dcaf11 Dcaf12 Dcaf12l1 Dcaf12l2 Dcaf13 Dcaf15 Dcaf17 Dcaf4 Dcaf5 Dcaf6 Dcaf7 Dcaf8 Dcaf8l Dcakd Dcbld1 Dcbld2 Dcc Dcdc2a Dcdc2b Dcdc2c Dchs1 Dck Dclk1 Dclk2 Dclk3 Dclre1a Dclre1b Dclre1c Dcn Dcp1a Dcp1b Dcp2 Dcpp1 Dcpp2 Dcpp3 Dcps Dcst1 Dcst2 Dcstamp Dct Dctd Dctn1 Dctn2 Dctn3 Dctn4 Dctn5 Dctn6 Dctpp1 Dcun1d1 Dcun1d2 Dcun1d4 Dcun1d5 Dcx Dcxr Dda1 Ddah1 Ddah2 Ddb1 Ddb2 Ddc Ddhd1 Ddhd2 Ddi1 Ddi2 Ddit3 Ddit4 Ddit4l Ddn Ddo Ddost Ddr1 Ddr2 Ddrgk1 Ddt Ddx1 Ddx10 Ddx11 Ddx17 Ddx18 Ddx19a Ddx19b Ddx20 Ddx21 Ddx23 Ddx24 Ddx25 Ddx27 Ddx28 Ddx31 Ddx39a Ddx39b Ddx3x Ddx3y Ddx4 Ddx41 Ddx42 Ddx43 Ddx46 Ddx47 Ddx49 Ddx5 Ddx50 Ddx51 Ddx52 Ddx54 Ddx55 Ddx56 Ddx59 Ddx6 Ddx60 Deaf1 Decr1 Decr2 Dedd Dedd2 Def6 Def8 Defa22 Defa24 Defa25 Defa26 Defa27 Defa28 Defa3 Defa31 Defa32 Defa38 Defa39 Defa40 Defa43 Defa5 Defb1 Defb10 Defb11 Defb12 Defb13 Defb14 Defb15 Defb18 Defb19 Defb2 Defb20 Defb22 Defb23 Defb25 Defb26 Defb28 Defb29 Defb3 Defb30 Defb33 Defb34 Defb35 Defb36 Defb37 Defb38 Defb39 Defb4 Defb40 Defb41 Defb42 Defb43 Defb45 Defb47 Defb48 Defb5 Defb50 Defb6 Defb7 Defb8 Defb9 Degs1 Degs2 Dek Dele1 Denn2b Dennd10 Dennd1a Dennd1b Dennd1c Dennd2a Dennd2c Dennd2d Dennd3 Dennd4a Dennd4b Dennd4c Dennd5a Dennd5b Dennd6a Dennd6b Denr Depdc1a Depdc1b Depdc5 Depdc7 Depp1 Deptor Dera Derl1 Derl2 Derl3 Des Desi1 Desi2 Det1 Deup1 Dffa Dffb Dgat1 Dgat2 Dgat2l6 Dgcr2 Dgcr6 Dgcr8 Dgkb Dgkd Dgke Dgkg Dgkh Dgki Dgkk Dgkq Dgkz Dglucy Dguok Dhcr24 Dhcr7 Dhdds Dhdh Dhfr Dhh Dhodh Dhps Dhrs1 Dhrs11 Dhrs13 Dhrs2 Dhrs3 Dhrs4 Dhrs7 Dhrs7b Dhrs7c Dhrs9 Dhtkd1 Dhx15 Dhx16 Dhx29 Dhx30 Dhx32 Dhx33 Dhx34 Dhx35 Dhx37 Dhx38 Dhx40 Dhx57 Dhx58 Dhx8 Dhx9 Diablo Diaph1 Diaph2 Diaph3 Dicer1 Dido1 Dimt1 Dio1 Dio2 Dio3 Dip2a Dip2b Dip2c Dipk1a Dipk1b Dipk1c Dipk2a Dipk2b Diras1 Diras2 Dis3 Dis3l Dis3l2 Disc1 Disp1 Disp2 Disp3 Dixdc1 Dkc1 Dkk1 Dkk2 Dkk3 Dkk4 Dkkl1 Dlat Dlc1 Dld Dlec1 Dleu7 Dlg1 Dlg2 Dlg3 Dlg4 Dlg5 Dlgap1 Dlgap2 Dlgap3 Dlgap4 Dlgap5 Dlk1 Dlk2 Dll1 Dll3 Dll4 Dlst Dlx2 Dlx3 Dlx4 Dlx5 Dlx6 Dmac1 Dmac2 Dmac2l Dmap1 Dmbt1 Dmbx1 Dmc1 Dmd Dmgdh Dmkn Dmp1 Dmpk Dmrt1 Dmrt2 Dmrt3 Dmrta1 Dmrta2 Dmrtb1 Dmrtc1a Dmrtc1b Dmrtc1c1 Dmrtc1c2 Dmrtc2 Dmtf1 Dmtf1l Dmtn Dmwd Dmxl1 Dmxl2 Dna2 Dnaaf1 Dnaaf10 Dnaaf2 Dnaaf3 Dnaaf4 Dnaaf5 Dnaaf6 Dnaaf6b Dnaaf9 Dnah1 Dnah10 Dnah11 Dnah12 Dnah17 Dnah2 Dnah5 Dnah6 Dnah7a Dnah7b Dnah7c Dnah8 Dnah9 Dnai1 Dnai2 Dnai3 Dnai4 Dnaja1 Dnaja2 Dnaja3 Dnaja4 Dnajb1 Dnajb11 Dnajb12 Dnajb13 Dnajb14 Dnajb2 Dnajb3 Dnajb6 Dnajb7 Dnajb8 Dnajb9 Dnajc1 Dnajc10 Dnajc11 Dnajc12 Dnajc13 Dnajc14 Dnajc15 Dnajc16 Dnajc17 Dnajc18 Dnajc19 Dnajc2 Dnajc21 Dnajc22 Dnajc24 Dnajc25 Dnajc27 Dnajc28 Dnajc3 Dnajc30 Dnajc4 Dnajc5 Dnajc5b Dnajc5g Dnajc6 Dnajc7 Dnajc8 Dnajc9 Dnal1 Dnal4 Dnali1 Dnase1 Dnase1l1 Dnase1l2 Dnase1l3 Dnase2a Dnase2b Dnd1 Dner Dnlz Dnm1 Dnm1l Dnm2 Dnm3 Dnmbp Dnmt1 Dnmt3a Dnmt3b Dnmt3l Dnpep Dnph1 Dntt Dnttip1 Dnttip2 Doc2b Doc2g Dock1 Dock10 Dock11 Dock2 Dock3 Dock4 Dock5 Dock6 Dock7 Dock8 Dock9 Dohh Dok1 Dok2 Dok3 Dok4 Dok5 Dok6 Dok7 Dolk Dolpp1 Donson Dop1a Dop1b Dot1l Dpagt1 Dpcd Dpep1 Dpep2 Dpep3 Dpf1 Dpf2 Dpf3 Dph1 Dph2 Dph3 Dph5 Dph6 Dph7 Dpm1 Dpm2 Dpm3 Dpp10 Dpp4 Dpp6 Dpp7 Dpp8 Dpp9 Dppa1 Dppa2 Dppa3 Dppa4 Dppa5a Dpt Dpy19l1 Dpy19l2 Dpy19l3 Dpy19l4 Dpy30 Dpyd Dpys Dpysl2 Dpysl3 Dpysl4 Dpysl5 Dqx1 Dr1 Dram1 Dram2 Drap1 Draxin Drc1 Drc3 Drc7 Drd1 Drd2 Drd3 Drd4 Drd5 Drg1 Drg2 Drosha Drp2 Dsc1 Dsc2 Dsc3 Dscam Dscaml1 Dscc1 Dse Dsel Dsg1a Dsg1b Dsg1c Dsg2 Dsg3 Dsg4 Dsn1 Dsp Dspp Dst Dstn Dstyk Dtd1 Dtd2 Dthd1 Dtl Dtna Dtnb Dtnbp1 Dtwd1 Dtwd2 Dtx1 Dtx2 Dtx3 Dtx3l Dtx4 Dtymk Duox1 Duox2 Duoxa1 Duoxa2 Dus1l Dus2 Dus3l Dus4l Dusp1 Dusp10 Dusp11 Dusp12 Dusp13 Dusp14 Dusp15 Dusp16 Dusp18 Dusp19 Dusp2 Dusp21 Dusp22 Dusp23 Dusp26 Dusp27 Dusp28 Dusp29 Dusp3 Dusp4 Dusp5 Dusp6 Dusp7 Dusp8 Dusp9 Dut Dvl1 Dvl2 Dvl3 Dxo Dydc1 Dydc2 Dym Dynap Dync1h1 Dync1i1 Dync1i2 Dync1li1 Dync1li2 Dync2h1 Dync2i1 Dync2i2 Dync2li1 Dynll1 Dynll2 Dynlrb1 Dynlrb2 Dynlt1f Dynlt2a2 Dynlt2b Dynlt3 Dynlt4 Dynlt5 Dyrk1a Dyrk1b Dyrk2 Dyrk3 Dyrk4 Dysf Dytn Dzank1 Dzip1 Dzip1l Dzip3 E030018B13Rik E130308A19Rik E130311K13Rik E230025N22Rik E2f1 E2f2 E2f3 E2f4 E2f5 E2f6 E2f7 E2f8 E330014E10Rik E330021D16Rik E430018J23Rik E4f1 Eaf1 Eaf2 Eapp Ear1 Ear10 Ear14 Ear2 Ear6 Ears2 Ebag9 Ebf1 Ebf2 Ebf3 Ebf4 Ebi3 Ebna1bp2 Ebp Ebpl Ecd Ece1 Ece2 Ecel1 Ech1 Echdc1 Echdc2 Echdc3 Echs1 Eci1 Eci2 Eci3 Ecm1 Ecm2 Ecpas Ecrg4 Ecscr Ecsit Ect2 Ect2l Eda Eda2r Edar Edaradd Edc3 Edc4 Eddm3b Edem1 Edem2 Edem3 Edf1 Edil3 Edn1 Edn2 Edn3 Ednra Ednrb Edrf1 Eea1 Eed Eef1a1 Eef1a2 Eef1akmt1 Eef1akmt2 Eef1akmt3 Eef1akmt4 Eef1aknmt Eef1b2 Eef1d Eef1e1 Eef1ece2 Eef1g Eef2 Eef2k Eef2kmt Eefsec Eepd1 Efcab1 Efcab10 Efcab12 Efcab14 Efcab15 Efcab2 Efcab3 Efcab5 Efcab6 Efcab7 Efcab9 Efcc1 Efemp1 Efemp2 Efhb Efhc1 Efhc2 Efhd1 Efhd2 Efl1 Efna1 Efna2 Efna3 Efna4 Efna5 Efnb1 Efnb2 Efnb3 Efr3a Efr3b Efs Eftud2 Egf Egfem1 Egfl6 Egfl7 Egfl8 Egflam Egfr Egln1 Egln2 Egln3 Egr1 Egr2 Egr3 Egr4 Ehbp1 Ehbp1l1 Ehd1 Ehd2 Ehd3 Ehd4 Ehf Ehhadh Ehmt1 Ehmt2 Ei24 Eid1 Eid2 Eid2b Eid3 Eif1 Eif1ad Eif1ad19 Eif1ad4 Eif1ad6 Eif1ax Eif1b Eif2a Eif2ak1 Eif2ak2 Eif2ak3 Eif2ak4 Eif2b1 Eif2b2 Eif2b3 Eif2b4 Eif2b5 Eif2d Eif2s1 Eif2s2 Eif2s3y Eif3a Eif3b Eif3c Eif3d Eif3e Eif3f Eif3g Eif3h Eif3i Eif3j2 Eif3k Eif3l Eif3m Eif4a1 Eif4a2 Eif4a3 Eif4a3l1 Eif4b Eif4e Eif4e1b Eif4e2 Eif4e3 Eif4ebp1 Eif4ebp3 Eif4enif1 Eif4g1 Eif4g2 Eif4g3 Eif4h Eif5 Eif5a Eif5a2 Eif5b Eif6 Eipr1 Elac1 Elac2 Elane Elapor1 Elapor2 Elavl1 Elavl2 Elavl3 Elavl4 Elf1 Elf2 Elf3 Elf4 Elf5 Elfn1 Elk1 Elk3 Ell Ell2 Ell3 Elmo1 Elmo2 Elmo3 Elmod1 Elmod2 Elmod3 Eln Eloa Elob Eloc Elovl1 Elovl2 Elovl3 Elovl4 Elovl5 Elovl6 Elovl7 Elp1 Elp2 Elp3 Elp4 Elp5 Elp6 Emb Emc1 Emc10 Emc2 Emc3 Emc4 Emc6 Emc7 Emc8 Emc9 Emcn Emd Eme1 Eme2 Emg1 Emid1 Emilin1 Emilin3 Eml1 Eml2 Eml3 Eml4 Eml5 Eml6 Emp1 Emp2 Emp3 Emsy Emx1 Emx2 En1 En2 Enah Enam Enc1 Endod1 Endog Endou Endov Eng Engase Enho Enkd1 Enkur Eno1b Eno2 Eno3 Eno4 Enoph1 Enox1 Enox2 Enpep Enpp1 Enpp2 Enpp3 Enpp4 Enpp5 Enpp6 Ensa Enthd1 Entpd1 Entpd2 Entpd3 Entpd4 Entpd5 Entpd6 Entpd7 Entpd8 Entr1 Entrep1 Entrep2 Entrep3 Eny2 Eola1 Eomes Ep300 Ep400 Epas1 Epb41 Epb41l1 Epb41l2 Epb41l3 Epb41l4a Epb41l4b Epb41l5 Epb42 Epc1 Epc2 Epcam Epdr1 Epg5 Epgn Epha1 Epha10 Epha2 Epha3 Epha4 Epha5 Epha6 Epha7 Epha8 Ephb1 Ephb2 Ephb3 Ephb4 Ephb6 Ephx1 Ephx2 Ephx3 Ephx4 Epm2a Epm2aip1 Epn1 Epn2 Epn3 Epo Epop Epor Epp13 Eppin Eprs Eps15 Eps15l1 Eps8 Eps8l1 Eps8l2 Eps8l3 Epsti1 Epx Epyc Eqtn Eral1 Erap1 Eras Erbb2 Erbb3 Erbb4 Erbin Erc1 Erc2 Ercc1 Ercc2 Ercc3 Ercc4 Ercc5 Ercc6 Ercc6l Ercc6l2 Ercc8 Ereg Erf Erfe Erg Ergic1 Ergic2 Ergic3 Erh Eri1 Eri2 Eri3 Erich1 Erich2 Erich3 Erich4 Erich5 Erich6 Erich6b Erlec1 Erlin1 Erlin2 Ermap Ermard Ermn Ermp1 Ern1 Ern2 Ero1a Ero1b Erp27 Erp29 Erp44 Errfi1 Erv3 Esam Esco1 Esco2 Esd Esf1 Esm1 Esp1 Esp15 Esp16 Esp18 Esp23 Esp24 Esp3 Esp31 Esp34 Esp36 Esp38 Esp4 Esp5 Esp6 Esp8 Espn Espnl Esr1 Esr2 Esrp1 Esrp2 Esrra Esrrb Esrrg Ess2 Esx1 Esyt1 Esyt2 Esyt3 Etaa1 Etf1 Etfa Etfb Etfbkmt Etfdh Ethe1 Etl4 Etnk1 Etnk2 Etnppl Ets1 Ets2 Etv1 Etv2 Etv3 Etv4 Etv6 Eva1a Eva1b Eva1c Evc Evc2 Evi2a Evi2b Evi5 Evi5l Evl Evpl Evx1 Evx2 Ewsr1 Exd1 Exd2 Exo1 Exo5 Exoc1 Exoc2 Exoc3 Exoc3l Exoc3l4 Exoc4 Exoc5 Exoc6 Exoc6b Exoc7 Exoc8 Exog Exosc1 Exosc10 Exosc2 Exosc3 Exosc4 Exosc5 Exosc6 Exosc7 Exosc8 Exosc9 Exph5 Ext1 Ext2 Extl1 Extl2 Eya1 Eya2 Eya3 Eya4 Ezh1 Ezh2 Ezhip Ezr F10 F11 F11r F12 F13a1 F13b F2 F2r F2rl1 F2rl2 F2rl3 F3 F5 F7 F8 F830016B08Rik F830045P16Rik F8a F9 Fa2h Faah Faap100 Faap20 Faap24 Fabp1 Fabp12 Fabp2 Fabp3 Fabp4 Fabp5 Fabp6 Fabp7 Fabp9 Fadd Fads1 Fads2 Fads2b Fads3 Fads6 Faf1 Faf2 Fah Fahd1 Fahd2a Faim Faim2 Faiml Fam102a Fam102b Fam104a Fam107b Fam110a Fam110b Fam110c Fam110d Fam111a Fam114a1 Fam114a2 Fam117a Fam117b Fam118b Fam120a Fam120b Fam120c Fam122a Fam122b Fam122c Fam124a Fam124b Fam131a Fam131b Fam131c Fam133b Fam135a Fam135b Fam136a Fam13a Fam13b Fam13c Fam149a Fam149b Fam151a Fam151b Fam161a Fam162a Fam162b Fam163a Fam163b Fam166a Fam166b Fam166c Fam167a Fam167b Fam168a Fam168b Fam169a Fam169b Fam170a Fam170b Fam171a1 Fam171a2 Fam171b Fam172a Fam174a Fam174b Fam174c Fam177a2 Fam178b Fam180a Fam181a Fam181b Fam183b Fam184a Fam184b Fam185a Fam186a Fam186b Fam187a Fam187b Fam193a Fam193b Fam199x Fam204a Fam205a1 Fam205a4 Fam205c Fam209 Fam20a Fam20b Fam20c Fam210a Fam210b Fam216a Fam216b Fam217a Fam217b Fam219a Fam219b Fam220a Fam221a Fam221b Fam222a Fam222b Fam227a Fam227b Fam229a Fam229b Fam234a Fam234b Fam240a Fam240b Fam241a Fam243 Fam24a Fam24b Fam25c Fam32a Fam3a Fam3b Fam3c Fam3d Fam43a Fam43b Fam47c Fam47e Fam50a Fam50b Fam53b Fam53c Fam72a Fam76a Fam76b Fam78b Fam81a Fam83a Fam83c Fam83d Fam83e Fam83f Fam83g Fam83h Fam89a Fam89b Fam8a1 Fam90a1a Fam91a1 Fam98a Fam98b Fam98c Fan1 Fanca Fancb Fancc Fancd2 Fancd2os Fance Fancf Fancg Fanci Fancl Fancm Fank1 Far1 Far2 Farp1 Farp2 Fars2 Farsa Farsb Fas Fasl Fasn Fastk Fastkd1 Fastkd2 Fastkd3 Fastkd5 Fat1 Fat2 Fat3 Fat4 Fau Faxc Fbf1 Fbh1 Fbl Fblim1 Fbll1 Fbln1 Fbln2 Fbln5 Fbln7 Fbn1 Fbn2 Fbp1 Fbp2 Fbrs Fbrsl1 Fbxl12 Fbxl13 Fbxl14 Fbxl15 Fbxl17 Fbxl18 Fbxl19 Fbxl2 Fbxl20 Fbxl21 Fbxl22 Fbxl3 Fbxl4 Fbxl5 Fbxl6 Fbxl7 Fbxl8 Fbxl9 Fbxo10 Fbxo11 Fbxo15 Fbxo16 Fbxo17 Fbxo2 Fbxo21 Fbxo22 Fbxo24 Fbxo25 Fbxo27 Fbxo28 Fbxo3 Fbxo30 Fbxo31 Fbxo32 Fbxo33 Fbxo34 Fbxo36 Fbxo38 Fbxo39 Fbxo4 Fbxo40 Fbxo41 Fbxo42 Fbxo43 Fbxo44 Fbxo45 Fbxo46 Fbxo47 Fbxo48 Fbxo5 Fbxo6 Fbxo7 Fbxo8 Fbxo9 Fbxw10 Fbxw11 Fbxw13 Fbxw14 Fbxw15 Fbxw16 Fbxw17 Fbxw18 Fbxw19 Fbxw2 Fbxw20 Fbxw21 Fbxw22 Fbxw24 Fbxw26 Fbxw27 Fbxw28 Fbxw4 Fbxw5 Fbxw7 Fbxw8 Fbxw9 Fcamr Fcer1a Fcer1g Fcer2a Fcf1 Fcgbp Fcgr1 Fcgr2b Fcgr3 Fcgr4 Fcgrt Fcho1 Fcho2 Fchsd1 Fchsd2 Fcmr Fcna Fcnb Fcrl1 Fcrl5 Fcrl6 Fcrla Fcrlb Fcrls Fcsk Fdft1 Fdps Fdx1 Fdx2 Fdxacb1 Fdxr Fech Fem1a Fem1al Fem1b Fem1c Fen1 Fer Fer1l4 Fer1l5 Fer1l6 Ferd3l Fermt1 Fermt2 Fes Fetub Fev Fez2 Fezf1 Fezf2 Ffar1 Ffar2 Ffar3 Ffar4 Fga Fgb Fgd1 Fgd2 Fgd3 Fgd4 Fgd5 Fgd6 Fgf1 Fgf10 Fgf11 Fgf12 Fgf13 Fgf14 Fgf15 Fgf16 Fgf18 Fgf2 Fgf20 Fgf22 Fgf23 Fgf3 Fgf4 Fgf5 Fgf6 Fgf7 Fgf8 Fgf9 Fgfbp1 Fgfbp3 Fgfr1op2 Fgfr2 Fgfr3 Fgfr4 Fgfrl1 Fgg Fggy Fgl1 Fgl2 Fgr Fh1 Fhad1 Fhdc1 Fhip1b Fhip2a Fhip2b Fhit Fhl1 Fhl2 Fhl3 Fhl4 Fhl5 Fhod1 Fhod3 Fibcd1 Fibin Fibp Ficd Fig4 Figla Fign Fignl1 Fignl2 Filip1 Filip1l Fip1l1 Fis1 Fitm1 Fitm2 Fiz1 Fjx1 Fkbp10 Fkbp11 Fkbp14 Fkbp15 Fkbp1a Fkbp1b Fkbp2 Fkbp3 Fkbp4 Fkbp5 Fkbp6 Fkbp8 Fkbp9 Fkbpl Fktn Flacc1 Flad1 Flcn Flg2 Fli1 Flii Flna Flnb Flnc Flot1 Flot2 Flrt1 Flrt2 Flrt3 Flt1 Flt3 Flt3l Flt4 Flvcr1 Flvcr2 Flywch1 Flywch2 Fmc1 Fmn1 Fmn2 Fmnl1 Fmnl2 Fmnl3 Fmo1 Fmo2 Fmo3 Fmo4 Fmo5 Fmo6 Fmo9 Fmod Fmr1 Fmr1nb Fn1 Fn3k Fn3krp Fnbp1 Fnbp1l Fnbp4 Fnd3c2 Fndc1 Fndc10 Fndc11 Fndc3a Fndc3b Fndc3c1 Fndc4 Fndc5 Fndc7 Fndc8 Fndc9 Fnip1 Fnip2 Fnta Fntb Focad Folh1 Folr1 Folr2 Fos Fosl1 Fosl2 Foxa1 Foxa2 Foxa3 Foxb1 Foxb2 Foxc1 Foxc2 Foxd1 Foxd2 Foxd3 Foxd4 Foxe1 Foxe3 Foxf1 Foxf2 Foxg1 Foxh1 Foxi1 Foxi2 Foxi3 Foxj1 Foxj2 Foxj3 Foxk1 Foxk2 Foxl1 Foxl2 Foxl3 Foxm1 Foxn1 Foxn2 Foxn3 Foxn4 Foxo1 Foxo3 Foxo4 Foxo6 Foxp1 Foxp2 Foxp3 Foxp4 Foxq1 Foxr1 Foxr2 Foxred1 Foxred2 Foxs1 Fpgs Fpgt Fpr1 Fpr2 Fpr3 Fpr-rs3 Fpr-rs4 Fpr-rs6 Fra10ac1 Fras1 Frat1 Frat2 Frem1 Frem2 Frem3 Frg1 Frg2f1 Frk Frmd3 Frmd4a Frmd4b Frmd5 Frmd6 Frmd7 Frmd8 Frmpd1 Frmpd2 Frmpd3 Frmpd4 Frrs1 Frrs1l Frs2 Frs3 Fry Fryl Frzb Fsbp Fscb Fscn1 Fscn2 Fscn3 Fsd1 Fsd1l Fsd2 Fshb Fshr Fsip1 Fsip2l Fst Fstl1 Fstl3 Fstl4 Fstl5 Ftcd Ftdc1 Ftdc2 Fth1 Fthl17a Fthl17b Fthl17c Fthl17d Fthl17f Ftmt Fto Ftsj1 Ftsj3 Fubp1 Fubp3 Fuca1 Fundc1 Fundc2 Fuom Furin Fus Fut1 Fut10 Fut11 Fut2 Fut4 Fut7 Fut8 Fut9 Fuz Fv1 Fxn Fxr1 Fxr2 Fxyd1 Fxyd2 Fxyd3 Fxyd4 Fxyd5 Fxyd6 Fxyd7 Fyb Fyb2 Fyco1 Fyn Fyttd1 Fzd1 Fzd10 Fzd2 Fzd3 Fzd4 Fzd5 Fzd6 Fzd7 Fzd8 Fzd9 Fzr1 G0s2 G2e3 G3bp1 G3bp2 G6pc G6pc2 G6pc3 G6pd2 G6pdx Gaa Gab1 Gab2 Gab3 Gabarap Gabarapl1 Gabarapl2 Gabbr1 Gabbr2 Gabpa Gabpb1 Gabpb2 Gabra1 Gabra2 Gabra4 Gabra5 Gabra6 Gabrb1 Gabrb2 Gabrb3 Gabrd Gabre Gabrg1 Gabrg2 Gabrg3 Gabrp Gabrq Gabrr1 Gabrr2 Gabrr3 Gad1 Gad2 Gadd45a Gadd45b Gadd45g Gadd45gip1 Gadl1 Gak Gal Gal3st1 Gal3st2 Gal3st2b Gal3st2c Gal3st3 Gal3st4 Galc Galk1 Galk2 Galm Galns Galnt1 Galnt10 Galnt11 Galnt12 Galnt13 Galnt14 Galnt15 Galnt16 Galnt17 Galnt18 Galnt2 Galnt3 Galnt4 Galnt5 Galnt6 Galnt7 Galnt9 Galntl5 Galntl6 Galr1 Galr2 Galr3 Galt Gamt Gan Ganab Ganc Gap43 Gapdh Gapdhs Gapt Gapvd1 Gar1 Garem1 Garem2 Garin1a Garin1b Garin2 Garin3 Garin4 Garin5a Garin5b Garnl3 Garre1 Gars Gart Gas1 Gas2 Gas2l1 Gas2l2 Gas2l3 Gas6 Gas7 Gas8 Gask1a Gask1b Gast Gata1 Gata2 Gata3 Gata4 Gata5 Gata6 Gatad1 Gatad2a Gatad2b Gatb Gatc Gatd1 Gatd3a Gatm Gba Gba2 Gbe1 Gbf1 Gbgt1 Gbp10 Gbp2 Gbp2b Gbp3 Gbp4 Gbp5 Gbp6 Gbp7 Gbp8 Gbp9 Gbx1 Gbx2 Gc Gca Gcat Gcc1 Gcc2 Gcdh Gcfc2 Gcg Gcgr Gch1 Gchfr Gck Gckr Gclc Gclm Gcm1 Gcm2 Gcn1 Gcnt1 Gcnt2 Gcnt3 Gcnt4 Gcnt7 Gcsam Gcsh Gda Gdap1 Gdap1l1 Gdap2 Gde1 Gdf10 Gdf11 Gdf15 Gdf2 Gdf3 Gdf5 Gdf6 Gdf7 Gdf9 Gdi1 Gdi2 Gdnf Gdpd1 Gdpd2 Gdpd3 Gdpd4 Gdpd5 Gdpgp1 Gem Gemin2 Gemin4 Gemin5 Gemin6 Gemin7 Gemin8 Gen1 Get1 Get3 Get4 Gfap GFAP_Isoform_3 Gfer Gfi1 Gfi1b Gfm1 Gfm2 Gfod1 Gfod2 GFP Gfpt1 Gfpt2 Gfra1 Gfra2 Gfra3 Gfra4 Gfral Gfus Gfy Gga1 Gga2 Gga3 Ggact Ggct Ggcx Ggh Ggn Ggnbp1 Ggnbp2 Ggps1 Ggt1 Ggt5 Ggt6 Ggt7 Ggta1 Gh Ghdc Ghitm Ghr Ghrh Ghrhr Ghrl Ghsr Gid4 Gid8 Gigyf1 Gigyf2 Gimap1 Gimap3 Gimap4 Gimap5 Gimap6 Gimap7 Gimap8 Gimap9 Gin1 Gins1 Gins2 Gins3 Gins4 Gip Gipc1 Gipc2 Gipc3 Gipr Git1 Git2 Gja1 Gja10 Gja3 Gja4 Gja5 Gja6 Gja8 Gjb1 Gjb2 Gjb3 Gjb4 Gjb5 Gjb6 Gjc2 Gjc3 Gjd2 Gjd3 Gjd4 Gje1 Gk Gk2 Gk5 Gkap1 Gkn1 Gkn2 Gkn3 Gla Glb1 Glb1l Glb1l2 Glb1l3 Glcci1 Gldc Gldn Gle1 Glg1 Gli1 Gli2 Glipr1 Glipr1l1 Glipr1l2 Glipr2 Glis1 Glis2 Glis3 Glmn Glmp Glo1 Glod4 Glod5 Glp1r Glp2r Glra1 Glra2 Glra3 Glra4 Glrb Glrp1 Glrx Glrx2 Glrx3 Glrx5 Gls Gls2 Glt1d1 Glt28d2 Glt6d1 Glt8d1 Glt8d2 Gltp Gltpd2 Glud1 Glul GluN1-2a Glyat Glyatl3 Glycam1 Glyctk Glyr1 Gm10024 Gm10037 Gm10061 Gm10142 Gm10220 Gm10229 Gm10267 Gm10318 Gm10354 Gm10375 Gm10377 Gm10406 Gm1043 Gm10439 Gm10471 Gm10662 Gm10767 Gm10778 Gm1110 Gm11127 Gm1123 Gm11238 Gm1140 Gm11437 Gm11487 Gm11554 Gm11559 Gm11562 Gm11563 Gm11564 Gm11565 Gm11567 Gm11568 Gm11569 Gm11595 Gm11596 Gm11758 Gm11938 Gm11992 Gm12169 Gm12185 Gm12253 Gm12695 Gm12789 Gm128 Gm12886 Gm12887 Gm12888 Gm13030 Gm13040 Gm13043 Gm13102 Gm13279 Gm13283 Gm13306 Gm13420 Gm136 Gm13889 Gm14124 Gm14137 Gm14139 Gm14147 Gm14322 Gm14325 Gm14326 Gm14440 Gm14459 Gm14496 Gm14525 Gm14744 Gm15023 Gm15056 Gm15080 Gm15091 Gm15114 Gm1527 Gm1553 Gm1604b Gm1673 Gm16867 Gm17019 Gm17175 Gm17359 Gm17455 Gm17657 Gm17660 Gm19345 Gm19402 Gm19410 Gm19668 Gm1979 Gm2012 Gm2030 Gm2042 Gm20498 Gm20604 Gm20767 Gm20812 Gm20822 Gm20826 Gm20830 Gm20834 Gm20873 Gm20918 Gm21188 Gm21190 Gm21209 Gm21586 Gm21671 Gm21761 Gm21943 Gm21992 Gm266 Gm27021 Gm28040 Gm281 Gm2832 Gm28729 Gm2888 Gm29797 Gm2a Gm30083 Gm30302 Gm3099 Gm3115 Gm31160 Gm3159 Gm32687 Gm3285 Gm3286 Gm3317 Gm3336 Gm3404 Gm3409 Gm3415 Gm3424 Gm3435 Gm35315 Gm35339 Gm3558 Gm3604 Gm36864 Gm3696 Gm37013 Gm3776 Gm4064 Gm42742 Gm428 Gm4297 Gm4302 Gm4303 Gm4312 Gm4340 Gm4559 Gm45837 Gm45861 Gm4724 Gm4767 Gm4787 Gm4841 Gm4846 Gm4847 Gm4871 Gm4884 Gm4922 Gm49336 Gm4951 Gm4952 Gm4981 Gm49918 Gm5114 Gm5127 Gm5134 Gm5141 Gm5148 Gm5150 Gm5155 Gm5157 Gm5168 Gm525 Gm527 Gm5414 Gm5431 Gm5458 Gm5460 Gm5591 Gm5592 Gm5617 Gm5622 Gm572 Gm5771 Gm5796 Gm5797 Gm5798 Gm5799 Gm5800 Gm5861 Gm5916 Gm5926 Gm5934 Gm5938 Gm597 Gm6040 Gm6121 Gm614 Gm6309 Gm6358 Gm6377 Gm6408 Gm6460 Gm648 Gm6592 Gm6614 Gm6710 Gm6760 Gm6763 Gm7030 Gm7073 Gm7102 Gm7137 Gm715 Gm7168 Gm7361 Gm7609 Gm7694 Gm773 Gm8104 Gm815 Gm8220 Gm826 Gm8267 Gm8369 Gm867 Gm8765 Gm884 Gm8882 Gm8909 Gm8978 Gm9 Gm906 Gm9112 Gm9376 Gm94 Gm960 Gm973 Gm9733 Gm9758 Gmcl1 Gmds Gmeb1 Gmeb2 Gmfb Gmfg Gmip Gml Gml2 Gmnc Gmnn Gmppa Gmppb Gmpr Gmpr2 Gmps Gna11 Gna12 Gna13 Gna14 Gna15 Gnai1 Gnai2 Gnai3 Gnal Gnao1 Gnaq Gnas Gnat1 Gnat2 Gnat3 Gnaz Gnb1 Gnb1l Gnb2 Gnb3 Gnb4 Gnb5 Gne Gng10 Gng11 Gng12 Gng13 Gng14 Gng2 Gng3 Gng4 Gng7 Gng8 Gngt1 Gngt2 Gnl1 Gnl2 Gnl3 Gnl3l Gnmt Gnpat Gnpda1 Gnpda2 Gnpnat1 Gnptab Gnptg Gnrhr Gns Golga1 Golga2 Golga3 Golga4 Golga5 Golga7 Golga7b Golgb1 Golim4 Golm1 Golm2 Golph3 Golph3l Golt1a Golt1b Gon4l Gon7 Gopc Gorab Gorasp1 Gorasp2 Gosr1 Got1 Got1l1 Got2 Gp1ba Gp1bb Gp2 Gp5 Gp6 Gp9 Gpa33 Gpaa1 Gpalpp1 Gpam Gpank1 Gpat2 Gpat4 Gpatch1 Gpatch11 Gpatch2 Gpatch2l Gpatch3 Gpatch4 Gpatch8 Gpbar1 Gpbp1 Gpbp1l1 Gpc1 Gpc2 Gpc3 Gpc4 Gpc5 Gpc6 Gpcpd1 Gpd1 Gpd1l Gpd2 Gper1 Gpha2 Gphb5 Gphn GPHN_Isoform_1 Gpi1 Gpihbp1 Gpkow Gpld1 Gpm6a Gpm6b Gpn1 Gpn2 Gpn3 Gpnmb Gpr1 Gpr101 Gpr107 Gpr108 Gpr119 Gpr132 Gpr135 Gpr137 Gpr137b Gpr137c Gpr139 Gpr141 Gpr141b Gpr142 Gpr143 Gpr149 Gpr15 Gpr150 Gpr151 Gpr152 Gpr153 Gpr155 Gpr156 Gpr157 Gpr158 Gpr160 Gpr161 Gpr162 Gpr165 Gpr17 Gpr171 Gpr173 Gpr174 Gpr176 Gpr179 Gpr18 Gpr180 Gpr182 Gpr183 Gpr19 Gpr20 Gpr21 Gpr22 Gpr25 Gpr26 Gpr27 Gpr3 Gpr31b Gpr33 Gpr34 Gpr35 Gpr37 Gpr37l1 Gpr39 Gpr4 Gpr45 Gpr50 Gpr55 Gpr6 Gpr61 Gpr63 Gpr65 Gpr68 Gpr75 Gpr82 Gpr83 Gpr84 Gpr87 Gpr88 Gpr89 Gprasp1 Gprasp2 Gprc5a Gprc5b Gprc5c Gprc5d Gprc6a Gprin1 Gprin2 Gprin3 Gps1 Gps2 Gpsm1 Gpsm2 Gpsm3 Gpt Gpt2 Gpx1 Gpx2 Gpx3 Gpx4 Gpx5 Gpx6 Gpx7 Gpx8 Gramd1a Gramd1b Gramd1c Gramd2 Gramd3 Gramd4 Grap Grap2 Grb10 Grb14 Grb2 Grb7 Grcc10 Greb1 Greb1l Grem1 Grem2 Grhl1 Grhl2 Grhl3 Grhpr Gria1 Gria2 Gria3 Gria4 Grid1 Grid2 Grid2ip Grifin Grik1 Grik2 Grik3 Grik4 Grik5 Grin1 Grin2a Grin2b Grin2c Grin2d Grin3a Grin3b Grina Grip1 Grip2 Gripap1 Grk1 Grk2 Grk3 Grk4 Grk5 Grk6 Grm1 Grm2 Grm3 Grm4 Grm5 Grm6 Grm7 Grm8 Grn Grp Grpel1 Grpel2 Grpr Grsf1 Grtp1 Grwd1 Grxcr1 Grxcr2 Gsap Gsc Gsc2 Gsdma Gsdma2 Gsdmc Gsdmc2 Gsdmc3 Gsdmc4 Gsdmd Gsdme Gse1 Gsg1 Gsg1l Gsk3a Gsk3b Gskip Gsn Gspt1 Gspt2 Gsr Gss Gsta2 Gsta3 Gsta4 Gsta5 Gstcd Gstk1 Gstm1 Gstm2 Gstm3 Gstm4 Gstm5 Gstm6 Gstm7 Gsto1 Gsto2 Gstp1 Gstp2 Gstp3 Gstt1 Gstt2 Gstt3 Gstt4 Gstz1 Gsx1 Gsx2 Gtf2a1 Gtf2a1l Gtf2a2 Gtf2b Gtf2e2 Gtf2f1 Gtf2f2 Gtf2h1 Gtf2h2 Gtf2h3 Gtf2h4 Gtf2h5 Gtf2i Gtf2ird1 Gtf2ird2 Gtf3a Gtf3c1 Gtf3c2 Gtf3c3 Gtf3c4 Gtf3c5 Gtf3c6 Gtpbp1 Gtpbp10 Gtpbp2 Gtpbp3 Gtpbp4 Gtpbp6 Gtpbp8 Gtse1 Gtsf1 Gtsf1l Gtsf2 Guca1a Guca1b Guca2a Guca2b Gucd1 Gucy1a2 Gucy1b1 Gucy1b2 Gucy2c Gucy2d Gucy2e Gucy2f Gucy2g Guf1 Guk1 Gulo Gulp1 Gusb Gvin2 Gxylt1 Gxylt2 Gyg Gykl1 Gypa Gypc Gys1 Gys2 Gzf1 Gzma Gzmb Gzmc Gzmd Gzme Gzmf Gzmg Gzmk Gzmm Gzmn H13 H1f0 H1f1 H1f10 H1f2 H1f3 H1f4 H1f5 H1f6 H1f7 H1f8 H1f9 H2-Aa H2-Ab1 H2ab2 H2ab3 H2ac1 H2ac19 H2ac21 H2aj H2al1h H2al1j H2al1n H2al1o H2al2a H2al2b H2al3 H2ap H2ax H2az1 H2bc1 H2bc22 H2bc24 H2bc27 H2bc6 H2bl1 H2bw2 H2-D1 H2-DMa H2-DMb1 H2-DMb2 H2-Eb1 H2-Eb2 H2-K1 H2-Ke6 H2-M1 H2-M10.1 H2-M10.2 H2-M10.3 H2-M10.5 H2-M10.6 H2-M11 H2-M3 H2-M5 H2-M9 H2-Oa H2-Ob H2-Q1 H2-Q10 H2-Q2 H2-Q4 H2-Q6 H2-Q7 H2-T22 H2-T23 H2-T24 H2-T3 H3f3b H3f4 H4c16 H60b H60c H6pd Haao Habp2 Habp4 Hacd1 Hacd2 Hacd3 Hacd4 Hace1 Hacl1 Hadh Hadha Hadhb Hagh Haghl Hal Hamp Hamp2 Hand1 Hand2 Hao1 Hao2 Hap1 Hapln1 Hapln2 Hapln3 Hapln4 Harbi1 Hars Hars2 Has1 Has2 Has3 Haspin Hat1 Haus1 Haus2 Haus3 Haus4 Haus5 Haus6 Haus7 Haus8 Havcr1 Havcr2 Hax1 Hba-a1 Hba-x Hbb-bh1 Hbb-bh2 Hbb-bs Hbb-y Hbegf Hbp1 Hbq1a Hbq1b Hbs1l Hc Hcar1 Hcar2 Hccs Hcfc1 Hcfc1r1 Hcfc2 Hck Hcls1 Hcn1 Hcn2 Hcn3 Hcn4 Hcrt Hcrtr1 Hcrtr2 Hcst Hdac1 Hdac10 Hdac11 Hdac2 Hdac3 Hdac4 Hdac5 Hdac7 Hdac8 Hdac9 Hdc Hddc2 Hddc3 Hdgf Hdgfl1 Hdgfl2 Hdgfl3 Hdhd2 Hdhd3 Hdhd5 Hdlbp Hdx Heatr1 Heatr3 Heatr5a Heatr5b Heatr6 Heatr9 Hebp1 Hebp2 Heca Hectd1 Hectd2 Hectd3 Hectd4 Hecw1 Hecw2 Heg1 Helb Hells Helq Helt Helz2 Hemgn Henmt1 Hepacam Hepacam2 Heph Hephl1 Herc1 Herc2 Herc3 Herc4 Herc6 Herpud1 Herpud2 Hes1 Hes2 Hes3 Hes5 Hes6 Hes7 Hesx1 Hexa Hexb Hexdc Hexim1 Hexim2 Hey1 Hey2 Heyl Hfe Hfm1 Hgd Hgf Hgfac Hgh1 Hgs Hgsnat Hhat Hhatl Hhex Hhip Hhipl1 Hhipl2 Hhla1 Hibadh Hibch Hic1 Hic2 Hid1 Hif1a Hif1an Hif3a Higd1b Higd1c Higd2a Hikeshi Hilpda Hinfp Hint1 Hint2 Hint3 Hip1 Hip1r Hipk1 Hipk2 Hipk3 Hipk4 Hira Hirip3 Hivep1 Hivep3 Hjurp Hjv Hk1 Hk2 Hk3 Hkdc1 Hlcs Hlf Hltf Hlx Hmbox1 Hmbs Hmces Hmcn1 Hmcn2 Hmg20a Hmg20b Hmga1 Hmga2 Hmgb2 Hmgb3 Hmgb4 Hmgcl Hmgcll1 Hmgcs1 Hmgcs2 Hmgn1 Hmgn2 Hmgn3 Hmgn5 Hmgxb3 Hmgxb4 Hmmr Hmox1 Hmox2 Hmx1 Hmx3 Hnf1a Hnf1b Hnf4a Hnf4g Hnmt Hnrnpa0 Hnrnpa1 Hnrnpa2b1 Hnrnpa3 Hnrnpab Hnrnpc Hnrnpd Hnrnpdl Hnrnpf Hnrnph1 Hnrnph2 Hnrnpk Hnrnpl Hnrnpll Hnrnpm Hnrnpr Hnrnpul1 Hnrnpul2 Hoatz Hoga1 Homer1 Homer2 Homer3 Homez Hook1 Hook3 Hopx Hormad1 Hormad2 Hoxa1 Hoxa10 Hoxa11 Hoxa13 Hoxa2 Hoxa3 Hoxa4 Hoxa5 Hoxa6 Hoxa7 Hoxa9 Hoxb1 Hoxb13 Hoxb2 Hoxb3 Hoxb4 Hoxb5 Hoxb6 Hoxb7 Hoxb8 Hoxb9 Hoxc10 Hoxc11 Hoxc12 Hoxc13 Hoxc4 Hoxc5 Hoxc6 Hoxc8 Hoxc9 Hoxd1 Hoxd10 Hoxd11 Hoxd12 Hoxd13 Hoxd3 Hoxd4 Hoxd8 Hoxd9 Hp Hp1bp3 Hpca Hpcal1 Hpcal4 Hpd Hpdl Hpf1 Hpgd Hpgds Hpn Hprt Hps1 Hps3 Hps5 Hps6 Hpse Hpse2 Hpx Hras Hrc Hrct1 Hrg Hrh1 Hrh3 Hrh4 Hrk Hrnr Hrob Hs1bp3 Hs2st1 Hs3st1 Hs3st2 Hs3st3a1 Hs3st3b1 Hs3st4 Hs3st5 Hs3st6 Hs6st1 Hs6st2 Hs6st3 Hsbp1 Hsbp1l1 Hscb Hsd11b1 Hsd11b2 Hsd17b1 Hsd17b10 Hsd17b11 Hsd17b12 Hsd17b13 Hsd17b14 Hsd17b2 Hsd17b3 Hsd17b4 Hsd17b6 Hsd17b7 Hsd3b1 Hsd3b3 Hsd3b5 Hsd3b6 Hsd3b7 Hsd3b8 Hsdl2 Hsf1 Hsf2 Hsf2bp Hsf3 Hsf4 Hsf5 Hsfy2 Hsh2d Hsp90aa1 Hsp90ab1 Hsp90b1 Hspa12a Hspa12b Hspa13 Hspa14 Hspa1b Hspa1l Hspa2 Hspa4 Hspa4l Hspa5 Hspa8 Hspa9 Hspb1 Hspb2 Hspb3 Hspb6 Hspb7 Hspb8 Hspb9 Hspbap1 Hspd1 Hspe1 Hspg2 Hsph1 Htatip2 Htatsf1 Htr1a Htr1b Htr1d Htr1f Htr2a Htr2b Htr2c Htr3a Htr3b Htr4 Htr5a Htr5b Htr7 Htra1 Htra2 Htra3 Htra4 Htt Hunk Hus1 Hus1b Huwe1 Hvcn1 Hyal1 Hyal2 Hyal3 Hyal4 Hyal5 Hyal6 Hycc1 Hycc2 Hydin Hykk Hyls1 Hyou1 Hypk I830077J02Rik Iah1 Iapp Iars Iars2 Iba57 Ibsp Ibtk Ica1 Ica1l Icam1 Icam2 Icam4 Icam5 Ice1 Ice2 Icmt Icos Icosl Id1 Id2 Id3 Id4 Ide Idh1 Idh2 Idh3a Idh3b Idh3g Idi1 Idi2 Idnk Ido1 Ido2 Ids Idua Ier2 Ier3 Ier3ip1 Ier5 Ier5l Iffo1 Iffo2 Ifi202b Ifi203 Ifi204 Ifi205 Ifi207 Ifi208 Ifi209 Ifi211 Ifi213 Ifi214 Ifi27 Ifi27l2a Ifi27l2b Ifi30 Ifi35 Ifi44 Ifi44l Ifi47 Ifih1 Ifit1 Ifit1bl1 Ifit2 Ifit3b Ifitm1 Ifitm10 Ifitm2 Ifitm3 Ifitm5 Ifitm6 Ifitm7 Ifna1 Ifna11 Ifna12 Ifna13 Ifna14 Ifna15 Ifna16 Ifna2 Ifna4 Ifna5 Ifna6 Ifna7 Ifna9 Ifnab Ifnar1 Ifnar2 Ifnb1 Ifne Ifng Ifngr1 Ifngr2 Ifnk Ifnl2 Ifnl3 Ifnlr1 Ifrd1 Ifrd2 Ift122 Ift140 Ift172 Ift20 Ift22 Ift27 Ift43 Ift46 Ift52 Ift57 Ift74 Ift80 Ift81 Ift88 Iftap Igbp1 Igbp1b Igdcc3 Igdcc4 Igf1 Igf1r Igf2 Igf2bp1 Igf2bp2 Igf2bp3 Igf2r Igfals Igfbp1 Igfbp2 Igfbp3 Igfbp4 Igfbp5 Igfbp6 Igfbp7 Igfbpl1 Igfl3 Igflr1 Igfn1 Ighmbp2 Igll1 Iglon5 Igsf1 Igsf10 Igsf11 Igsf21 Igsf23 Igsf3 Igsf5 Igsf6 Igsf8 Igsf9 Igsf9b Igtp Ihh Iho1 Iigp1 Ik Ikbip Ikbkb Ikbke Ikbkg Ikzf1 Ikzf2 Ikzf3 Ikzf4 Ikzf5 Il10 Il10ra Il10rb Il11 Il11ra1 Il12a Il12b Il12rb1 Il12rb2 Il13 Il13ra1 Il13ra2 Il15 Il15ra Il16 Il17a Il17b Il17c Il17d Il17f Il17ra Il17rb Il17rc Il17rd Il17re Il18 Il18bp Il18r1 Il18rap Il19 Il1b Il1f10 Il1r2 Il1rap Il1rapl1 Il1rapl2 Il1rl1 Il1rl2 Il1rn Il2 Il20 Il20ra Il20rb Il21 Il21r Il22 Il22ra1 Il22ra2 Il23a Il23r Il24 Il25 Il27 Il27ra Il2ra Il2rb Il2rg Il3 Il31ra Il34 Il36a Il36b Il36g Il36rn Il3ra Il4 Il4i1 Il4ra Il5 Il5ra Il6 Il6ra Il6st Il7 Il7r Il9 Il9r Ildr1 Ildr2 Ilf2 Ilf3 Ilk Ilkap Ilrun Ilvbl Immp1l Immp2l Immt Imp3 Imp4 Impa1 Impa2 Impact Impdh1 Impdh2 Impg1 Impg2 Ina Inafm1 Inafm2 Inca1 Incenp Inf2 Ing1 Ing2 Ing3 Ing4 Ing5 Inha Inhba Inhbb Inhbc Inhbe Inhca Inip Inka1 Inka2 Inmt Ino80 Ino80b Ino80c Ino80d Ino80e Inpp1 Inpp4a Inpp4b Inpp5a Inpp5b Inpp5d Inpp5e Inpp5f Inpp5j Inpp5k Ins1 Ins2 Insc Insig1 Insig2 Insl3 Insl5 Insl6 Insm1 Insm2 Insr Insrr Insyn1 Insyn2a Insyn2b Ints1 Ints10 Ints11 Ints12 Ints13 Ints14 Ints15 Ints2 Ints3 Ints4 Ints5 Ints6 Ints6l Ints7 Ints8 Ints9 Intu Invs Ip6k1 Ip6k2 Ip6k3 Ipcef1 Ipmk Ipo11 Ipo13 Ipo4 Ipo5 Ipo8 Ipo9 Ipp Ippk Iqca Iqca1l Iqcb1 Iqcc Iqcd Iqce Iqcf1 Iqcf4 Iqcf5 Iqcf6 Iqcg Iqch Iqcj Iqck Iqcm Iqgap1 Iqgap2 Iqgap3 Iqschfp Iqsec1 Iqsec2 Iqsec3 Iqub Irag1 Irag2 Irak1 Irak1bp1 Irak2 Irak3 Irak4 Ireb2 Irf1 Irf2 Irf2bp1 Irf2bp2 Irf2bpl Irf3 Irf4 Irf5 Irf6 Irf7 Irf8 Irf9 Irgm1 Irgm2 Irgq Irs1 Irs2 Irs3 Irs4 Irx1 Irx2 Irx3 Irx4 Irx5 Irx6 Isca1 Isca2 Iscu Isg15 Isg20 Isg20l2 Isl1 Isl2 Islr Islr2 Ism1 Ism2 Isoc1 Isoc2a Isoc2b Ist1 Isx Isy1 Isyna1 Itch Itfg1 Itfg2 Itga1 Itga10 Itga11 Itga2 Itga2b Itga3 Itga4 Itga5 Itga6 Itga7 Itga8 Itga9 Itgad Itgae Itgal Itgam Itgax Itgb1 Itgb1bp1 Itgb1bp2 Itgb2 Itgb2l Itgb3 Itgb3bp Itgb4 Itgb5 Itgb7 Itgb8 Itgbl1 Itih1 Itih2 Itih3 Itih4 Itih5 Itk Itln1 Itm2a Itm2b Itm2c Itpa Itpk1 Itpka Itpkb Itpkc Itpr1 Itpr2 Itpr3 Itprid1 Itprid2 Itpripl1 Itpripl2 Itsn1 Itsn2 Ivd Ivl Ivns1abp Iws1 Iyd Izumo1 Izumo1r Izumo2 Izumo3 Izumo4 Jade1 Jade2 Jade3 Jag1 Jag2 Jagn1 Jak2 Jak3 Jakmip1 Jakmip2 Jakmip3 Jam2 Jam3 Jaml Jarid2 Jazf1 Jcad Jchain Jdp2 Jhy Jkamp Jkampl Jmjd1c Jmjd4 Jmjd6 Jmjd7 Jmjd8 Jmy Josd1 Josd2 Jph2 Jph3 Jph4 Jpt1 Jpt2 Jrk Jrkl Jsrp1 Jtb Jun Junb Jund Jup Kalrn Kank1 Kank2 Kank3 Kank4 Kansl1 Kansl1l Kansl2 Kansl3 Kap Kars Kash5 Kat14 Kat2a Kat2b Kat5 Kat6a Kat6b Kat7 Kat8 Katna1 Katnal1 Katnal2 Katnb1 Katnbl1 Katnip Kazald1 Kazn Kbtbd11 Kbtbd12 Kbtbd13 Kbtbd2 Kbtbd3 Kbtbd4 Kbtbd6 Kbtbd7 Kbtbd8 Kcmf1 Kcna1 Kcna10 Kcna3 Kcna4 Kcna5 Kcna6 Kcna7 Kcnab1 Kcnab2 Kcnab3 Kcnb2 Kcnc1 Kcnc2 Kcnc3 Kcnc4 Kcnd1 Kcnd2 Kcnd3 Kcne1 Kcne1l Kcne3 Kcne4 Kcnf1 Kcng2 Kcng3 Kcng4 Kcnh1 Kcnh2 Kcnh3 Kcnh4 Kcnh5 Kcnh6 Kcnh7 Kcnh8 Kcnip1 Kcnip2 Kcnip3 Kcnip4 Kcnj1 Kcnj10 Kcnj11 Kcnj12 Kcnj13 Kcnj14 Kcnj15 Kcnj16 Kcnj2 Kcnj3 Kcnj4 Kcnj5 Kcnj6 Kcnj8 Kcnk1 Kcnk10 Kcnk12 Kcnk13 Kcnk15 Kcnk16 Kcnk18 Kcnk2 Kcnk3 Kcnk4 Kcnk5 Kcnk6 Kcnk7 Kcnk9 Kcnma1 Kcnmb1 Kcnmb2 Kcnmb3 Kcnmb4 Kcnn1 Kcnn2 Kcnn3 Kcnn4 Kcnq1 Kcnq2 Kcnq3 Kcnq4 Kcnq5 Kcnrg Kcns1 Kcns2 Kcns3 Kcnt1 Kcnt2 Kcnu1 Kcnv1 Kcnv2 Kcp Kctd1 Kctd10 Kctd11 Kctd12 Kctd12b Kctd13 Kctd14 Kctd15 Kctd16 Kctd17 Kctd18 Kctd19 Kctd2 Kctd20 Kctd21 Kctd3 Kctd4 Kctd5 Kctd6 Kctd7 Kctd8 Kctd9 Kdelr1 Kdelr2 Kdelr3 Kdf1 Kdm1a Kdm1b Kdm2a Kdm2b Kdm3b Kdm4a Kdm4b Kdm4c Kdm4d Kdm5a Kdm5b Kdm5c Kdm5d Kdm6a Kdm6b Kdm7a Kdm8 Kdr Kdsr Keap1 Keg1 Kel Kera Khdc1a Khdc1b Khdc3 Khdc4 Khdrbs1 Khdrbs2 Khdrbs3 Khk Khnyn Khsrp Kics2 Kidins220 Kif11 Kif12 Kif13a Kif13b Kif14 Kif15 Kif16b Kif17 Kif18a Kif18b Kif19a Kif19b Kif1a Kif1b Kif1c Kif20a Kif20b Kif21a Kif21b Kif22 Kif23 Kif24 Kif26a Kif26b Kif27 Kif2a Kif2b Kif2c Kif3a Kif3b Kif3c Kif4 Kif5a Kif5b Kif5c Kif6 Kif7 Kif9 Kifap3 Kifbp Kifc1 Kifc3 Kifc5b Kin Kir3dl1 Kir3dl2 Kirrel Kirrel2 Kirrel3 Kiss1 Kiss1r Kit Kitl Kiz Kl Klb Klc1 Klc3 Klf1 Klf10 Klf11 Klf12 Klf13 Klf14 Klf15 Klf16 Klf17 Klf2 Klf3 Klf4 Klf5 Klf6 Klf7 Klf8 Klf9 Klhdc1 Klhdc10 Klhdc2 Klhdc3 Klhdc4 Klhdc7a Klhdc7b Klhdc8a Klhdc8b Klhdc9 Klhl1 Klhl10 Klhl11 Klhl12 Klhl13 Klhl15 Klhl17 Klhl18 Klhl2 Klhl20 Klhl21 Klhl24 Klhl25 Klhl26 Klhl28 Klhl29 Klhl3 Klhl30 Klhl31 Klhl32 Klhl33 Klhl34 Klhl35 Klhl36 Klhl38 Klhl4 Klhl40 Klhl41 Klhl42 Klhl5 Klhl6 Klhl7 Klhl8 Klhl9 Klk1 Klk10 Klk11 Klk12 Klk13 Klk14 Klk15 Klk1b1 Klk1b11 Klk1b16 Klk1b21 Klk1b22 Klk1b24 Klk1b26 Klk1b27 Klk1b3 Klk1b4 Klk1b5 Klk1b8 Klk1b9 Klk4 Klk5 Klk6 Klk7 Klk8 Klk9 Klkb1 Klra1 Klra2 Klra3 Klra4 Klra5 Klra6 Klra7 Klra8 Klra9 Klrb1 Klrb1a Klrb1b Klrb1c Klrb1f Klrc1 Klrc2 Klrc3 Klrd1 Klre1 Klrg1 Klrg2 Klrh1 Klri1 Klri2 Klrk1 Kmo Kmt2a Kmt2b Kmt2c Kmt2d Kmt2e Kmt5a Kmt5b Kmt5c Kncn Kndc1 Kng1 Kng2 Knl1 Knop1 Knstrn Kntc1 Kpna1 Kpna2 Kpna3 Kpna4 Kpna6 Kpna7 Kpnb1 Kprp Kptn Kras Krba1 Krcc1 Kremen1 Kremen2 Kri1 Krit1 Krr1 Krt1 Krt10 Krt12 Krt13 Krt14 Krt15 Krt16 Krt17 Krt18 Krt19 Krt2 Krt20 Krt222 Krt23 Krt24 Krt25 Krt26 Krt27 Krt28 Krt31 Krt32 Krt33a Krt33b Krt34 Krt35 Krt36 Krt39 Krt4 Krt40 Krt42 Krt5 Krt6a Krt6b Krt7 Krt71 Krt72 Krt73 Krt75 Krt76 Krt77 Krt78 Krt79 Krt8 Krt80 Krt81 Krt82 Krt83 Krt84 Krt86 Krt87 Krt88 Krt9 Krt90 Krtap10-10 Krtap10-4 Krtap11-1 Krtap12-1 Krtap13 Krtap1-3 Krtap13-1 Krtap14 Krtap1-4 Krtap15 Krtap1-5 Krtap16-1 Krtap16-3 Krtap17-1 Krtap19-1 Krtap19-2 Krtap19-3 Krtap19-4 Krtap19-5 Krtap19-9b Krtap20-2 Krtap21-1 Krtap22-2 Krtap24-1 Krtap26-1 Krtap27-1 Krtap28-13 Krtap3-1 Krtap31-1 Krtap31-2 Krtap3-3 Krtap4-1 Krtap4-13 Krtap4-16 Krtap4-6 Krtap4-7 Krtap4-8 Krtap4-9 Krtap5-1 Krtap5-2 Krtap5-3 Krtap5-4 Krtap5-5 Krtap6-2 Krtap7-1 Krtap9-1 Krtap9-3 Krtap9-5 Krtcap2 Krtcap3 Krtdap Ksr1 Ksr2 Kti12 Ktn1 Kxd1 Ky Kyat1 Kyat3 Kynu L1cam L1td1 L2hgdh L3hypdh L3mbtl1 L3mbtl2 L3mbtl3 L3mbtl4 Lacc1 Lactb Lactb2 Lactbl1 Lad1 Lag3 Lage3 Lair1 Lalba Lama1 Lama2 Lama3 Lama4 Lama5 Lamb1 Lamb2 Lamb3 Lamc1 Lamc2 Lamc3 Lamp1 Lamp2 Lamp3 Lamp5 Lamtor1 Lamtor2 Lamtor3 Lamtor3-ps Lamtor4 Lamtor5 Lancl1 Lancl2 Lancl3 Lao1 Lap3 Laptm4a Laptm4b Laptm5 Large1 Large2 Larp1 Larp1b Larp4 Larp4b Larp6 Larp7 Lars Lars2 Las1l Lasp1 Lat Lat2 Lats1 Lats2 Lax1 Layn Lbh Lbhd1 Lbhd2 Lbp Lbr Lbx1 Lbx2 Lca5 Lca5l Lcat Lce1a1 Lce1b Lce1c Lce1e Lce1g Lce1h Lce1i Lce1j Lce1k Lce1l Lce3b Lce3d Lce6a Lck Lclat1 Lcmt1 Lcmt2 Lcn10 Lcn11 Lcn12 Lcn2 Lcn3 Lcn4 Lcn5 Lcn6 Lcn8 Lcn9 Lcor Lcorl Lcp1 Lcp2 Lct Lctl Ldah Ldb1 Ldb2 Ldb3 Ldc1 Ldha Ldhal6b Ldhb Ldhc Ldhd Ldlr Ldlrad1 Ldlrad2 Ldlrad3 Ldlrad4 Ldlrap1 Ldoc1 Leap2 Lect2 Lef1 Lefty1 Lefty2 Lekr1 Lelp1 Lemd1 Lemd2 Lemd3 Leng1 Leng8 Leng9 Leo1 Lepr Leprot Leprotl1 Letm1 Letm2 Letmd1 Lexm Lfng Lgals1 Lgals12 Lgals2 Lgals3 Lgals3bp Lgals4 Lgals7 Lgals8 Lgals9 Lgalsl Lgi1 Lgi2 Lgi3 Lgi4 Lgmn Lgr4 Lgr5 Lgr6 Lgsn Lhb Lhcgr Lhfp Lhfpl1 Lhfpl2 Lhfpl3 Lhfpl5 Lhpp Lhx1 Lhx2 Lhx3 Lhx4 Lhx5 Lhx6 Lhx8 Lhx9 Lias Lif Lifr Lig1 Lig3 Lig4 Lilra5 Lilra6 Lilrb4a Lilrb4b Lim2 Lima1 Limch1 Limd1 Limd2 Lime1 Limk1 Limk2 Lims1 Lin28a Lin28b Lin37 Lin52 Lin54 Lin7a Lin7b Lin7c Lin9 Lingo1 Lingo3 Lingo4 Lins1 Lipa Lipc Lipe Lipf Lipg Liph Lipi Lipk Lipm Lipn Lipo1 Lipo3 Lipo4 Lipt2 Litaf Litafd Lix1 Lix1l Lkaaear1 Llcfc1 Llgl1 Llgl2 Llph Lman1 Lman1l Lman2 Lman2l Lmbr1 Lmbr1l Lmbrd1 Lmbrd2 Lmcd1 Lmf1 Lmf2 Lmln Lmna Lmnb1 Lmnb2 Lmntd1 Lmntd2 Lmo1 Lmo2 Lmo3 Lmo4 Lmo7 Lmod1 Lmod2 Lmod3 Lmtk2 Lmtk3 Lmx1a Lmx1b Lnpep Lnpk Lnx1 Lnx2 Lonp1 Lonp2 Lonrf1 Lonrf2 Lonrf3 Lor Lox Loxhd1 Loxl1 Loxl2 Loxl3 Loxl4 Lpar1 Lpar2 Lpar3 Lpar4 Lpar5 Lpar6 Lpcat1 Lpcat2 Lpcat2b Lpcat3 Lpcat4 Lpgat1 Lpin1 Lpin2 Lpin3 Lpl Lpo Lpp Lpxn Lrat Lratd1 Lratd2 Lrba Lrch1 Lrch2 Lrch3 Lrch4 Lrcol1 Lrfn1 Lrfn2 Lrfn3 Lrfn4 Lrfn5 Lrg1 Lrguk Lrif1 Lrig1 Lrig2 Lrig3 Lrit1 Lrit2 Lrit3 Lrmda Lrp1 Lrp10 Lrp11 Lrp12 Lrp1b Lrp2 Lrp2bp Lrp3 Lrp4 Lrp5 Lrp6 Lrp8 Lrpap1 Lrpprc Lrr1 Lrrc1 Lrrc10 Lrrc10b Lrrc14b Lrrc15 Lrrc17 Lrrc18 Lrrc19 Lrrc2 Lrrc20 Lrrc23 Lrrc24 Lrrc25 Lrrc26 Lrrc27 Lrrc28 Lrrc3 Lrrc30 Lrrc31 Lrrc32 Lrrc34 Lrrc36 Lrrc37a Lrrc38 Lrrc39 Lrrc3b Lrrc3c Lrrc4 Lrrc40 Lrrc41 Lrrc42 Lrrc43 Lrrc46 Lrrc47 Lrrc49 Lrrc4b Lrrc4c Lrrc51 Lrrc52 Lrrc55 Lrrc56 Lrrc57 Lrrc58 Lrrc59 Lrrc6 Lrrc61 Lrrc63 Lrrc66 Lrrc69 Lrrc7 Lrrc71 Lrrc72 Lrrc73 Lrrc74a Lrrc74b Lrrc75a Lrrc75b Lrrc8a Lrrc8b Lrrc8c Lrrc8d Lrrc8e Lrrc9 Lrrcc1 Lrrd1 Lrrfip1 Lrrfip2 Lrriq1 Lrriq3 Lrriq4 Lrrk1 Lrrk2 Lrrn1 Lrrn2 Lrrn3 Lrrn4 Lrrtm1 Lrrtm2 Lrrtm3 Lrrtm4 Lrsam1 Lrtm1 Lrtm2 Lrwd1 Lsamp Lsg1 Lsm1 Lsm10 Lsm11 Lsm12 Lsm14a Lsm14b Lsm2 Lsm3 Lsm4 Lsm5 Lsm6 Lsm8 Lsmem1 Lsp1 Lsr Lss Lst1 Lta Lta4h Ltb Ltb4r1 Ltb4r2 Ltbp1 Ltbp2 Ltbp3 Ltbp4 Ltbr Ltc4s Ltf Ltk Ltn1 Ltv1 Luc7l Luc7l2 Luc7l3 Lum Lurap1 Lurap1l Luzp1 Luzp2 Lvrn Lxn Ly6a Ly6c1 Ly6c2 Ly6d Ly6e Ly6f Ly6g Ly6g5b Ly6g5c Ly6g6c Ly6g6d Ly6g6e Ly6g6f Ly6h Ly6k Ly6m Ly75 Ly86 Ly9 Ly96 Lyar Lyg1 Lyg2 Lyl1 Lyn Lynx1 Lypd1 Lypd10 Lypd11 Lypd2 Lypd3 Lypd4 Lypd5 Lypd6 Lypd6b Lypd8 Lypd8l Lypd9 Lypla1 Lypla2 Lyplal1 Lyrm1 Lyrm2 Lyrm4 Lyrm7 Lyrm9 Lysmd1 Lysmd2 Lysmd3 Lysmd4 Lyst Lyve1 Lyz1 Lyz2 Lyzl1 Lyzl4 Lyzl6 Lzic Lztfl1 Lztr1 Lzts2 Lzts3 M1ap M6pr Mab21l1 Mab21l2 Mab21l3 Mab21l4 Macc1 Macf1 Macir Maco1 Macrod1 Macrod2 Macroh2a1 Macroh2a2 Mad1l1 Mad2l1 Mad2l1bp Mad2l2 Madcam1 Madd Maea Mael Maf Maf1 Mafa Mafb Maff Mafg Mafk Mag Magea1 Magea10 Magea13 Magea14 Magea3 Magea4 Magea5 Magea6 Magea8 Magea9 Mageb1 Mageb11 Mageb16 Mageb18 Mageb2 Mageb3 Mageb4 Mageb5b Mageb6b1 Magec2 Maged1 Maged2 Magee1 Magee2 Mageh1 Magel2 Magi1 Magi2 Magi3 Magix Magohb Magt1 Maip1 Majin Mak Mak16 Mal Mal2 Mall Malrd1 Malsu1 Malt1 Mamdc2 Mamdc4 Maml1 Maml2 Maml3 Mamld1 Mamstr Man1a Man1a2 Man1b1 Man1c1 Man2a1 Man2a2 Man2b1 Man2b2 Man2c1 Manba Manbal Manea Maneal Manf Mansc1 Mansc4 Maoa Maob Map10 Map1a Map1b Map1lc3a Map1lc3b Map1s Map2 Map2k1 Map2k3 Map2k4 Map2k5 Map2k6 Map2k7 Map3k1 Map3k10 Map3k11 Map3k12 Map3k13 Map3k14 Map3k15 Map3k19 Map3k2 Map3k20 Map3k21 Map3k3 Map3k4 Map3k5 Map3k6 Map3k7 Map3k7cl Map3k8 Map3k9 Map4 Map4k1 Map4k2 Map4k3 Map4k4 Map4k5 Map6 Map6d1 Map7 Map7d1 Map7d2 Map7d3 Mapk1 Mapk10 Mapk11 Mapk12 Mapk13 Mapk14 Mapk15 Mapk1ip1l Mapk3 Mapk4 Mapk6 Mapk7 Mapk8 Mapk8ip1 Mapk8ip2 Mapk8ip3 Mapk9 Mapkap1 Mapkapk2 Mapkapk3 Mapkapk5 Mapkbp1 Mapre1 Mapre2 Mapre3 Mapt Marchf1 Marchf10 Marchf11 Marchf2 Marchf3 Marchf4 Marchf5 Marchf6 Marchf7 Marchf8 Marchf9 Marcks Marcksl1 Marco Marf1 Mark1 Mark2 Mark3 Mark4 Mars1 Mars2 Marveld1 Marveld2 Marveld3 Mas1 Masp1 Masp2 Mast1 Mast2 Mast3 Mast4 Mastl Mat1a Mat2a Mat2b Matk Matn1 Matn2 Matn3 Matn4 Matr3 Mau2 Mavs Max Mb Mb21d2 Mbd1 Mbd2 Mbd3 Mbd3l2 Mbd4 Mbd5 Mbd6 Mbip Mbl1 Mbl2 Mblac1 Mblac2 Mbnl1 Mbnl3 Mboat1 Mboat2 Mboat4 Mboat7 Mbp Mbtd1 Mbtps1 Mbtps2 Mc1r Mc2r Mc3r Mc4r Mc5r Mcam Mcat Mcc Mccc1 Mccc2 Mcee Mcemp1 Mcf2 Mcf2l Mcfd2 Mchr1 Mcidas Mcl1 Mcm10 Mcm2 Mcm3 Mcm3ap Mcm4 Mcm5 Mcm6 Mcm7 Mcm8 Mcm9 Mcmbp Mcmdc2 Mcoln1 Mcoln2 Mcoln3 Mcph1 Mcpt1 Mcpt2 Mcpt4 Mcpt8 Mcpt9 Mcrip1 Mcrip2 Mcrs1 Mctp1 Mctp2 Mcts2 Mcu Mcub Mcur1 Mdc1 Mdfi Mdfic Mdfic2 Mdga1 Mdga2 Mdh1 Mdh1b Mdh2 Mdk Mdm1 Mdm2 Mdm4 Mdn1 Mdp1 Me1 Me2 Me3 Mea1 Meaf6 Meak7 Mecom Mecp2 Mecr Med1 Med10 Med11 Med12 Med12l Med13 Med13l Med14 Med15 Med16 Med17 Med18 Med19 Med20 Med21 Med22 Med23 Med24 Med25 Med26 Med27 Med28 Med29 Med30 Med31 Med4 Med7 Med8 Med9 Medag Mef2a Mef2b Mef2c Mef2d Mefv Megf10 Megf11 Megf6 Megf8 Megf9 Mei1 Mei4 Meikin Meiob Meioc Meiosin Meis1 Meis2 Meis3 Melk Meltf Memo1 Men1 Meox1 Meox2 Mep1a Mep1b Mepce Mepe Mertk Mesd Mesp1 Mesp2 Mest Met Metap1 Metap1d Metap2 Methig1 Metrn Metrnl Mettl1 Mettl11b Mettl14 Mettl15 Mettl16 Mettl17 Mettl2 Mettl21c Mettl21e Mettl22 Mettl23 Mettl24 Mettl25 Mettl26 Mettl27 Mettl3 Mettl4 Mettl5 Mettl6 Mettl7a1 Mettl7a3 Mettl7b Mettl8 Mettl9 Mex3a Mex3b Mex3c Mex3d Mfap1a Mfap2 Mfap3 Mfap3l Mfap4 Mfap5 Mff Mfge8 Mfhas1 Mfn1 Mfn2 Mfng Mfrp Mfsd1 Mfsd10 Mfsd11 Mfsd12 Mfsd13a Mfsd13b Mfsd14a Mfsd14b Mfsd2a Mfsd2b Mfsd3 Mfsd4a Mfsd4b1 Mfsd4b5 Mfsd5 Mfsd6 Mfsd6l Mfsd7a Mfsd8 Mfsd9 Mga Mgam Mgarp Mgat1 Mgat2 Mgat3 Mgat4a Mgat4b Mgat4c Mgat4d Mgat4e Mgat4f Mgat5 Mgat5b Mgl2 Mgll Mgme1 Mgmt Mgp Mgrn1 Mgst1 Mgst2 Mgst3 Mia Mia2 Mia3 Mib1 Mib2 Mical1 Mical2 Mical3 Micall1 Micall2 Micos10 Micos13 Micu1 Micu2 Micu3 Mid1 Mid1ip1 Mideas Midn Mief1 Mief2 Mien1 Mier1 Mier2 Mier3 Mif Mif4gd Miga1 Miga2 Miip Mill1 Mill2 Milr1 Minar1 Minar2 Mindy1 Mindy2 Mindy3 Mindy4 Mink1 Minpp1 Mios Miox Mip Mipep Mipol1 Mis12 Mis18a Mis18bp1 Misp Misp3 Mitd1 Mitf Mki67 Mkks Mkln1 Mknk1 Mknk2 Mkrn1 Mkrn2 Mkrn2os Mkrn3 Mks1 Mkx Mlana Mlc1 Mlec Mlf1 Mlf2 Mlh1 Mlh3 Mlip Mlkl Mllt1 Mllt10 Mllt11 Mllt3 Mllt6 Mlph Mlst8 Mlx Mlxip Mlxipl Mlycd Mmaa Mmab Mmachc Mmadhc Mmd Mmd2 Mmel1 Mmgt1 Mmp10 Mmp11 Mmp12 Mmp13 Mmp14 Mmp15 Mmp16 Mmp17 Mmp19 Mmp1a Mmp1b Mmp2 Mmp20 Mmp21 Mmp23 Mmp24 Mmp25 Mmp27 Mmp28 Mmp3 Mmp7 Mmp8 Mmp9 Mmrn1 Mmrn2 Mms19 Mmut Mn1 Mnat1 Mnd1 Mns1 Mnt Mnx1 Moap1 Mob1a Mob1b Mob2 Mob3a Mob3c Mob4 Mobp Mocos Mocs1 Mocs2 Mocs3 Mog Mogat1 Mogat2 Mogs Mok Mon1a Mon1b Mon2 Morc1 Morc2a Morc2b Morc3 Morc4 Morf4l1 Morf4l2 Morn1 Morn2 Morn3 Morn4 Morn5 Mos Mosmo Mospd1 Mospd2 Mospd3 Mov10 Mov10l1 Moxd1 Moxd2 Mpc1 Mpc2 Mpdu1 Mpdz Mpg Mphosph10 Mphosph6 Mphosph8 Mphosph9 Mpi Mpig6b Mpl Mplkip Mpnd Mpo Mpp1 Mpp2 Mpp3 Mpp4 Mpp7 Mppe1 Mpped2 Mprip Mpst Mptx1 Mptx2 Mpv17 Mpv17l Mpv17l2 Mpz Mpzl1 Mpzl2 Mpzl3 Mr1 Mrap Mrap2 Mras Mrc1 Mrc2 Mre11a Mreg Mrfap1 Mrgbp Mrgpra1 Mrgpra2a Mrgpra3 Mrgpra4 Mrgpra9 Mrgprb1 Mrgprb2 Mrgprb3 Mrgprb4 Mrgprb5 Mrgprb8 Mrgprd Mrgpre Mrgprf Mrgprg Mrgprh Mrgprx1 Mrgprx2 Mri1 Mrln Mrm1 Mrm2 Mrm3 Mrnip Mro Mroh1 Mroh2a Mroh2b Mroh4 Mroh5 Mroh6 Mroh7 Mroh8 Mroh9 Mrpl1 Mrpl10 Mrpl11 Mrpl12 Mrpl13 Mrpl14 Mrpl15 Mrpl16 Mrpl17 Mrpl18 Mrpl19 Mrpl2 Mrpl20 Mrpl21 Mrpl22 Mrpl23 Mrpl24 Mrpl27 Mrpl28 Mrpl3 Mrpl32 Mrpl33 Mrpl34 Mrpl35 Mrpl36 Mrpl37 Mrpl38 Mrpl39 Mrpl4 Mrpl40 Mrpl41 Mrpl42 Mrpl43 Mrpl44 Mrpl45 Mrpl46 Mrpl47 Mrpl48 Mrpl49 Mrpl50 Mrpl51 Mrpl52 Mrpl53 Mrpl54 Mrpl55 Mrpl57 Mrpl58 Mrpl9 Mrps10 Mrps11 Mrps12 Mrps14 Mrps15 Mrps16 Mrps18a Mrps18b Mrps18c Mrps2 Mrps21 Mrps22 Mrps23 Mrps24 Mrps25 Mrps26 Mrps27 Mrps28 Mrps30 Mrps31 Mrps33 Mrps34 Mrps35 Mrps36 Mrps5 Mrps6 Mrps7 Mrps9 Mrrf Mrs2 Mrtfa Mrtfb Mrto4 Ms4a1 Ms4a10 Ms4a12 Ms4a13 Ms4a14 Ms4a15 Ms4a18 Ms4a19 Ms4a2 Ms4a20 Ms4a3 Ms4a4a Ms4a4b Ms4a4c Ms4a4d Ms4a5 Ms4a6b Ms4a6c Ms4a6d Ms4a7 Ms4a8a Msantd1 Msantd2 Msantd3 Msantd4 Msc Msgn1 Msh2 Msh3 Msh4 Msh5 Msh6 Msi1 Msi2 Msl1 Msl2 Msl3 Msl3l2 Msln Mslnl Msmb Msmo1 Msmp Msn Msr1 Msra Msrb1 Msrb2 Msrb3 Mss51 Mst1 Mst1r Mstn Msto1 Msx1 Msx2 Msx3 Mt1 Mt3 Mt4 Mta1 Mta2 Mta3 Mtap Mtarc1 Mtarc2 mt-Atp6 mt-Atp8 Mtbp Mtch1 Mtch2 Mtcl1 mt-Co1 mt-Co2 mt-Co3 Mtcp1 mt-Cytb Mtdh Mterf1a Mterf1b Mterf2 Mterf3 Mterf4 Mtf1 Mtf2 Mtfmt Mtfp1 Mtfr1l Mtfr2 Mtg1 Mtg2 Mthfd1 Mthfd1l Mthfd2 Mthfd2l Mthfs Mthfsd Mthfsl Mtif2 Mtif3 Mtm1 Mtmr1 Mtmr10 Mtmr11 Mtmr12 Mtmr14 Mtmr2 Mtmr3 Mtmr4 Mtmr6 Mtmr7 Mtmr9 mt-Nd1 mt-Nd2 mt-Nd3 mt-Nd4 mt-Nd4l mt-Nd5 mt-Nd6 Mtnr1a Mtnr1b Mto1 Mtor Mtpap Mtpn Mtr Mtres1 Mtrex Mtrf1 Mtrf1l Mtrfr Mtrr Mtss1 Mtss2 Mttp Mturn Mtus1 Mtus2 Mtx1 Mtx2 Mtx3 Muc1 Muc13 Muc15 Muc16 Muc2 Muc20 Muc21 Muc4 Muc5ac Muc5b Mucl2 Mucl3 Mug1 Mug2 Mul1 Mup17 Mup18 Mup2 Mup20 Mup21 Mup3 Mup4 Mup5 Mup6 Mup9 Mus81 Musk Mustn1 Mutyh Mvb12a Mvb12b Mvd Mvk Mvp Mxd1 Mxd3 Mxd4 Mxi1 Mxra7 Mxra8 Myadm Myadml2 Myb Mybbp1a Mybl1 Mybl2 Mybpc1 Mybpc2 Mybpc3 Mybph Mybphl Myc MYC_Isoform_2 Mycbp Mycbp2 Mycbpap Mycl Mycn Mycs Myct1 Myd88 Mydgf Myef2 Myf5 Myf6 Myg1 Myh1 Myh10 Myh11 Myh13 Myh14 Myh15 Myh2 Myh3 Myh4 Myh6 Myh7 Myh7b Myh8 Myh9 Myl1 Myl10 Myl12b Myl2 Myl3 Myl4 Myl6 Myl7 Myl9 Mylip Mylk Mylk2 Mylk3 Mylk4 Mylpf Mymk Mymx Mynn Myo10 Myo15a Myo16 Myo18a Myo18b Myo19 Myo1a Myo1b Myo1c Myo1d Myo1e Myo1f Myo1g Myo1h Myo3a Myo3b Myo5a Myo5b Myo5c Myo6 Myo7a Myo7b Myo9a Myo9b Myoc Myocd Myocos Myod1 Myof Myog Myom1 Myom2 Myom3 Myot Myoz1 Myoz2 Myoz3 Mypn Mypop Myrf Myrfl Myrip Mysm1 Myt1 Myt1l Myzap Mzb1 Mzf1 Mzt1 Mzt2 N4bp1 N4bp2 N4bp2l1 N4bp2l2 N4bp3 N6amt1 NA Naa10 Naa11 Naa12 Naa15 Naa16 Naa20 Naa25 Naa30 Naa35 Naa38 Naa40 Naa60 Naa80 Naaa Naalad2 Naaladl1 Naaladl2 Nab1 Nab2 Nabp1 Nabp2 Naca Nacad Nacc1 Nacc2 Nadk Nadk2 Nadsyn1 Nae1 Naf1 Naga Nagk Naglu Nagpa Nags Naif1 Naip1 Naip2 Naip5 Naip6 Nalcn Nalf1 Nalf2 Nampt Nanog Nanos1 Nanos2 Nanos3 Nanp Nans Nap1l1 Nap1l2 Nap1l3 Nap1l4 Nap1l5 Napa Napb Napepld Napg Naprt Napsa Narf Nars Nars2 Nasp Nat1 Nat10 Nat14 Nat2 Nat3 Nat8 Nat8f1 Nat8f2 Nat8f3 Nat8f5 Nat8l Natd1 Nav1 Nav2 Nav3 Naxd Naxe Nbas Nbea Nbeal1 Nbeal2 Nbn Nbr1 Ncald Ncam1 Ncam2 Ncan Ncapd2 Ncapd3 Ncapg Ncapg2 Ncaph Ncaph2 Ncbp1 Ncbp2 Ncbp3 Nccrp1 Ncdn Nceh1 Ncf1 Ncf2 Ncf4 Nck1 Nck2 Nckap1 Nckap1l Nckap5 Nckap5l Nckipsd Ncl Ncln Ncmap Ncoa1 Ncoa2 Ncoa4 Ncoa5 Ncoa6 Ncoa7 Ncor1 Ncor2 Ncr1 Ncs1 Ncstn Ndc1 Ndc80 Nde1 Ndel1 Ndfip1 Ndfip2 Ndn Ndnf Ndor1 Ndp Ndrg1 Ndrg3 Ndrg4 Ndst1 Ndst2 Ndst3 Ndst4 Ndufa1 Ndufa10 Ndufa11 Ndufa12 Ndufa13 Ndufa2 Ndufa3 Ndufa4 Ndufa4l2 Ndufa5 Ndufa6 Ndufa7 Ndufa8 Ndufa9 Ndufab1 Ndufaf2 Ndufaf3 Ndufaf4 Ndufaf5 Ndufaf6 Ndufaf7 Ndufaf8 Ndufb10 Ndufb11 Ndufb11b Ndufb2 Ndufb3 Ndufb5 Ndufb6 Ndufb7 Ndufb8 Ndufb9 Ndufc1 Ndufc2 Ndufs1 Ndufs2 Ndufs3 Ndufs4 Ndufs5 Ndufs6 Ndufs7 Ndufs8 Ndufv1 Ndufv2 Ndufv3 Neb Nebl Necab1 Necab2 Necab3 Necap1 Necap2 Nectin1 Nectin2 Nectin3 Nectin4 Nedd1 Nedd4 Nedd4l Nedd8 Nedd9 Nefh Nefl Nefm Negr1 Neil1 Neil2 Neil3 Nek1 Nek10 Nek11 Nek2 Nek3 Nek4 Nek5 Nek6 Nek7 Nek8 Nek9 Nelfa Nelfb Nelfcd Nelfe Nell1 Nell2 Nemf Nemp1 Nemp2 Nenf Neo1 Nepn Nepro Nes Net1 Neto2 Neu1 Neu2 Neu3 Neu4 Neurl1a Neurl1b Neurl2 Neurl3 Neurl4 Neurod1 Neurod2 Neurod6 Neurog1 Neurog2 Neurog3 Nexmif Nexn Nf1 Nf2 Nfam1 Nfasc Nfat5 Nfatc1 Nfatc2 Nfatc2ip Nfatc3 Nfatc4 Nfe2 Nfe2l1 Nfe2l2 Nfe2l3 Nfia Nfib Nfic Nfil3 Nfix Nfkb1 Nfkb2 Nfkbia Nfkbib Nfkbie Nfkbil1 Nfkbiz Nfrkb Nfs1 Nfu1 Nfx1 Nfxl1 Nfya Nfyb Nfyc Ngb Ngdn Ngef Ngf Ngfr Ngly1 Ngp Ngrn Nhej1 Nhlh1 Nhlh2 Nhlrc1 Nhlrc2 Nhlrc3 Nhlrc4 Nhp2 Nhs Nhsl1 Nhsl2 Niban1 Niban2 Niban3 Nicn1 Nid1 Nid2 Nifk Nim1k Nin Ninj1 Ninj2 Ninl Nip7 Nipa1 Nipa2 Nipal1 Nipal2 Nipal4 Nipbl Nipsnap1 Nipsnap2 Nipsnap3a Nipsnap3b Nisch Nit1 Nit2 Nkain1 Nkain2 Nkain3 Nkain4 Nkap Nkapd1 Nkapl Nkd1 Nkd2 Nkg7 Nkiras1 Nkpd1 Nkrf Nktr Nkx1-1 Nkx1-2 Nkx2-1 Nkx2-2 Nkx2-3 Nkx2-4 Nkx2-5 Nkx2-6 Nkx2-9 Nkx3-1 Nkx3-2 Nkx6-1 Nkx6-2 Nkx6-3 Nle1 Nlgn1 Nlgn2 Nlgn3 Nlk Nln Nlrc3 Nlrc4 Nlrc5 Nlrp10 Nlrp12 Nlrp14 Nlrp1a Nlrp1b Nlrp2 Nlrp4b Nlrp4c Nlrp4e Nlrp4f Nlrp5 Nlrp6 Nlrp9a Nlrp9b Nlrp9c Nlrx1 Nmb Nmbr Nmd3 Nme1 Nme2 Nme3 Nme4 Nme5 Nme6 Nme7 Nme8 Nmi Nmnat1 Nmnat2 Nmnat3 Nmral1 Nmrk1 Nmrk2 Nms Nmt1 Nmt2 Nmu Nmur1 Nmur2 Nnat Nnmt Nnt Noa1 Nob1 Nobox Noc2l Noc3l Noc4l Noct Nod1 Nod2 Nodal Nog Nol10 Nol11 Nol12 Nol3 Nol4 Nol4l Nol6 Nol7 Nol8 Nol9 Nolc1 Nom1 Nomo1 Nono Nop10 Nop14 Nop16 Nop2 Nop53 Nop56 Nop58 Nop9 Nopchap1 Nos1ap Nos2 Nos3 Nosip Nostrin Notch1 Notch2 Notch3 Notch4 Noto Notum Nova1 Nova2 Nox1 Nox3 Nox4 Noxa1 Noxred1 Npas1 Npas2 Npas3 Npas4 Npat Npb Npbwr1 Npc1 Npc1l1 Npc2 Npcd Npdc1 Npepl1 Npepps Npff Npffr1 Npffr2 Nphp1 Nphp3 Nphp4 Nphs1 Nphs2 Npl Nploc4 Npm1 Npm3 Npnt Nppa Nppb Nppc Npr1 Npr2 Npr3 Nprl2 Nprl3 Nps Npsr1 Nptn Nptx1 Nptx2 Nptxr Npvf Npw Npy Npy1r Npy2r Npy4r Npy5r Npy6r Nqo1 Nqo2 Nr0b1 Nr0b2 Nr1d1 Nr1d2 Nr1h2 Nr1h3 Nr1h4 Nr1h5 Nr1i2 Nr1i3 Nr2c1 Nr2c2 Nr2c2ap Nr2e1 Nr2e3 Nr2f1 Nr2f2 Nr2f6 Nr3c1 Nr3c2 Nr4a1 Nr4a2 Nr4a3 Nr5a1 Nr5a2 Nr6a1 Nradd Nrap Nrarp Nras Nrbf2 Nrbp1 Nrcam Nrd1 Nrde2 Nrep Nrf1 Nrg1 Nrg2 Nrg3 Nrg4 Nrgn Nrip2 Nrip3 Nrk Nrl Nrm Nrn1 Nrn1l Nrp1 Nrp2 Nrros Nrsn1 Nrsn2 Nrtn Nrxn1 Nrxn2 Nrxn3 Nsa2 Nscme3l Nsd1 Nsd2 Nsd3 Nsdhl Nsf Nsfl1c Nsg2 Nsl1 Nsmaf Nsmce1 Nsmce2 Nsmce3 Nsmce4a Nsmf Nsrp1 Nsun2 Nsun3 Nsun4 Nsun5 Nsun6 Nsun7 Nt5c Nt5c1a Nt5c1b Nt5c2 Nt5c3 Nt5c3b Nt5dc1 Nt5dc2 Nt5dc3 Nt5e Nt5el Nt5m Ntan1 Ntf3 Ntf5 Nthl1 Ntm Ntmt1 Ntn1 Ntn3 Ntn4 Ntn5 Ntng1 Ntng2 Ntpcr Ntrk1 Ntrk2 Ntrk3 Nts Ntsr1 Ntsr2 Nuak1 Nuak2 Nub1 Nubp1 Nubp2 Nubpl Nucb1 Nucb2 Nucks1 Nudc Nudcd1 Nudcd2 Nudcd3 Nudt11 Nudt12 Nudt13 Nudt14 Nudt15 Nudt16 Nudt16l1 Nudt16l2 Nudt17 Nudt18 Nudt19 Nudt2 Nudt21 Nudt22 Nudt3 Nudt5 Nudt6 Nudt7 Nudt8 Nudt9 Nufip1 Nufip2 Nuggc Numa1 Numb Numbl Nup107 Nup133 Nup153 Nup155 Nup160 Nup188 Nup205 Nup210 Nup210l Nup214 Nup35 Nup37 Nup43 Nup50 Nup54 Nup62 Nup62cl Nup85 Nup88 Nup93 Nup98 Nupl2 Nupr1 Nupr1l Nus1 Nusap1 Nutm1 Nutm2 Nvl Nwd1 Nwd2 Nxf1 Nxf2 Nxf3 Nxf7 Nxn Nxnl1 Nxnl2 Nxpe2 Nxpe3 Nxpe4 Nxpe5 Nxph1 Nxph2 Nxph3 Nxph4 Nxt1 Nxt2 Nyap1 Nyap2 Nynrin Nyx Oacyl Oaf Oas1a Oas1c Oas1d Oas1e Oas1f Oas1g Oas1h Oas2 Oas3 Oasl1 Oasl2 Oat Oaz1 Oaz3 Obi1 Obox1 Obox2 Obox3 Obox5 Obox6 Obox7 Obp1a Obp1b Obp2a Obscn Obsl1 Oc90 Oca2 Ocel1 Ociad1 Ociad2 Ocln Ocm Ocrl Ocstamp Odad1 Odad2 Odad3 Odad4 Odam Odaph Odc1 Odf1 Odf2 Odf2l Odf3 Odf3b Odf3l1 Odf3l2 Odf4 Odr4 Ofcc1 Ofd1 Oga Ogdh Ogdhl Ogfod1 Ogfod2 Ogfod3 Ogfr Ogfrl1 Ogg1 Ogn Ogt Oip5 Oit3 Ola1 Olah Olfm1 Olfm2 Olfm3 Olfm5 Olfml1 Olfml2a Olfml2b Olfml3 Olfr1564 Olfr1565 Olig1 Olig2 Olig3 Olr1 Oma1 Omg Omp Omt2a Omt2b Onecut1 Onecut2 Onecut3 Ooep Oog2 Oog3 Oog4 Oosp1 Oosp2 Oosp3 Opa1 Opa3 Opalin Opcml Ophn1 Oplah Opn1mw Opn1sw Opn3 Opn4 Opn5 Oprd1 Oprk1 Oprl1 Oprm1 Optc Optn Or10a2 Or10a3 Or10a3b Or10a3m Or10a3n Or10a4 Or10a48 Or10a49 Or10a5 Or10aa1 Or10aa3 Or10ab4 Or10ab5 Or10ac1 Or10ad1 Or10ad1b Or10ad1c Or10ag2 Or10ag52 Or10ag53 Or10ag54 Or10ag56 Or10ag57 Or10ag58 Or10ag59 Or10ak11 Or10ak12 Or10ak13 Or10ak14 Or10ak16 Or10ak7 Or10ak8 Or10ak9 Or10al2 Or10al3 Or10al4 Or10al5 Or10al6 Or10al7 Or10am5 Or10c1 Or10d1 Or10d1b Or10d1c Or10d3 Or10d4 Or10d4b Or10d4c Or10d5 Or10d5j Or10g1 Or10g1b Or10g3 Or10g3b Or10g6 Or10g7 Or10g9 Or10g9b Or10h1b Or10h28 Or10j2 Or10j27 Or10j3 Or10j3b Or10j5 Or10j7 Or10k2 Or10n1 Or10p1 Or10p21 Or10p22 Or10q1 Or10q12 Or10q1b Or10q3 Or10s1 Or10u3 Or10u4 Or10v1 Or10v5 Or10v9 Or10w1 Or10x1 Or10x4 Or10z1 Or11a4 Or11g1 Or11g2 Or11g24 Or11g25 Or11g26 Or11g27 Or11g7 Or11h23 Or11h4 Or11h4b Or11h6 Or11h7 Or11i1 Or11j4 Or11l3 Or11m3 Or11n2 Or11q2 Or12d12 Or12d13 Or12d17 Or12d2 Or12e1 Or12e10 Or12e13 Or12e7 Or12e9 Or12j2 Or12j3 Or12j4 Or12j5 Or12k5 Or12k7 Or12k8 Or13a1 Or13a17 Or13a18 Or13a19 Or13a20 Or13a21 Or13a22 Or13a24 Or13a25 Or13a26 Or13a27 Or13a28 Or13ae2 Or13c25 Or13c3 Or13c7 Or13c7b Or13c7c Or13c7d Or13d1 Or13e8 Or13f5 Or13g1 Or13j1 Or13l2 Or13n4 Or13p10 Or13p3 Or13p4 Or13p5 Or13p8 Or14a256 Or14a257 Or14a258 Or14a259 Or14a260 Or14c39 Or14c40 Or14c43 Or14c44 Or14c45 Or14c46 Or14j1 Or14j10 Or14j2 Or14j3 Or14j4 Or14j5 Or14j6 Or14j7 Or14j8 Or14j9 Or1a1 Or1aa2 Or1ab2 Or1ad1 Or1ad6 Or1ad8 Or1af1 Or1ak2 Or1b1 Or1d2 Or1e1 Or1e16 Or1e17 Or1e19 Or1e1c Or1e1f Or1e21 Or1e22 Or1e23 Or1e25 Or1e26 Or1e29 Or1e30 Or1e31 Or1e32 Or1e33 Or1e34 Or1e35 Or1f12 Or1f19 Or1i2 Or1j1 Or1j10 Or1j11 Or1j12 Or1j13 Or1j14 Or1j15 Or1j16 Or1j17 Or1j18 Or1j19 Or1j20 Or1j21 Or1j4 Or1l4 Or1l8 Or1m1 Or1n1 Or1n1b Or1n2 Or1o1 Or1o11 Or1o2 Or1o3 Or1o4 Or1p1 Or1p1c Or1q1 Or1r1 Or1s2 Or1x2 Or1x6 Or2a12 Or2a14 Or2a20 Or2a25 Or2a5 Or2a51 Or2a52 Or2a54 Or2a56 Or2a57 Or2a7 Or2aa1 Or2ab1 Or2ad1 Or2ag1 Or2ag12 Or2ag13 Or2ag15 Or2ag16 Or2ag17 Or2ag18 Or2ag19 Or2ag1b Or2ag2 Or2ag20 Or2ah1 Or2aj4 Or2aj5 Or2aj6 Or2ak5 Or2ak6 Or2ak7 Or2at1 Or2at4 Or2av9 Or2b11 Or2b28 Or2b2b Or2b4 Or2b6 Or2b7 Or2bd2 Or2c1 Or2d2 Or2d36 Or2d3b Or2d4 Or2f1 Or2f1b Or2f2 Or2g1 Or2g25 Or2g7 Or2h1 Or2h15 Or2h1b Or2h2 Or2h2c Or2i1 Or2j3 Or2j6 Or2k2 Or2l13 Or2l13b Or2l5 Or2m12 Or2m13 Or2n1 Or2n1b Or2n1c Or2n1e Or2o1 Or2p2 Or2q1 Or2r11 Or2r2 Or2r3 Or2t1 Or2t26 Or2t29 Or2t43 Or2t44 Or2t45 Or2t46 Or2t47 Or2t48 Or2t49 Or2t6 Or2v1 Or2v2 Or2w1 Or2w2 Or2w25 Or2w3 Or2w3b Or2w4 Or2w6 Or2y1 Or2y10 Or2y11 Or2y12 Or2y13 Or2y14 Or2y15 Or2y16 Or2y17 Or2y1b Or2y1c Or2y1d Or2y1e Or2y1f Or2y1g Or2y3 Or2y6 Or2z2 Or2z8 Or2z9 Or3a1 Or3a10 Or3a1b Or3a1c Or3a1d Or3a4 Or4a15 Or4a2 Or4a27 Or4a39 Or4a47 Or4a66 Or4a67 Or4a68 Or4a69 Or4a70 Or4a71 Or4a72 Or4a73 Or4a74 Or4a75 Or4a76 Or4a77 Or4a78 Or4a79 Or4a80 Or4a81 Or4b1 Or4b13 Or4b1b Or4b1d Or4c1 Or4c10 Or4c100 Or4c101 Or4c102 Or4c103 Or4c104 Or4c105 Or4c106 Or4c107 Or4c109 Or4c10b Or4c11 Or4c110 Or4c111 Or4c112 Or4c113 Or4c114 Or4c115 Or4c116 Or4c118 Or4c11b Or4c11c Or4c12 Or4c120 Or4c121 Or4c122 Or4c123 Or4c124 Or4c125 Or4c126 Or4c127 Or4c12b Or4c15 Or4c15b Or4c29 Or4c3 Or4c31 Or4c35 Or4c3d Or4c52 Or4c58 Or4d1 Or4d10 Or4d10b Or4d10c Or4d11 Or4d2 Or4d2b Or4d5 Or4d6 Or4e1 Or4e2 Or4e5 Or4f14 Or4f14b Or4f14d Or4f15 Or4f47 Or4f4b Or4f52 Or4f53 Or4f54 Or4f56 Or4f57 Or4f58 Or4f59 Or4f6 Or4f60 Or4f61 Or4f62 Or4f7 Or4g16 Or4g17 Or4g7 Or4k1 Or4k15 Or4k15b Or4k15c Or4k2 Or4k35 Or4k36 Or4k37 Or4k38 Or4k40 Or4k41 Or4k42 Or4k45 Or4k47 Or4k48 Or4k49 Or4k5 Or4k51 Or4k52 Or4k6 Or4k77 Or4l1 Or4l15 Or4m1 Or4n4 Or4n4b Or4n5 Or4p18 Or4p19 Or4p20 Or4p22 Or4p23 Or4p7 Or4p8 Or4q3 Or4s2b Or4x11 Or4x15 Or4x6 Or4z4 Or51a10 Or51a24 Or51a25 Or51a39 Or51a42 Or51a43 Or51a5 Or51a6 Or51a7 Or51aa2 Or51aa5 Or51ab3 Or51ac3 Or51af1 Or51ag1 Or51ah3 Or51ai2 Or51b17 Or51b4 Or51b6 Or51b6b Or51d1 Or51e1 Or51e2 Or51f1 Or51f1d Or51f1e Or51f2 Or51f23 Or51f23b Or51f5 Or51g1 Or51g2 Or51h1 Or51h5 Or51i1 Or51i2 Or51k1 Or51k2 Or51l14 Or51l4 Or51m1 Or51q1 Or51r1 Or51s1 Or51t4 Or51v14 Or51v8 Or52a20 Or52a24 Or52a33 Or52a5 Or52a5b Or52ab2 Or52ab4 Or52ab7 Or52ac1 Or52ad1 Or52ae7 Or52ae9 Or52b1 Or52b2 Or52b3 Or52b4 Or52d1 Or52d3 Or52e15 Or52e18 Or52e19 Or52e2 Or52e3 Or52e4 Or52e5 Or52e7 Or52e8 Or52e8b Or52h1 Or52h2 Or52h7 Or52h9 Or52i2 Or52j3 Or52k2 Or52l1 Or52m1 Or52m2 Or52n2 Or52n20 Or52n2b Or52n2c Or52n3 Or52n4 Or52n4b Or52n5 Or52p1 Or52p2 Or52r1b Or52r1c Or52s1 Or52s19 Or52s1b Or52s6 Or52u1 Or52w1 Or52x1 Or52z1 Or52z12 Or52z13 Or52z14 Or55b10 Or55b3 Or55b4 Or56a3 Or56a3b Or56a4 Or56a5 Or56b1 Or56b1b Or56b2 Or56b2j Or56b34 Or56b35 Or5a1 Or5a3 Or5ac15 Or5ac17 Or5ac19 Or5ac20 Or5ac21 Or5ac22 Or5ac23 Or5ac24 Or5ac25 Or5ae1 Or5ae2 Or5af1 Or5af2 Or5ak22 Or5ak23 Or5ak24 Or5ak25 Or5ak4 Or5al1 Or5al5 Or5al6 Or5al7 Or5an1 Or5an10 Or5an11 Or5an1c Or5an9 Or5ap2 Or5aq1b Or5aq6 Or5aq7 Or5ar1 Or5as1 Or5au1 Or5b101 Or5b102 Or5b104 Or5b106 Or5b107 Or5b108 Or5b109 Or5b111 Or5b113 Or5b116 Or5b117 Or5b12 Or5b120 Or5b121 Or5b122 Or5b123 Or5b124 Or5b12b Or5b21 Or5b24 Or5b3 Or5b94 Or5b95 Or5b96 Or5b98 Or5b99 Or5bb10 Or5be3 Or5bh3 Or5bw2 Or5c1 Or5d14 Or5d16 Or5d35 Or5d36 Or5d37 Or5d38 Or5d39 Or5d40 Or5d41 Or5d43 Or5d46 Or5d47 Or5e1 Or5g23 Or5g25 Or5g26 Or5g27 Or5g29 Or5g9 Or5h17 Or5h18 Or5h19 Or5h22 Or5h23 Or5h25 Or5h26 Or5i1 Or5j1 Or5j3 Or5k1 Or5k15 Or5k16 Or5k17 Or5k1b Or5k3 Or5k8 Or5l13 Or5l14 Or5m10 Or5m10b Or5m11 Or5m11b Or5m12 Or5m13b Or5m3b Or5m5 Or5m8 Or5m9 Or5m9b Or5o1 Or5p1 Or5p4 Or5p5 Or5p50 Or5p51 Or5p52 Or5p53 Or5p54 Or5p55 Or5p56 Or5p57 Or5p58 Or5p59 Or5p6 Or5p60 Or5p61 Or5p62 Or5p63 Or5p64 Or5p66 Or5p67 Or5p68 Or5p69 Or5p70 Or5p72 Or5p73 Or5p76 Or5p78 Or5p79 Or5p80 Or5t15 Or5t16 Or5t17 Or5t18 Or5t7 Or5t9 Or5v1 Or5v1b Or5w1 Or5w10 Or5w11 Or5w12 Or5w13 Or5w14 Or5w15 Or5w16 Or5w17 Or5w18 Or5w19 Or5w1b Or5w20 Or5w22 Or5w8 Or6aa1 Or6ae1 Or6b13 Or6b2 Or6b2b Or6b3 Or6b6 Or6b9 Or6c1 Or6c1b Or6c2 Or6c202 Or6c203 Or6c205 Or6c206 Or6c208 Or6c209 Or6c210 Or6c211 Or6c213 Or6c214 Or6c215 Or6c216 Or6c217 Or6c219 Or6c2b Or6c3 Or6c33 Or6c35 Or6c38 Or6c3b Or6c5 Or6c5b Or6c5c Or6c6 Or6c66 Or6c66b Or6c68 Or6c69 Or6c69b Or6c69c Or6c6c Or6c7 Or6c70 Or6c74 Or6c75 Or6c76 Or6c76b Or6c8 Or6c8b Or6d12 Or6d13 Or6d14 Or6d15 Or6e1 Or6f1 Or6f2 Or6k14 Or6k2 Or6k4 Or6k6 Or6n1 Or6n2 Or6p1 Or6s1 Or6x1 Or6y1 Or6z1 Or6z3 Or6z5 Or6z6 Or6z7 Or7a35 Or7a36 Or7a37 Or7a38 Or7a39 Or7a40 Or7a41 Or7a42 Or7c19 Or7c70 Or7d10 Or7d11 Or7d9 Or7e165 Or7e166 Or7e168 Or7e169 Or7e170 Or7e173 Or7e174 Or7e175 Or7e176 Or7e177 Or7e178 Or7g12 Or7g16 Or7g17 Or7g18 Or7g19 Or7g20 Or7g21 Or7g22 Or7g25 Or7g27 Or7g28 Or7g29 Or7g30 Or7g31 Or7g32 Or7g33 Or7g34 Or7g35 Or7h8 Or8a1b Or8b1 Or8b101 Or8b12 Or8b12b Or8b12c Or8b12i Or8b1b Or8b1c Or8b3 Or8b35 Or8b36 Or8b38 Or8b39 Or8b3b Or8b4 Or8b40 Or8b41 Or8b42 Or8b43 Or8b46 Or8b47 Or8b48 Or8b49 Or8b50 Or8b52 Or8b53 Or8b54 Or8b55 Or8b56 Or8b57 Or8b8 Or8b9 Or8c10 Or8c11 Or8c13 Or8c15 Or8c16 Or8c17 Or8c20 Or8c8 Or8c9 Or8d1 Or8d1b Or8d2 Or8d23 Or8d2b Or8d4 Or8d6 Or8g17 Or8g18 Or8g19 Or8g2 Or8g20 Or8g21 Or8g22 Or8g23 Or8g24 Or8g26 Or8g27 Or8g28 Or8g2b Or8g30 Or8g32 Or8g33 Or8g34 Or8g35 Or8g36 Or8g37 Or8g4 Or8g50 Or8g51 Or8g52 Or8g53 Or8g54 Or8g55 Or8h10 Or8h7 Or8h9 Or8i2 Or8j3 Or8j3c Or8k1 Or8k16 Or8k17 Or8k20 Or8k21 Or8k22 Or8k23 Or8k24 Or8k25 Or8k27 Or8k28 Or8k3 Or8k30 Or8k32 Or8k33 Or8k35 Or8k37 Or8k38 Or8k39 Or8k3b Or8k40 Or8k53 Or8s10 Or8s16 Or8s2 Or8s5 Or8s8 Or8u10 Or8u8 Or8u9 Or8w1 Or9a2 Or9a4 Or9a7 Or9e1 Or9g19 Or9g20 Or9g3 Or9g4 Or9g4b Or9g8 Or9i1 Or9i14 Or9i16 Or9i1b Or9i2 Or9k2 Or9k2b Or9k7 Or9m1 Or9m1b Or9m2 Or9q1 Or9q2 Or9r3 Or9s13 Or9s14 Or9s15 Or9s18 Or9s23 Or9s27 Orai1 Orai2 Orai3 Orc1 Orc2 Orc3 Orc4 Orc5 Orc6 Orm1 Orm2 Orm3 Ormdl1 Ormdl2 Ormdl3 Os9 Osbp Osbp2 Osbpl10 Osbpl11 Osbpl1a Osbpl2 Osbpl3 Osbpl5 Osbpl6 Osbpl7 Osbpl8 Osbpl9 Oscar Oscp1 Oser1 Osgep Osgepl1 Osgin1 Osgin2 Osm Osmr Osr1 Osr2 Ostc Ostf1 Ostm1 Ostn Otc Otoa Otof Otog Otogl Otol1 Otop1 Otop3 Otor Otos Otp Otub1 Otub2 Otud1 Otud3 Otud4 Otud5 Otud6a Otud6b Otud7a Otud7b Otulin Otulinl Otx1 Otx2 Ovca2 Ovch2 Ovgp1 Ovol1 Ovol2 Oxa1l Oxct1 Oxct2b Oxgr1 Oxld1 Oxnad1 Oxr1 Oxsm Oxt Oxtr P2rx1 P2rx2 P2rx3 P2rx4 P2rx5 P2rx6 P2rx7 P2ry1 P2ry10 P2ry10b P2ry13 P2ry14 P2ry2 P2ry4 P2ry6 P3h1 P3h2 P3h3 P3h4 P3r3urf P4ha1 P4ha2 P4ha3 P4hb P4htm Pa2g4 Pabpc1 Pabpc1l Pabpc2 Pabpc4 Pabpc4l Pabpc5 Pabpc6 Pabpn1 Pabpn1l Pacc1 Pacrg Pacs1 Pacs2 Pacsin1 Pacsin2 Pacsin3 Padi1 Padi2 Padi3 Padi6 Paf1 Pafah1b1 Pafah2 Pag1 Pah Paip1 Paip2 Paip2b Pak1 Pak1ip1 Pak2 Pak3 Pak4 Pak5 Pak6 Pakap Palb2 Pald1 Palld Palm Palm3 Palmd Pals1 Pals2 Pam Pam16 Pamr1 Pan2 Pan3 Pank1 Pank2 Pank3 Pank4 Panx1 Panx2 Panx3 Paox Papln Papola Papolb Papolg Pappa Pappa2 Papss1 Papss2 Paqr3 Paqr4 Paqr5 Paqr6 Paqr7 Paqr9 Pard3 Pard3b Pard6a Pard6b Pard6g Parg Park7 Parl Parm1 Parn Parp1 Parp10 Parp11 Parp12 Parp14 Parp16 Parp2 Parp3 Parp4 Parp6 Parp8 Parpbp Pars2 Parva Parvb Parvg Pate1 Pate10 Pate11 Pate12 Pate14 Pate2 Pate3 Pate4 Pate5 Pate6 Pate7 Pate8 Pate9 Patj Patl1 Patl2 Patz1 Pawr Pax1 Pax2 Pax3 Pax4 Pax5 Pax6 Pax7 Pax8 Paxbp1 Paxip1 Paxx Pbdc1 Pbk Pbld1 Pbld2 Pbp2 Pbrm1 Pbsn Pbx1 Pbx2 Pbx3 Pbx4 Pbxip1 Pcare Pcbd1 Pcbd2 Pcbp1 Pcbp2 Pcbp3 Pcbp4 Pcca Pccb Pcdh1 Pcdh10 Pcdh11x Pcdh12 Pcdh15 Pcdh17 Pcdh19 Pcdh20 Pcdh7 Pcdh8 Pcdh9 Pcdha1 Pcdha10 Pcdha11 Pcdha12 Pcdha2 Pcdha3 Pcdha4 Pcdha5 Pcdha6 Pcdha7 Pcdha8 Pcdha9 Pcdhac1 Pcdhac2 Pcdhb1 Pcdhb10 Pcdhb11 Pcdhb12 Pcdhb13 Pcdhb14 Pcdhb15 Pcdhb16 Pcdhb17 Pcdhb18 Pcdhb19 Pcdhb2 Pcdhb20 Pcdhb21 Pcdhb22 Pcdhb3 Pcdhb4 Pcdhb5 Pcdhb6 Pcdhb7 Pcdhb8 Pcdhb9 Pcdhga1 Pcdhga10 Pcdhga11 Pcdhga12 Pcdhga2 Pcdhga3 Pcdhga4 Pcdhga5 Pcdhga6 Pcdhga7 Pcdhga8 Pcdhga9 Pcdhgb1 Pcdhgb2 Pcdhgb4 Pcdhgb5 Pcdhgb6 Pcdhgb7 Pcdhgc3 Pcdhgc4 Pcdhgc5 Pced1a Pced1b Pcf11 Pcgf1 Pcgf2 Pcgf3 Pcgf5 Pcgf6 Pcid2 Pcif1 Pck1 Pck2 Pclaf Pclo Pcm1 Pcmt1 Pcmtd1 Pcmtd2 Pcna Pcnp Pcnt Pcnx Pcnx2 Pcnx3 Pcnx4 Pcolce Pcolce2 Pcp2 Pcp4 Pcp4l1 Pcsk1 Pcsk1n Pcsk2 Pcsk4 Pcsk5 Pcsk6 Pcsk9 Pctp Pcx Pcyox1 Pcyox1l Pcyt1a Pcyt1b Pcyt2 Pdap1 Pdc Pdcd1 Pdcd10 Pdcd11 Pdcd1lg2 Pdcd2 Pdcd2l Pdcd4 Pdcd5 Pdcd6 Pdcd6ip Pdcd7 Pdcl Pdcl2 Pdcl3 Pde10a Pde11a Pde12 Pde1a Pde1b Pde1c Pde2a Pde3a Pde3b Pde4a Pde4b Pde4c Pde4d Pde4dip Pde5a Pde6a Pde6b Pde6c Pde6d Pde6g Pde6h Pde7a Pde7b Pde8a Pde8b Pde9a Pdf Pdgfa Pdgfb Pdgfc Pdgfd Pdgfra Pdgfrb Pdgfrl Pdha1 Pdha2 Pdhb Pdhx Pdia2 Pdia3 Pdia4 Pdia5 Pdia6 Pdik1l Pdilt Pdk1 Pdk2 Pdk3 Pdk4 Pdlim1 Pdlim2 Pdlim3 Pdlim4 Pdlim5 Pdlim7 Pdp1 Pdp2 Pdpk1 Pdpn Pdpr Pdrg1 Pds5a Pds5b Pdss1 Pdss2 Pdx1 Pdxdc1 Pdxk Pdxp Pdyn Pdzd11 Pdzd2 Pdzd3 Pdzd4 Pdzd7 Pdzd8 Pdzd9 Pdzk1 Pdzk1ip1 Pdzph1 Pdzrn3 Pdzrn4 Peak1 Pear1 Pebp1 Pebp4 Pecam1 Pecr Peds1 Pef1 Peg10 Peg12 Peg3 Peli1 Peli2 Peli3 Pelo Pelp1 Pemt Penk Pepd Per1 Per2 Per3 Perm1 Perp Pes1 Pet100 Pet117 Pex1 Pex10 Pex11a Pex11b Pex11g Pex12 Pex13 Pex14 Pex16 Pex19 Pex2 Pex26 Pex3 Pex5 Pex5l Pex6 Pex7 Pf4 Pfas Pfdn1 Pfdn2 Pfdn4 Pfdn5 Pfdn6 Pfkfb1 Pfkfb2 Pfkfb3 Pfkfb4 Pfkl Pfkm Pfkp Pfn1 Pfn2 Pfn3 Pfn4 Pfpl Pga5 Pgam1 Pgam2 Pgam5 Pgap1 Pgap2 Pgap3 Pgap4 Pgap6 Pgbd1 Pgbd5 Pgc Pgd Pgf Pgghg Pggt1b Pgk1 Pgk2 Pgls Pglyrp1 Pglyrp2 Pglyrp3 Pglyrp4 Pgm1 Pgm2 Pgm2l1 Pgm3 Pgm5 Pgp Pgpep1 Pgpep1l Pgr Pgr15l Pgrmc1 Pgrmc2 Pgs1 Phactr1 Phactr2 Phactr3 Phactr4 Phaf1 Phax Phb Phb2 Phc1 Phc2 Phc3 Phex Phf1 Phf10 Phf11a Phf11b Phf11c Phf11d Phf12 Phf13 Phf14 Phf19 Phf2 Phf20 Phf20l1 Phf21a Phf21b Phf23 Phf24 Phf3 Phf5a Phf6 Phf7 Phf8 Phgdh Phgr1 Phip Phka1 Phka2 Phkb Phkg1 Phkg2 Phlda1 Phlda2 Phlda3 Phldb1 Phldb2 Phldb3 Phlpp1 Phlpp2 Phospho1 Phospho2 Phox2a Phox2b Phpt1 Phrf1 Phtf1 Phtf2 Phyh Phyhd1 Phyhip Phyhipl Phykpl Pi15 Pi16 Pi4k2a Pi4k2b Pi4ka Pi4kb Pianp Pias1 Pias2 Pias3 Pias4 Pibf1 Picalm Pick1 Pid1 Pidd1 Pierce1 Pierce2 Piezo1 Piezo2 Pif1 Pifo Piga Pigb Pigc Pigf Pigg Pigh Pigk Pigl Pigm Pign Pigo Pigp Pigq Pigr Pigs Pigt Pigu Pigv Pigw Pigx Pigyl Pigz Pih1d1 Pih1d2 Pik3ap1 Pik3c2a Pik3c2b Pik3c2g Pik3c3 Pik3ca Pik3cb Pik3cd Pik3cg Pik3ip1 Pik3r1 Pik3r2 Pik3r3 Pik3r4 Pik3r5 Pik3r6 Pikfyve Pilra Pilrb1 Pilrb2 Pim1 Pim2 Pim3 Pimreg Pin1 Pin1rt1 Pink1 Pinlyp Pinx1 Pip Pip4k2a Pip4k2b Pip4k2c Pip4p1 Pip4p2 Pip5k1a Pip5k1b Pip5k1c Pip5kl1 Pipox Pir Pira1 Pira12 Pira13 Pira2 Pirb Pirt Pisd Pithd1 Pitpna Pitpnb Pitpnc1 Pitpnm1 Pitpnm2 Pitpnm3 Pitx1 Pitx2 Pitx3 Piwil1 Piwil2 Piwil4 Pja1 Pja2 Pjvk Pkd1 Pkd1l2 Pkd1l3 Pkd2 Pkd2l1 Pkd2l2 Pkdcc Pkdrej Pkhd1 Pkhd1l1 Pkia Pkib Pkig Pklr Pkm Pkmyt1 Pkn1 Pkn2 Pkn3 Pknox1 Pknox2 Pkp1 Pkp2 Pkp3 Pkp4 Pla1a Pla2g10 Pla2g12a Pla2g12b Pla2g15 Pla2g1b Pla2g2c Pla2g2d Pla2g2e Pla2g2f Pla2g3 Pla2g4a Pla2g4b Pla2g4c Pla2g4d Pla2g4e Pla2g4f Pla2g5 Pla2g6 Pla2g7 Pla2r1 Plaa Plaat1 Plaat3 Plaat5 Plac1 Plac8 Plac8l1 Plag1 Plagl1 Plagl2 Plat Plau Plb1 Plbd1 Plbd2 Plcb1 Plcb2 Plcb3 Plcb4 Plcd1 Plcd3 Plcd4 Plce1 Plcg1 Plcg2 Plch1 Plch2 Plcl1 Plcl2 Plcxd1 Plcxd2 Plcxd3 Plcz1 Pld1 Pld2 Pld3 Pld4 Pld5 Pld6 Plec Plek Plek2 Plekha1 Plekha2 Plekha3 Plekha4 Plekha5 Plekha6 Plekha7 Plekha8 Plekhb1 Plekhb2 Plekhd1 Plekhf1 Plekhf2 Plekhg1 Plekhg2 Plekhg3 Plekhg4 Plekhg5 Plekhg6 Plekhh1 Plekhh2 Plekhh3 Plekhj1 Plekhm1 Plekhm2 Plekhm3 Plekhn1 Plekho1 Plekho2 Plekhs1 Plet1 Plg Plin1 Plin2 Plin3 Plin4 Plin5 Plk1 Plk2 Plk3 Plk4 Plk5 Pllp Pln Plod1 Plod2 Plod3 Plp1 Plp2 Plpbp Plpp1 Plpp2 Plpp3 Plpp4 Plpp5 Plpp6 Plpp7 Plppr1 Plppr2 Plppr3 Plppr4 Plppr5 Plrg1 Pls1 Pls3 Plscr1 Plscr2 Plscr4 Plscr5 Pltp Plvap Plxdc1 Plxdc2 Plxna1 Plxna2 Plxna3 Plxna4 Plxnb1 Plxnb2 Plxnc1 Plxnd1 Pm20d1 Pm20d2 Pmaip1 Pmch Pmel Pmepa1 Pmf1 Pmfbp1 Pml Pmm1 Pmm2 Pmp2 Pmp22 Pmpca Pmpcb Pms1 Pms2 Pmvk Pnck Pnisr Pnkd Pnkp Pnldc1 Pnlip Pnliprp1 Pnliprp2 Pnma1 Pnma2 Pnma3 Pnma5 Pnma8a Pnma8b Pnmt Pnn Pno1 Pnoc Pnp Pnp2 Pnpla1 Pnpla2 Pnpla3 Pnpla5 Pnpla6 Pnpla7 Pnpla8 Pnpo Pnpt1 Pnrc1 Pnrc2 Poc1a Poc1b Poc5 Podn Podnl1 Podxl Podxl2 Pof1b Pofut1 Pofut2 Pogk Poglut1 Poglut2 Poglut3 Pogz Pola1 Pola2 Polb Pold1 Pold3 Pold4 Poldip2 Poldip3 Pole Pole2 Pole3 Pole4 Polg Polg2 Polh Poli Polk Polm Poln Polq Polr1a Polr1b Polr1c Polr1d Polr1e Polr1f Polr1has Polr2a Polr2b Polr2c Polr2d Polr2e Polr2f Polr2g Polr2h Polr2i Polr2j Polr2k Polr2l Polr2m Polr3a Polr3b Polr3c Polr3d Polr3e Polr3f Polr3g Polr3gl Polr3h Polr3k Polrmt Pom121 Pom121l12 Pom121l2 Pomc Pomgnt1 Pomgnt2 Pomk Pomp Pomt1 Pomt2 Pon1 Pon2 Pon3 Pop1 Pop4 Pop5 Pop7 Popdc2 Popdc3 Por Porcn Postn Pot1a Pot1b Potefam3c Potefam3e Poteg Potegl Pou1f1 Pou2af1 Pou2af2 Pou2af3 Pou2f1 Pou2f2 Pou2f3 Pou3f1 Pou3f2 Pou3f3 Pou3f4 Pou4f1 Pou4f2 Pou4f3 Pou5f1 Pou5f2 Pou6f1 Pou6f2 Pp2d1 Ppa1 Ppa2 Ppan Ppara Ppard Pparg Ppargc1a Ppargc1b Ppat Ppbp Ppcdc Ppcs Ppdpf Ppef1 Ppef2 Ppfia1 Ppfia2 Ppfia3 Ppfia4 Ppfibp1 Ppfibp2 Pphln1 Ppia Ppib Ppic Ppid Ppie Ppif Ppig Ppih Ppil1 Ppil2 Ppil3 Ppil4 Ppil6 Ppip5k1 Ppip5k2 Ppl Ppm1b Ppm1d Ppm1e Ppm1f Ppm1g Ppm1h Ppm1j Ppm1k Ppm1l Ppm1m Ppm1n Ppme1 Ppox Ppp1ca Ppp1cb Ppp1cc Ppp1r10 Ppp1r11 Ppp1r12a Ppp1r12b Ppp1r12c Ppp1r13b Ppp1r13l Ppp1r14a Ppp1r14b Ppp1r14bl Ppp1r14c Ppp1r14d Ppp1r15a Ppp1r15b Ppp1r16b Ppp1r17 Ppp1r18 Ppp1r1a Ppp1r1b Ppp1r1c Ppp1r2 Ppp1r21 Ppp1r26 Ppp1r27 Ppp1r32 Ppp1r35 Ppp1r36 Ppp1r37 Ppp1r3a Ppp1r3b Ppp1r3c Ppp1r3d Ppp1r3e Ppp1r3f Ppp1r3g Ppp1r42 Ppp1r7 Ppp1r8 Ppp1r9a Ppp1r9b Ppp2ca Ppp2cb Ppp2r1a Ppp2r1b Ppp2r2a Ppp2r2b Ppp2r2c Ppp2r2d Ppp2r3a Ppp2r3c Ppp2r3d Ppp2r5a Ppp2r5b Ppp2r5c Ppp2r5d Ppp2r5e Ppp3ca Ppp3cb Ppp3cc Ppp3r1 Ppp3r2 Ppp4c Ppp4r1 Ppp4r2 Ppp4r3a Ppp4r3b Ppp4r4 Ppp5c Ppp6c Ppp6r1 Ppp6r2 Ppp6r3 Pprc1 Ppt1 Ppt2 Pptc7 Ppwd1 Ppy Pqbp1 Pqlc3 Pradc1 Praf2 Prag1 Pram1 Pramel1 Pramel11 Pramel12 Pramel13 Pramel14 Pramel15 Pramel16 Pramel17 Pramel19 Pramel20 Pramel21 Pramel22 Pramel24 Pramel25 Pramel26 Pramel27 Pramel29 Pramel3 Pramel31 Pramel32 Pramel35 Pramel37 Pramel4 Pramel41 Pramel43 Pramel46 Pramel47 Pramel5 Pramel51 Pramel7 Pramex1 Prap1 Prb1 Prc1 Prcc Prcd Prcp Prdm1 Prdm10 Prdm11 Prdm12 Prdm13 Prdm14 Prdm15 Prdm16 Prdm2 Prdm4 Prdm5 Prdm6 Prdm8 Prdm9 Prdx1 Prdx2 Prdx3 Prdx4 Prdx5 Prdx6 Prdx6b Preb Prelid1 Prelid2 Prelid3a Prelid3b Prep Prepl Prex1 Prex2 Prf1 Prg2 Prg4 Prh1 Prickle1 Prickle2 Prickle3 Prim1 Prim2 Prima1 Prkaa1 Prkaa2 Prkab1 Prkab2 Prkaca Prkacb Prkag1 Prkag2 Prkag3 Prkar1a Prkar1b Prkar2a Prkca Prkcb Prkcd Prkce Prkcg Prkch Prkci Prkcq Prkcsh Prkcz Prkd1 Prkd2 Prkd3 Prkdc Prkg1 Prkg2 Prkn Prkra Prkrip1 Prkx Prl Prl2a1 Prl2b1 Prl2c1 Prl2c2 Prl2c3 Prl2c5 Prl3a1 Prl3b1 Prl3c1 Prl3d1 Prl3d3 Prl4a1 Prl5a1 Prl6a1 Prl7a1 Prl7a2 Prl7b1 Prl7c1 Prl7d1 Prl8a1 Prl8a2 Prl8a6 Prl8a8 Prl8a9 Prlh Prlhr Prlr Prm2 Prm3 Prmt1 Prmt2 Prmt3 Prmt5 Prmt6 Prmt7 Prmt8 Prmt9 Prn Prnd Prnp Prob1 Proc Procr Prodh Prodh2 Prok1 Prok2 Prokr1 Prokr2 Prol1 Prom1 Prom2 Prop1 Prorp Prorsd1 Pros1 Proser1 Proser2 Proser3 Prox1 Prox2 Proz Prp2 Prpf18 Prpf19 Prpf3 Prpf31 Prpf38a Prpf38b Prpf39 Prpf4 Prpf40a Prpf40b Prpf6 Prpf8 Prph Prph2 Prpmp5 Prps1l1 Prps1l3 Prps2 Prpsap1 Prpsap2 Prr11 Prr12 Prr13 Prr14 Prr14l Prr15 Prr16 Prr18 Prr19 Prr22 Prr23a1 Prr23a2 Prr23a3 Prr27 Prr29 Prr3 Prr30 Prr32 Prr36 Prr5 Prr5l Prr7 Prr9 Prrc2a Prrc2b Prrc2c Prrg1 Prrg2 Prrg3 Prrg4 Prrt1 Prrt2 Prrt3 Prrt4 Prrx1 Prrx2 Prrxl1 Prss1 Prss12 Prss16 Prss2 Prss21 Prss22 Prss27 Prss28 Prss29 Prss3 Prss30 Prss32 Prss33 Prss34 Prss36 Prss37 Prss38 Prss39 Prss40 Prss41 Prss42 Prss43 Prss44 Prss45 Prss46 Prss47 Prss48 Prss50 Prss51 Prss52 Prss53 Prss54 Prss55 Prss56 Prss57 Prss58 Prss59 Prss8 Prtg Prtn3 Prune1 Prune2 Prx Prxl2a Prxl2b Prxl2c Psap Psapl1 Psat1 Psca Psd Psd2 Psd3 Psd4 Psen2 Psenen Psg16 Psg17 Psg18 Psg19 Psg20 Psg21 Psg22 Psg23 Psg25 Psg26 Psg27 Psg28 Psg29 Psip1 Pskh1 Psma1 Psma2 Psma3 Psma4 Psma5 Psma6 Psma7 Psma8 Psmb1 Psmb10 Psmb11 Psmb2 Psmb3 Psmb4 Psmb5 Psmb6 Psmb7 Psmb8 Psmb9 Psmc1 Psmc2 Psmc3 Psmc3ip Psmc4 Psmc5 Psmc6 Psmd1 Psmd10 Psmd11 Psmd12 Psmd13 Psmd14 Psmd2 Psmd3 Psmd4 Psmd5 Psmd6 Psmd7 Psmd8 Psmd9 Psme1 Psme2 Psme3 Psme3ip1 Psme4 Psmf1 Psmg1 Psmg2 Psmg3 Psmg4 Psors1c2 Pspc1 Psph Pspn Psrc1 Pstk Pstpip1 Pstpip2 Ptafr Ptar1 Ptbp1 Ptbp2 Ptbp3 Ptcd1 Ptcd2 Ptcd3 Ptch1 Ptch2 Ptchd1 Ptchd3 Ptchd4 Ptcra Ptdss1 Ptdss2 Pten Pter Ptf1a Ptgdr Ptgdr2 Ptgds Ptger1 Ptger2 Ptger3 Ptger4 Ptges Ptges2 Ptges3 Ptges3l Ptgfr Ptgfrn Ptgir Ptgis Ptgr1 Ptgr2 Ptgs1 Ptgs2 Pth Pth1r Pth2 Pth2r Pthlh Ptk2 Ptk2b Ptk6 Ptk7 Ptma Ptms Ptn Ptov1 Ptp4a1 Ptp4a2 Ptp4a3 Ptpa Ptpdc1 Ptpmt1 Ptpn1 Ptpn11 Ptpn12 Ptpn13 Ptpn14 Ptpn18 Ptpn2 Ptpn20 Ptpn21 Ptpn22 Ptpn23 Ptpn3 Ptpn4 Ptpn5 Ptpn6 Ptpn7 Ptpn9 Ptpra Ptprb Ptprc Ptprcap Ptprd Ptpre Ptprf Ptprh Ptprj Ptprk Ptprn Ptprn2 Ptpro Ptprq Ptprr Ptprs Ptprt Ptpru Ptprz1 Ptrh1 Ptrh2 Ptrhd1 Pts Pttg1 Pttg1ip Pttg1ip2 Ptx3 Ptx4 Pudp Puf60 Pum1 Pum2 Pum3 Pura Purb Purg Pus1 Pus10 Pus7 Pus7l Pusl1 Pvr Pwp1 Pwp2 Pwwp2a Pwwp2b Pwwp3a Pwwp3b Pwwp4a Pwwp4c Pxdc1 Pxdn Pxk Pxmp2 Pxmp4 Pxn Pxylp1 Pycard Pycr2 Pycrl Pygb Pygl Pygm Pygo1 Pygo2 Pym1 Pyroxd1 Pyroxd2 Pyurf Pyy Pzp Qars Qdpr Qki Qpct Qpctl Qprt Qrfp Qrfpr Qrfprl Qrich1 Qrich2 Qrsl1 Qser1 Qsox1 Qsox2 Qtrt1 Qtrt2 R3hcc1 R3hcc1l R3hdm1 R3hdm2 R3hdm4 R3hdml Rab10 Rab11a Rab11b Rab11fip1 Rab11fip2 Rab11fip3 Rab11fip4 Rab11fip5 Rab12 Rab13 Rab14 Rab15 Rab17 Rab18 Rab19 Rab1a Rab1b Rab20 Rab21 Rab22a Rab23 Rab24 Rab25 Rab26 Rab27a Rab27b Rab28 Rab29 Rab2a Rab2b Rab30 Rab31 Rab32 Rab33a Rab33b Rab34 Rab35 Rab36 Rab37 Rab38 Rab39 Rab39b Rab3b Rab3c Rab3d Rab3gap1 Rab3gap2 Rab3il1 Rab3ip Rab40b Rab40c Rab42 Rab43 Rab44 Rab4a Rab4b Rab5a Rab5b Rab5c Rab5if Rab6a Rab6b Rab7 Rab7b Rab8a Rab8b Rab9 Rab9b Rabac1 Rabep1 Rabep2 Rabepk Rabgap1 Rabgap1l Rabgef1 Rabggta Rabggtb Rabif Rabl2 Rabl3 Rabl6 Rac1 Rac2 Rac3 Racgap1 Rack1 Rad1 Rad17 Rad18 Rad21 Rad21l Rad23a Rad23b Rad50 Rad51 Rad51ap2 Rad51b Rad51c Rad51d Rad52 Rad54b Rad54l Rad54l2 Rad9a Rad9b Radil Rae1 Raet1d Raf1 Rag2 Rai1 Rai14 Rai2 Rala Ralb Ralbp1 Ralgapa1 Ralgapa2 Ralgapb Ralgds Ralgps1 Ralgps2 Raly Ralyl Ramac Ramp1 Ramp2 Ramp3 Ran Ranbp1 Ranbp10 Ranbp17 Ranbp2 Ranbp3 Ranbp3l Ranbp6 Ranbp9 Rangap1 Rangrf Rap1a Rap1b Rap1gap Rap1gap2 Rap1gds1 Rap2a Rap2b Rap2c Rapgef1 Rapgef2 Rapgef3 Rapgef4 Rapgef5 Rapgef6 Rapgefl1 Raph1 Rapsn Rara Rarb Rarg Rarres1 Rarres2 Rars Rars2 Rasa1 Rasa2 Rasa3 Rasa4 Rasal1 Rasal2 Rasal3 Rasd1 Rasd2 Rasef Rasgef1a Rasgef1b Rasgef1c Rasgrf1 Rasgrf2 Rasgrp1 Rasgrp2 Rasgrp3 Rasgrp4 Rasip1 Rasl10a Rasl11a Rasl11b Rasl12 Rasl2-9 Rassf1 Rassf10 Rassf3 Rassf4 Rassf5 Rassf6 Rassf7 Rassf8 Rassf9 Raver1 Raver2 Rax Rb1 Rb1cc1 Rbbp4 Rbbp5 Rbbp6 Rbbp7 Rbbp8 Rbbp8nl Rbbp9 Rbck1 Rbfa Rbfox1 Rbfox2 Rbfox3 Rbis Rbks Rbl1 Rbl2 Rbm10 Rbm11 Rbm12 Rbm12b1 Rbm12b2 Rbm14 Rbm15 Rbm15b Rbm17 Rbm18 Rbm19 Rbm20 Rbm22 Rbm24 Rbm25 Rbm26 Rbm27 Rbm28 Rbm3 Rbm31y Rbm33 Rbm34 Rbm38 Rbm4 Rbm41 Rbm42 Rbm44 Rbm45 Rbm46 Rbm47 Rbm48 Rbm4b Rbm5 Rbm6 Rbm7 Rbm8a Rbms1 Rbms2 Rbms3 Rbmx Rbmx2 Rbmxl1 Rbmxl2 Rbp1 Rbp2 Rbp3 Rbp4 Rbp7 Rbpj Rbpjl Rbpms Rbpms2 Rbx1 Rc3h1 Rc3h2 Rcan1 Rcan2 Rcan3 Rcbtb1 Rcbtb2 Rcc1 Rcc1l Rcc2 Rccd1 Rce1 Rchy1 Rcl1 Rcn1 Rcn2 Rcn3 Rcor1 Rcor2 Rcor3 Rcsd1 Rcvrn Rd3 Rd3l Rdh1 Rdh10 Rdh11 Rdh12 Rdh13 Rdh14 Rdh16 Rdh16f2 Rdh19 Rdh5 Rdh7 Rdh8 Rdh9 Rdm1 Rdx Rec114 Rec8 Reck Recql Recql4 Recql5 Reep1 Reep2 Reep3 Reep4 Reep5 Reep6 Reg1 Reg2 Reg3a Reg3b Reg3d Reg3g Reg4 Rel Rela Relb Relch Rell1 Rell2 Reln Relt Rem1 Rem2 Ren1 Renbp Rep15 Repin1 Reps1 Reps2 Rer1 Rere Rerg Rergl Resf1 Resp18 Rest Ret Retn Retnla Retnlb Retnlg Retreg1 Retreg2 Retreg3 Retsat Rev1 Rev3l Rex1bd Rex2 Rexo1 Rexo2 Rexo4 Rexo5 Rfc1 Rfc2 Rfc3 Rfc4 Rfc5 Rfesd Rffl Rfk Rflna Rflnb Rfng Rfpl4 Rfpl4b Rft1 Rftn1 Rftn2 Rfwd3 Rfx1 Rfx2 Rfx3 Rfx4 Rfx6 Rfx7 Rfx8 Rfxank Rfxap Rgcc Rgl1 Rgl2 Rgl3 Rgma Rgn Rgp1 Rgr Rgs1 Rgs10 Rgs11 Rgs12 Rgs13 Rgs14 Rgs16 Rgs17 Rgs18 Rgs19 Rgs2 Rgs20 Rgs21 Rgs22 Rgs3 Rgs4 Rgs5 Rgs6 Rgs7 Rgs7bp Rgs8 Rgs9 Rgs9bp Rgsl1 Rhag Rhbdd1 Rhbdd2 Rhbdd3 Rhbdf1 Rhbdf2 Rhbdl1 Rhbdl2 Rhbdl3 Rhbg Rhcg Rhd Rheb Rhebl1 Rhno1 Rho Rhoa Rhob Rhobtb1 Rhobtb2 Rhobtb3 Rhoc Rhod Rhof Rhog Rhoh Rhoj Rhoq Rhot1 Rhot2 Rhou Rhov Rhox1 Rhox10 Rhox11 Rhox12 Rhox13 Rhox2a Rhox2d Rhox2e Rhox2f Rhox2g Rhox2h Rhox3c Rhox3f Rhox3g Rhox4c Rhox4d Rhox4f Rhox4g Rhox5 Rhox6 Rhox7a Rhox8 Rhox9 Rhpn1 Rhpn2 Ribc1 Ribc2 Ric1 Ric3 Ric8a Ric8b Rictor Rida Rif1 Rigi Riiad1 Rilp Rilpl1 Rilpl2 Rimbp2 Rimbp3 Rimkla Rimoc1 Rims1 Rims2 Rims3 Rims4 Rin1 Rin2 Rin3 Ring1 Rinl Rint1 Riok1 Riok2 Riok3 Riox1 Riox2 Ripk1 Ripk2 Ripk3 Ripk4 Ripor1 Ripor2 Ripor3 Ripply1 Ripply2 Ripply3 Rit1 Rit2 Rita1 Rlbp1 Rlf Rlim Rln1 Rln3 Rmc1 Rmdn1 Rmdn2 Rmdn3 Rmi1 Rmi2 Rmnd1 Rmnd5a Rmnd5b Rnase1 Rnase10 Rnase11 Rnase12 Rnase13 Rnase2a Rnase2b Rnase4 Rnase6 Rnase9 Rnaseh1 Rnaseh2b Rnaseh2c Rnasek Rnasel Rnaset2a Rnaset2b Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnf10 Rnf103 Rnf11 Rnf111 Rnf112 Rnf113a1 Rnf113a2 Rnf114 Rnf115 Rnf121 Rnf122 Rnf123 Rnf125 Rnf126 Rnf128 Rnf13 Rnf130 Rnf133 Rnf135 Rnf138 Rnf138rt1 Rnf139 Rnf141 Rnf144a Rnf144b Rnf145 Rnf146 Rnf148 Rnf149 Rnf150 Rnf151 Rnf152 Rnf157 Rnf165 Rnf166 Rnf167 Rnf168 Rnf169 Rnf17 Rnf170 Rnf180 Rnf181 Rnf182 Rnf185 Rnf186 Rnf187 Rnf19a Rnf19b Rnf2 Rnf20 Rnf207 Rnf208 Rnf212 Rnf212b Rnf213 Rnf214 Rnf215 Rnf216 Rnf217 Rnf220 Rnf222 Rnf223 Rnf224 Rnf225 Rnf24 Rnf25 Rnf26 Rnf31 Rnf32 Rnf34 Rnf38 Rnf39 Rnf4 Rnf40 Rnf41 Rnf44 Rnf5 Rnf6 Rnf7 Rnf8 Rnft1 Rnft2 Rngtt Rnh1 Rnmt Rnpc3 Rnpep Rnpepl1 Rnps1 Ro60 Robo1 Robo2 Robo3 Robo4 Rock1 Rock2 Rogdi Rom1 Romo1 Ropn1 Ropn1l Ror1 Ror2 Rora Rorb Rorc Ros1 Rp1 Rp1l1 Rp2 Rp9 Rpa1 Rpa2 Rpa3 Rpain Rpap1 Rpap2 Rpap3 Rpe Rpe65 Rpf1 Rpf2 Rpgr Rpgrip1 Rpgrip1l Rph3a Rph3al Rpia Rpl10 Rpl10a Rpl11 Rpl12 Rpl13 Rpl13a Rpl14 Rpl15 Rpl17 Rpl18 Rpl18a Rpl19 Rpl21 Rpl22 Rpl23a Rpl24 Rpl26 Rpl27 Rpl27a Rpl28 Rpl29 Rpl3 Rpl31 Rpl32 Rpl34 Rpl35 Rpl35a Rpl36 Rpl36al Rpl37 Rpl37a Rpl38 Rpl3l Rpl4 Rpl5 Rpl6 Rpl7 Rpl7a Rpl7l1 Rpl8 Rpl9 Rplp0 Rplp1 Rpn1 Rpn2 Rpp21 Rpp25 Rpp25l Rpp30 Rpp38 Rpp40 Rprd1a Rprd1b Rprd2 Rprm Rprml Rps10 Rps11 Rps12 Rps13 Rps14 Rps15 Rps15a Rps16 Rps17 Rps18 Rps19 Rps19bp1 Rps2 Rps20 Rps21 Rps23 Rps23rg1 Rps24 Rps25 Rps26 Rps27a Rps27l Rps27rt Rps28 Rps29 Rps3 Rps3a1 Rps4x Rps5 Rps6 Rps6ka1 Rps6ka2 Rps6ka3 Rps6ka4 Rps6ka5 Rps6ka6 Rps6kb1 Rps6kb2 Rps6kc1 Rps6kl1 Rps7 Rps8 Rps9 Rpsa Rptn Rptor Rpusd1 Rpusd2 Rpusd3 Rpusd4 Rrad Rraga Rragb Rragc Rragd Rras Rras2 Rrbp1 Rreb1 Rrh Rrm1 Rrm2 Rrm2b Rrn3 Rrnad1 Rrp1 Rrp12 Rrp15 Rrp1b Rrp36 Rrp7a Rrp8 Rrp9 Rrs1 Rs1 Rsad1 Rsad2 Rsbn1l Rsc1a1 Rsf1 Rskr Rsl1 Rsl1d1 Rsl24d1 Rslcan18 Rsph1 Rsph14 Rsph3a Rsph4a Rsph6a Rsph9 Rspo1 Rspo3 Rspo4 Rsrc1 Rsrc2 Rsrp1 Rsu1 Rtbdn Rtca Rtcb Rtel1 Rtf1 Rtf2 Rtkn Rtl1 Rtl3 Rtl4 Rtl5 Rtl6 Rtl8b Rtl8c Rtl9 Rtn1 Rtn2 Rtn3 Rtn4 Rtn4ip1 Rtn4r Rtn4rl1 Rtn4rl2 Rtp1 Rtp2 Rtp3 Rtp4 Rtraf Rttn Rubcn Rubcnl Rufy1 Rufy2 Rufy3 Rufy4 Rundc1 Rundc3a Rundc3b Runx1 Runx1t1 Runx2 Runx3 Rusc1 Rusc2 Rusf1 Ruvbl1 Ruvbl2 Rwdd1 Rwdd2a Rwdd2b Rwdd3 Rwdd4a Rxfp1 Rxfp2 Rxfp3 Rxfp4 Rxra Rxrb Rxrg Rxylt1 Rybp Ryk Ryr1 Ryr2 Ryr3 S100a1 S100a10 S100a11 S100a13 S100a14 S100a2 S100a3 S100a4 S100a5 S100a6 S100a7a S100a7l2 S100a8 S100a9 S100b S100g S100z S1pr1 S1pr2 S1pr3 S1pr4 S1pr5 Saa1 Saa2 Saa3 Saa4 Saal1 Sac3d1 Sacm1l Sacs Sae1 Safb Safb2 Sag Sall2 Sall3 Sall4 Samd1 Samd10 Samd11 Samd12 Samd13 Samd14 Samd15 Samd3 Samd4 Samd4b Samd5 Samd7 Samd8 Samd9l Samhd1 Samm50 Samsn1 Samt1 Samt1c Samt1d Samt2 Samt2b Samt3 Samt4 Sanbr Sap130 Sap18 Sap25 Sap30 Sap30bp Sap30l Sapcd1 Sapcd2 Sar1b Saraf Sardh Sarm1 Sars Sars2 Sart1 Sart3 Sash1 Sash3 Sass6 Sat1 Sat2 Satb1 Satb2 Satl1 Sav1 Saxo1 Saxo2 Saysd1 Sbds Sbf1 Sbf2 Sbk1 Sbk2 Sbk3 Sbno1 Sbno2 Sbp Sbpl Sbsn Sbspon Sc5d Scaf1 Scaf11 Scaf4 Scaf8 Scamp1 Scamp2 Scamp3 Scamp4 Scamp5 Scand1 Scap Scaper Scara3 Scara5 Scarb1 Scarb2 Scarf1 Scarf2 Scart1 Scart2 Sccpdh Scd1 Scd2 Scd3 Scd4 Scel Scfd1 Scfd2 Scg2 Scg3 Scg5 Scgb1a1 Scgb1b19 Scgb1b2 Scgb1b24 Scgb1b27 Scgb1b30 Scgb1b7 Scgb1c1 Scgb2b11 Scgb2b12 Scgb2b17 Scgb2b19 Scgb2b2 Scgb2b20 Scgb2b21 Scgb2b24 Scgb2b26 Scgb2b27 Scgb2b3 Scgb2b7 Scgb3a1 Scgb3a2 Scgn Schip1 Scimp Scin Sclt1 Scly Scmh1 Scml2 Scml4 Scn10a Scn11a Scn1a Scn2a Scn2b Scn3a Scn3b Scn4a Scn4b Scn5a Scn7a Scn8a Scn9a Scnm1 Scnn1a Scnn1b Scnn1g Sco1 Sco2 Scoc Scp2 Scp2d1 Scpep1 Scrg1 Scrib Scrn1 Scrn2 Scrn3 Scrt1 Scrt2 Sct Sctr Scube1 Scube2 Scube3 Scx Scyl2 Scyl3 Sdad1 Sdc1 Sdc2 Sdc3 Sdc4 Sdcbp Sdcbp2 Sdccag8 Sde2 Sdf2 Sdf2l1 Sdf4 Sdha Sdhaf1 Sdhaf2 Sdhaf3 Sdhaf4 Sdhb Sdhc Sdhd Sdk1 Sdk2 Sdr16c5 Sdr16c6 Sdr39u1 Sdr42e1 Sdr9c7 Sds Sdsl Sebox Sec11a Sec11c Sec13 Sec14l1 Sec14l2 Sec14l3 Sec14l4 Sec14l5 Sec16a Sec16b Sec22a Sec22b Sec22c Sec23a Sec23b Sec23ip Sec24a Sec24b Sec24c Sec24d Sec31a Sec31b Sec61a1 Sec61a2 Sec61b Sec61g Sec62 Secisbp2 Secisbp2l Sectm1a Sectm1b Seh1l Sel1l Sel1l2 Sel1l3 Sele Selenbp1 Selenbp2 Selenof Selenoh Selenoi Selenok Selenom Selenon Selenoo Selenop Selenos Selenot Selenov Selenow Sell Selp Selplg Sem1 Sema3a Sema3b Sema3c Sema3d Sema3e Sema3f Sema3g Sema4a Sema4b Sema4c Sema4d Sema4f Sema4g Sema5a Sema5b Sema6a Sema6b Sema6c Sema6d Sema7a Semg1 Semp2l1 Semp2l2a Semp2l2b Senp1 Senp2 Senp3 Senp5 Senp6 Senp7 Senp8 Sephs2 Sepsecs Septin1 Septin10 Septin11 Septin12 Septin14 Septin2 Septin3 Septin4 Septin5 Septin6 Septin7 Septin8 Septin9 Serac1 Serbp1 Serf1 Serf2 Sergef Serhl Serinc1 Serinc2 Serinc3 Serinc4 Serinc5 Serp1 Serp2 Serpina10 Serpina11 Serpina12 Serpina16 Serpina1a Serpina1b Serpina1c Serpina1d Serpina1e Serpina1f Serpina3a Serpina3b Serpina3c Serpina3f Serpina3i Serpina3j Serpina3k Serpina3m Serpina3n Serpina5 Serpina6 Serpina7 Serpinb10 Serpinb11 Serpinb12 Serpinb13 Serpinb1a Serpinb1b Serpinb1c Serpinb2 Serpinb3a Serpinb3b Serpinb3c Serpinb3d Serpinb5 Serpinb6a Serpinb6b Serpinb6c Serpinb6d Serpinb6e Serpinb7 Serpinb8 Serpinb9 Serpinb9b Serpinb9c Serpinb9d Serpinb9e Serpinc1 Serpine1 Serpine2 Serpine3 Serpinf1 Serpinf2 Serping1 Serpinh1 Serpini1 Serpini2 Sertad1 Sertad2 Sertad3 Sertad4 Sertm1 Sesn1 Sesn2 Sesn3 Sestd1 Set Setbp1 Setd1b Setd2 Setd3 Setd4 Setd5 Setd6 Setd7 Setdb1 Setdb2 Setmar Setx Sez6 Sez6l Sez6l2 Sf1 Sf3a1 Sf3a3 Sf3b1 Sf3b3 Sf3b4 Sf3b5 Sf3b6 Sfi1 Sfmbt1 Sfmbt2 Sfn Sfpq Sfr1 Sfrp1 Sfrp2 Sfrp4 Sfrp5 Sfswap Sft2d1 Sft2d2 Sft2d3 Sfta2 Sftpa1 Sftpb Sftpc Sftpd Sfxn1 Sfxn2 Sfxn3 Sfxn4 Sfxn5 Sgca Sgcb Sgcd Sgce Sgcz Sgf29 Sgip1 Sgk1 Sgk2 Sgk3 Sgms1 Sgo1 Sgo2a Sgo2b Sgpl1 Sgpp1 Sgpp2 Sgsh Sgsm1 Sgsm2 Sgsm3 Sgta Sgtb Sh2b1 Sh2b2 Sh2b3 Sh2d1a Sh2d1b1 Sh2d1b2 Sh2d2a Sh2d3c Sh2d4a Sh2d4b Sh2d5 Sh2d6 Sh2d7 Sh3bgr Sh3bgrl Sh3bgrl2 Sh3bgrl3 Sh3bp1 Sh3bp2 Sh3bp5 Sh3bp5l Sh3d19 Sh3d21 Sh3gl1 Sh3gl2 Sh3gl3 Sh3glb1 Sh3glb2 Sh3kbp1 Sh3pxd2a Sh3pxd2b Sh3rf1 Sh3rf2 Sh3rf3 Sh3tc1 Sh3tc2 Sh3yl1 Shank1 Shank2 Shank3 Sharpin Shb Shbg Shc1 Shc2 Shc3 Shc4 Shcbp1 Shcbp1l Shd She Shf Shfl Shh Shisa2 Shisa3 Shisa4 Shisa5 Shisa6 Shisa7 Shisa8 Shisa9 Shisal1 Shisal2a Shisal2b Shkbp1 Shld1 Shld2 Shmt1 Shmt2 Shoc2 Shox2 Shpk Shprh Shq1 Shroom1 Shroom2 Shroom3 Shroom4 Shtn1 Siae Siah1b Siah2 Siah3 Sidt1 Sidt2 Sigirr Siglec1 Siglec15 Siglece Siglecf Siglecg Siglech Sigmar1 Sik1 Sik2 Sik3 Sike1 Sil1 Sim1 Sim2 Simc1 Sin3a Sin3b Sipa1 Sipa1l1 Sipa1l2 Sipa1l3 Sirpa Sirpb1a Sirpb1b Sirpb1c Sirt1 Sirt2 Sirt3 Sirt4 Sirt5 Sirt6 Sirt7 Sit1 Siva1 Six1 Six2 Six3 Six4 Six5 Six6 Ska1 Ska2 Ska3 Skap1 Skap2 Ski Skil Skint1 Skint10 Skint11 Skint2 Skint3 Skint4 Skint5 Skint6 Skint7 Skint8 Skint9 Skiv2l Skor1 Skor2 Skp1 Skp2 Sla Sla2 Slain1 Slain2 Slamf1 Slamf6 Slamf7 Slamf8 Slamf9 Slbp Slc10a1 Slc10a2 Slc10a3 Slc10a4 Slc10a5 Slc10a6 Slc10a7 Slc11a1 Slc11a2 Slc12a1 Slc12a2 Slc12a3 Slc12a4 Slc12a5 Slc12a6 Slc12a7 Slc12a8 Slc12a9 Slc13a1 Slc13a2 Slc13a3 Slc13a4 Slc13a5 Slc14a1 Slc14a2 Slc15a1 Slc15a2 Slc15a3 Slc15a4 Slc15a5 Slc16a1 Slc16a10 Slc16a11 Slc16a12 Slc16a13 Slc16a14 Slc16a2 Slc16a3 Slc16a4 Slc16a5 Slc16a6 Slc16a7 Slc16a8 Slc16a9 Slc17a1 Slc17a2 Slc17a3 Slc17a4 Slc17a5 Slc17a6 Slc17a7 Slc17a8 Slc17a9 Slc18a1 Slc18a2 Slc18a3 Slc18b1 Slc19a1 Slc19a2 Slc19a3 Slc1a1 Slc1a2 Slc1a3 Slc1a4 Slc1a5 Slc1a6 Slc1a7 Slc20a1 Slc20a2 Slc22a1 Slc22a12 Slc22a13 Slc22a14 Slc22a15 Slc22a16 Slc22a17 Slc22a18 Slc22a19 Slc22a2 Slc22a20 Slc22a21 Slc22a22 Slc22a23 Slc22a26 Slc22a27 Slc22a28 Slc22a29 Slc22a3 Slc22a30 Slc22a4 Slc22a5 Slc22a6 Slc22a7 Slc22a8 Slc23a1 Slc23a2 Slc23a3 Slc23a4 Slc24a1 Slc24a2 Slc24a3 Slc24a4 Slc24a5 Slc25a1 Slc25a10 Slc25a11 Slc25a12 Slc25a13 Slc25a14 Slc25a16 Slc25a17 Slc25a18 Slc25a19 Slc25a2 Slc25a20 Slc25a21 Slc25a23 Slc25a24 Slc25a25 Slc25a26 Slc25a27 Slc25a28 Slc25a29 Slc25a3 Slc25a30 Slc25a31 Slc25a32 Slc25a33 Slc25a34 Slc25a35 Slc25a36 Slc25a37 Slc25a38 Slc25a39 Slc25a4 Slc25a40 Slc25a41 Slc25a42 Slc25a43 Slc25a44 Slc25a45 Slc25a46 Slc25a47 Slc25a48 Slc25a5 Slc25a51 Slc25a53 Slc25a54 Slc26a1 Slc26a10 Slc26a11 Slc26a2 Slc26a3 Slc26a4 Slc26a5 Slc26a6 Slc26a7 Slc26a8 Slc26a9 Slc27a1 Slc27a2 Slc27a3 Slc27a4 Slc27a5 Slc27a6 Slc28a1 Slc28a2 Slc28a2b Slc28a3 Slc29a1 Slc29a2 Slc29a3 Slc29a4 Slc2a1 Slc2a10 Slc2a12 Slc2a13 Slc2a2 Slc2a3 Slc2a4 Slc2a5 Slc2a6 Slc2a7 Slc2a8 Slc2a9 Slc30a1 Slc30a10 Slc30a2 Slc30a3 Slc30a4 Slc30a5 Slc30a6 Slc30a7 Slc30a8 Slc30a9 Slc31a1 Slc31a2 Slc32a1 Slc33a1 Slc34a1 Slc34a3 Slc35a1 Slc35a2 Slc35a3 Slc35a4 Slc35a5 Slc35b1 Slc35b3 Slc35b4 Slc35c1 Slc35c2 Slc35d1 Slc35d2 Slc35d3 Slc35e1 Slc35e2 Slc35e3 Slc35e4 Slc35f1 Slc35f2 Slc35f3 Slc35f4 Slc35f5 Slc35f6 Slc35g1 Slc35g2 Slc35g3 Slc36a1 Slc36a2 Slc36a3 Slc36a4 Slc37a1 Slc37a2 Slc37a3 Slc37a4 Slc38a1 Slc38a10 Slc38a11 Slc38a2 Slc38a3 Slc38a4 Slc38a5 Slc38a6 Slc38a7 Slc38a8 Slc38a9 Slc39a1 Slc39a10 Slc39a11 Slc39a12 Slc39a13 Slc39a14 Slc39a2 Slc39a3 Slc39a4 Slc39a5 Slc39a6 Slc39a7 Slc39a8 Slc39a9 Slc3a1 Slc3a2 Slc40a1 Slc41a1 Slc41a3 Slc43a1 Slc43a2 Slc43a3 Slc44a1 Slc44a2 Slc44a3 Slc44a4 Slc44a5 Slc45a1 Slc45a2 Slc45a3 Slc45a4 Slc46a1 Slc46a2 Slc46a3 Slc47a1 Slc47a2 Slc48a1 Slc49a4 Slc4a1 Slc4a10 Slc4a11 Slc4a1ap Slc4a2 Slc4a3 Slc4a4 Slc4a5 Slc4a7 Slc4a8 Slc4a9 Slc50a1 Slc51a Slc51b Slc52a2 Slc52a3 Slc5a1 Slc5a10 Slc5a11 Slc5a12 Slc5a2 Slc5a3 Slc5a4a Slc5a4b Slc5a5 Slc5a6 Slc5a7 Slc5a8 Slc5a9 Slc66a1 Slc66a2 Slc6a1 Slc6a11 Slc6a12 Slc6a13 Slc6a14 Slc6a15 Slc6a16 Slc6a17 Slc6a18 Slc6a19 Slc6a2 Slc6a20a Slc6a20b Slc6a21 Slc6a3 Slc6a4 Slc6a5 Slc6a6 Slc6a7 Slc6a8 Slc6a9 Slc7a1 Slc7a10 Slc7a11 Slc7a12 Slc7a13 Slc7a14 Slc7a15 Slc7a2 Slc7a5 Slc7a6 Slc7a6os Slc7a7 Slc7a8 Slc7a9 Slc8a1 Slc8a2 Slc8a3 Slc8b1 Slc9a1 Slc9a2 Slc9a3 Slc9a3r1 Slc9a3r2 Slc9a4 Slc9a5 Slc9a6 Slc9a7 Slc9a8 Slc9a9 Slc9b1 Slc9b2 Slc9c1 Slco1a1 Slco1a4 Slco1a5 Slco1a6 Slco1b2 Slco1c1 Slco2a1 Slco2b1 Slco3a1 Slco4a1 Slco4c1 Slco5a1 Slco6c1 Slco6d1 Slf1 Slf2 Slfn1 Slfn14 Slfn2 Slfn3 Slfn4 Slfn5 Slfn8 Slfn9 Slfnl1 Slirp Slit1 Slit2 Slit3 Slitrk1 Slitrk2 Slitrk3 Slitrk5 Slitrk6 Slk Slmap Slpi Sltm Slu7 Slurp1 Slurp2 Slx1b Slx4 Slx4ip Smad1 Smad2 Smad3 Smad4 Smad5 Smad6 Smad7 Smad9 Smagp Smap1 Smap2 Smarca1 Smarca2 Smarca4 Smarca5 Smarcad1 Smarcal1 Smarcb1 Smarcc1 Smarcc2 Smarcd1 Smarcd2 Smarcd3 Smarce1 Smbd1 Smc1a Smc1b Smc2 Smc3 Smc4 Smc5 Smc6 Smchd1 Smco1 Smco2 Smco3 Smcp Smcr8 Smdt1 Smg1 Smg5 Smg6 Smg7 Smg8 Smg9 Smgc Smim1 Smim10l1 Smim12 Smim13 Smim17 Smim18 Smim19 Smim20 Smim22 Smim23 Smim24 Smim26 Smim3 Smim33 Smim35 Smim4 Smim5 Smim6 Smim7 Smim8 Smim9 Smlr1 Smn1 Smndc1 Smo Smoc1 Smoc2 Smok2a Smok2b Smok3a Smok3c Smox Smpd1 Smpd2 Smpd3 Smpd4 Smpd5 Smpdl3a Smpdl3b Smpx Smr2 Smr2l Smr3a Smtn Smtnl1 Smtnl2 Smu1 Smug1 Smurf1 Smurf2 Smyd1 Smyd2 Smyd3 Smyd4 Smyd5 Snai1 Snai2 Snai3 Snap23 Snap25 Snap29 Snap91 Snapc1 Snapc2 Snapc3 Snapc4 Snapc5 Snapin Snca Sncaip Sncb Sncg Snd1 Sned1 Snf8 Snip1 Snn Snph Snrk Snrnp200 Snrnp25 Snrnp27 Snrnp35 Snrnp40 Snrnp48 Snrnp70 Snrpa Snrpa1 Snrpb Snrpb2 Snrpc Snrpd1 Snrpd2 Snrpd3 Snrpe Snrpf Snrpg Snrpn Snta1 Sntb1 Sntb2 Sntg1 Sntg2 Sntn Snu13 Snupn Snurf Snw1 Snx1 Snx10 Snx11 Snx12 Snx13 Snx14 Snx15 Snx16 Snx17 Snx18 Snx19 Snx2 Snx20 Snx21 Snx22 Snx24 Snx27 Snx29 Snx3 Snx30 Snx31 Snx32 Snx33 Snx4 Snx5 Snx6 Snx7 Snx8 Snx9 Soat1 Soat2 Sobp Socs1 Socs2 Socs3 Socs4 Socs5 Socs6 Socs7 Sod1 Sod2 Sod3 Soga1 Soga3 Sohlh1 Sohlh2 Son Sorbs1 Sorbs2 Sorbs3 Sorcs1 Sorcs2 Sorcs3 Sord Sorl1 Sort1 Sos1 Sos2 Sost Sostdc1 Sowaha Sowahb Sowahc Sowahd Sox1 Sox10 Sox11 Sox12 Sox13 Sox14 Sox15 Sox17 Sox18 Sox2 Sox21 Sox3 Sox30 Sox4 Sox5 Sox6 Sox7 Sox8 Sox9 Sp1 Sp100 Sp110 Sp140 Sp2 Sp3 Sp4 Sp5 Sp7 Sp9 Spa17 Spaca1 Spaca4 Spaca5 Spaca6 Spaca7 Spaca7b Spaca9 Spacdr Spag1 Spag11a Spag11b Spag16 Spag17 Spag4 Spag5 Spag6 Spag6l Spag7 Spag8 Spag9 Spam1 Sparc Spast Spata1 Spata13 Spata16 Spata17 Spata18 Spata19 Spata2 Spata20 Spata21 Spata22 Spata24 Spata25 Spata2l Spata3 Spata31 Spata31d1a Spata31d1b Spata31d1c Spata31d1d Spata32 Spata33 Spata4 Spata45 Spata46 Spata48 Spata5 Spata5l1 Spata6 Spata6l Spata7 Spata9 Spatc1 Spatc1l Spats1 Spats2 Spats2l Spc24 Spc25 Spcs1 Spcs2 Spcs3 Spdef Spdl1 Spdya Spdye4a Spdye4b Spdye4c Specc1 Specc1l Speer1 Speer2 Speer3 Speer4a Speer4b Speer4c Speer4d Speer4e Speer4f1 Spef1 Spef1l Spef2 Speg Spem1 Spem2 Spen Spertl Spesp1 Spg11 Spg20 Spg21 Spg7 Sphk1 Sphk2 Sphkap Spi1 Spib Spic Spice1 Spidr Spin1 Spin2c Spin2d Spin2e Spin2f Spin2g Spin4 Spindoc Spink1 Spink10 Spink11 Spink12 Spink13 Spink14 Spink2 Spink4 Spink5 Spink6 Spink7 Spink8 Spinkl Spint1 Spint2 Spint3 Spint4 Spint5 Spire1 Spire2 Spn Spns1 Spns2 Spns3 Spo11 Spocd1 Spock1 Spock2 Spock3 Spon1 Spon2 Spop Spopfm2 Spopl Spout1 Spp1 Spp2 Sppl2a Sppl2b Sppl2c Sppl3 Spr Spred1 Spred2 Spring1 Sprn Sprr1a Sprr1b Sprr2a3 Sprr2b Sprr2d Sprr2f Sprr2h Sprr2i Sprr2k Sprr3 Sprr4 Sprtn Spry1 Spry2 Spry4 Spryd3 Spryd4 Spryd7 Spsb1 Spsb2 Spsb3 Spsb4 Spta1 Sptan1 Sptb Sptbn1 Sptbn4 Sptlc1 Sptlc2 Sptlc3 Sptssa Sptssb Spty2d1 Spx Spz1 Sqle Sqor Sqstm1 Sra1 Srarp Srbd1 Src Srcap Srcin1 Srd5a1 Srd5a2 Srd5a3 Srebf1 Srebf2 Srek1 Srek1ip1 Srf Srfbp1 Srgap1 Srgap2 Srgap3 Srgn Sri Srl Srm Srms Srp14 Srp19 Srp54a Srp68 Srp72 Srp9 Srpk1 Srpk2 Srpk3 Srpr Srprb Srpx Srpx2 Srr Srrd Srrm1 Srrm2 Srrm3 Srrm4 Srrt Srsf1 Srsf10 Srsf11 Srsf12 Srsf2 Srsf3 Srsf4 Srsf6 Srsf7 Srsf9 Srxn1 Sry Ss18 Ss18l1 Ss18l2 Ssb Ssbp1 Ssbp2 Ssbp3 Ssbp4 Ssc4d Ssc5d Ssh1 Ssh2 Ssh3 Ssmem1 Ssna1 Sspn Sspo Ssr1 Ssr3 Ssr4 Ssrp1 Sst Sstr1 Sstr2 Sstr3 Sstr4 Sstr5 Ssu2 Ssu72 Ssx2ip Ssx9 Ssxb1 Ssxb10 Ssxb2 Ssxb3 Ssxb5 Ssxb6 Ssxb8 Ssxb9 St13 St14 St18 St3gal1 St3gal2 St3gal3 St3gal4 St3gal5 St3gal6 St6gal1 St6gal2 St6galnac1 St6galnac2 St6galnac3 St6galnac4 St6galnac5 St6galnac6 St7 St7l St8sia1 St8sia2 St8sia3 St8sia4 St8sia5 St8sia6 Stab1 Stab2 Stac Stac2 Stag1 Stag2 Stag3 Stam Stam2 Stap1 Stap2 Star Stard10 Stard13 Stard3 Stard3nl Stard4 Stard5 Stard6 Stard7 Stard8 Stard9 Stat1 Stat2 Stat3 Stat4 Stat5a Stat5b Stat6 Stau1 Stau2 Stbd1 Stc1 Stc2 Steap1 Steap2 Steap3 Steap4 Steep1 Stfa2 Stfa2l1 Stfa3 Stil Stim1 Stim2 Stimate Sting1 Stip1 Stk10 Stk11 Stk11ip Stk16 Stk17b Stk19 Stk24 Stk25 Stk26 Stk3 Stk31 Stk32a Stk32b Stk32c Stk33 Stk35 Stk38 Stk38l Stk39 Stk4 Stk40 Stkld1 Stmn1 Stmn2 Stmn3 Stmn4 Stmnd1 Stn1 Stom Stoml1 Stoml2 Stoml3 Ston1 Ston2 Stox1 Stox2 Stpg1 Stpg3 Stpg4 Stra6 Stra6l Stra8 Strada Stradb Strap Strbp Strc Strip1 Strip2 Strn Strn3 Strn4 Stt3a Stt3b Stub1 Stum Stx11 Stx12 Stx16 Stx17 Stx18 Stx19 Stx1a Stx1b Stx2 Stx3 Stx4a Stx5a Stx6 Stx8 Stxbp1 Stxbp2 Stxbp3 Stxbp4 Stxbp5 Stxbp5l Stxbp6 Styk1 Styx Styxl1 Sub1 Sucla2 Suclg1 Suclg2 Sucnr1 Suco Suds3 Sufu Sugct Sugt1 Sulf1 Sulf2 Sult1a1 Sult1b1 Sult1c1 Sult1c2 Sult1d1 Sult1e1 Sult2a1 Sult2a2 Sult2a3 Sult2a4 Sult2a5 Sult2a6 Sult2a7 Sult2a8 Sult2b1 Sult3a1 Sult3a2 Sult4a1 Sult5a1 Sult6b1 Sult6b2 Sumf1 Sumf2 Sumo1 Sumo2 Sumo3 Sun1 Sun2 Sun3 Sun5 Suox Supt16 Supt20 Supt3 Supt4a Supt5 Supt6 Supt7l Supv3l1 Surf1 Surf2 Surf4 Surf6 Susd1 Susd2 Susd3 Susd5 Susd6 Suv39h1 Suv39h2 Suz12 Sv2a Sv2b Sv2c Sva Sval1 Sval2 Sval3 Svbp Svep1 Svil Svip Svop Svopl Svs3a Svs4 Svs5 Svs6 Swap70 Swi5 Swsap1 Swt1 Syap1 Sybu Syce1 Syce1l Syce2 Syce3 Sycn Sycp1 Sycp2 Sycp2l Sycp3 Syde1 Syde2 Syf2 Syk Sympk Syn1 Syn2 Syn3 Syna Synb Sync Syncrip Syndig1l Syne1 Syne2 Syne3 Syne4 Syngap1 Syngr1 Syngr2 Syngr3 Syngr4 Synj1 Synj2 Synj2bp Synm Synpo Synpo2 Synpo2l Synpr Synrg Syp Sypl Sypl2 Sys1 Syt1 Syt10 Syt11 Syt12 Syt13 Syt14 Syt15 Syt16 Syt17 Syt2 Syt3 Syt4 Syt6 Syt7 Syt8 Syt9 Sytl1 Sytl2 Sytl3 Sytl4 Sytl5 Syvn1 Szrd1 Szt2 Taar1 Taar2 Taar3 Taar4 Taar5 Taar6 Taar7a Taar7b Taar7d Taar7e Taar7f Taar8a Taar8b Taar8c Taar9 Tab1 Tab2 Tab3 Tac1 Tac2 Tac4 Tacc1 Tacc2 Tacc3 Taco1 Tacr1 Tacr2 Tacr3 Tacstd2 Tada1 Tada2a Tada2b Tada3 Taf1 Taf10 Taf11 Taf12 Taf13 Taf15 Taf1a Taf1b Taf1c Taf1d Taf2 Taf3 Taf4 Taf4b Taf5 Taf5l Taf6 Taf6l Taf7 Taf7l Taf8 Taf9b Tafa1 Tafa2 Tafa3 Tafa4 Tafa5 Tafazzin Tagap Tagap1 Tagln Tagln2 Tagln3 Tal1 Tal2 Taldo1 Tamalin Tamm41 Tanc1 Tanc2 Tango2 Tango6 Tank Taok1 Taok2 Taok3 Tap1 Tap2 Tapbp Tapbpl Tapt1 Tarbp1 Tarbp2 Tardbp Tarm1 Tars Tars2 Tarsl2 Tas1r1 Tas1r2 Tas1r3 Tas2r102 Tas2r103 Tas2r104 Tas2r105 Tas2r106 Tas2r107 Tas2r108 Tas2r109 Tas2r110 Tas2r113 Tas2r114 Tas2r115 Tas2r116 Tas2r117 Tas2r118 Tas2r119 Tas2r120 Tas2r121 Tas2r122 Tas2r123 Tas2r124 Tas2r125 Tas2r126 Tas2r129 Tas2r130 Tas2r131 Tas2r134 Tas2r135 Tas2r136 Tas2r137 Tas2r138 Tas2r139 Tas2r140 Tas2r143 Tas2r144 Tasl Tasor Tasor2 Tasp1 Tat Tatdn1 Tatdn2 Tatdn3 Tax1bp1 Tax1bp3 Tbata Tbc1d1 Tbc1d10a Tbc1d10b Tbc1d10c Tbc1d12 Tbc1d13 Tbc1d14 Tbc1d15 Tbc1d16 Tbc1d17 Tbc1d19 Tbc1d2 Tbc1d20 Tbc1d21 Tbc1d22a Tbc1d22b Tbc1d23 Tbc1d24 Tbc1d25 Tbc1d2b Tbc1d30 Tbc1d31 Tbc1d32 Tbc1d4 Tbc1d5 Tbc1d7 Tbc1d8 Tbc1d8b Tbc1d9 Tbc1d9b Tbca Tbcb Tbcc Tbccd1 Tbcd Tbce Tbcel Tbck Tbk1 Tbl1x Tbl1xr1 Tbl2 Tbl3 Tbp Tbpl1 Tbpl2 Tbr1 Tbrg1 Tbrg4 Tbx1 Tbx10 Tbx15 Tbx18 Tbx19 Tbx2 Tbx20 Tbx21 Tbx22 Tbx3 Tbx4 Tbx5 Tbx6 Tbxas1 Tc2n Tcaf1 Tcaf2 Tcaf3 Tcaim Tcam1 Tcap Tcea1 Tcea2 Tcea3 Tceal6 Tceal8 Tceal9 Tceanc Tceanc2 Tcerg1 Tcerg1l Tcf12 Tcf15 Tcf19 Tcf20 Tcf21 Tcf23 Tcf24 Tcf25 Tcf3 Tcf4 Tcf7 Tcf7l1 Tcf7l2 Tchh Tchhl1 Tchp Tcim Tcirg1 Tcl1 Tcl1b1 Tcl1b2 Tcl1b3 Tcl1b5 Tcn2 Tcof1 Tcp1 Tcp10a Tcp10b Tcp10c Tcp11 Tcp11l1 Tcp11l2 Tcp11x2 Tcstv1 Tcstv3 Tcta Tcte1 Tcte2 Tctn1 Tctn2 Tctn3 Tdg Tdgf1 Tdh Tdo2 Tdp1 Tdp2 Tdpoz1 Tdpoz2 Tdpoz3 Tdpoz4 Tdpoz7 Tdpoz8 Tdpoz9 Tdrd1 Tdrd12 Tdrd3 Tdrd5 Tdrd6 Tdrd7 Tdrd9 Tdrp Tead1 Tead2 Tead3 Tead4 Tec Tecpr1 Tecpr2 Tecr Tecrl Tecta Tectb Tedc1 Tedc2 Teddm1a Teddm1b Teddm2 Teddm3 Tef Tefm Tek Tekt1 Tekt3 Tekt4 Tekt5 Tektip1 Telo2 Ten1 Tenm1 Tenm2 Tenm3 Tenm4 Tent2 Tent4a Tent4b Tent5a Tent5b Tent5c Tent5d Tep1 Tepp Tepsin Terb1 Terb2 Terf1 Terf2 Terf2ip Tert Tes Tesc Tescl Tesk1 Tesk2 Tesl1 Tesmin Tespa1 Tet1 Tet2 Tet3 Tex101 Tex11 Tex12 Tex13a Tex13b Tex13c1 Tex13d Tex14 Tex15 Tex16 Tex19.1 Tex19.2 Tex2 Tex21 Tex26 Tex261 Tex264 Tex28 Tex29 Tex30 Tex33 Tex35 Tex36 Tex37 Tex38 Tex43 Tex44 Tex45 Tex46 Tex47 Tex48 Tex49 Tex50 Tex52 Tex54 Tex55 Tex56 Tex9 Tfam Tfap2a Tfap2b Tfap2c Tfap2d Tfap2e Tfap4 Tfb1m Tfb2m Tfcp2 Tfcp2l1 Tfdp1 Tfdp2 Tfe3 Tfeb Tfec Tff1 Tff2 Tff3 Tfg Tfip11 Tfpi Tfpi2 Tfpt Tfr2 Tg Tgds Tgfa Tgfb1 Tgfb1i1 Tgfb2 Tgfb3 Tgfbi Tgfbr1 Tgfbr2 Tgfbr3 Tgfbr3l Tgfbrap1 Tgif1 Tgif2 Tgif2lx2 Tgm1 Tgm2 Tgm3 Tgm4 Tgm5 Tgm6 Tgm7 Tgoln1 Tgs1 Tgtp2 Th Tha1 Thada Thap1 Thap11 Thap12 Thap2 Thap3 Thap4 Thap7 Thbd Thbs1 Thbs2 Thbs3 Thbs4 Theg Thegl Them4 Them5 Them6 Them7 Themis Themis2 Themis3 Thg1l Thnsl1 Thnsl2 Thoc1 Thoc2 Thoc2l Thoc3 Thoc5 Thoc6 Thoc7 Thop1 Thpo Thra Thrb Thrsp Thsd1 Thsd4 Thsd7a Thsd7b Thtpa Thumpd1 Thumpd2 Thumpd3 Thy1 Thyn1 Tia1 Tial1 Tiam1 Tiam2 Ticam1 Ticam2 Ticrr Tie1 Tifab Tigar Tigd2 Tigd4 Tigd5 Tigit Timd2 Timd4 Timeless Timm10 Timm10b Timm13 Timm17a Timm17b Timm21 Timm22 Timm23 Timm29 Timm44 Timm50 Timm8a1 Timm8a2 Timm8b Timm9 Timmdc1 Timp1 Timp2 Timp3 Timp4 Tinag Tinagl1 Tinf2 Tiparp Tipin Tiprl Tirap Tjap1 Tjp1 Tjp2 Tjp3 Tk1 Tk2 Tkfc Tkt Tktl1 Tktl2 Tlcd1 Tlcd2 Tlcd3a Tlcd3b Tlcd4 Tlcd5 Tldc2 Tle1 Tle2 Tle3 Tle4 Tle5 Tle6 Tlk1 Tlk2 Tll1 Tll2 Tln1 Tln2 Tlnrd1 Tlr1 Tlr11 Tlr12 Tlr13 Tlr2 Tlr3 Tlr4 Tlr5 Tlr7 Tlr9 Tlx1 Tlx2 Tlx3 Tm2d1 Tm2d2 Tm2d3 Tm4sf19 Tm4sf20 Tm4sf4 Tm4sf5 Tm6sf1 Tm6sf2 Tm7sf2 Tm7sf3 Tm9sf1 Tm9sf2 Tm9sf3 Tm9sf4 Tm9sf5 Tma16 Tma7 Tmbim1 Tmbim4 Tmbim6 Tmbim7 Tmc1 Tmc2 Tmc3 Tmc4 Tmc5 Tmc6 Tmc7 Tmc8 Tmcc1 Tmcc2 Tmcc3 Tmco1 Tmco2 Tmco3 Tmco4 Tmco5 Tmco5b Tmco6 Tmed1 Tmed10 Tmed11 Tmed2 Tmed3 Tmed4 Tmed5 Tmed6 Tmed7 Tmed8 Tmed9 Tmeff1 Tmeff2 Tmem100 Tmem101 Tmem102 Tmem104 Tmem106b Tmem106c Tmem107 Tmem108 Tmem109 Tmem11 Tmem114 Tmem115 Tmem116 Tmem117 Tmem119 Tmem120a Tmem120b Tmem121 Tmem121b Tmem123 Tmem125 Tmem126a Tmem126b Tmem127 Tmem129 Tmem130 Tmem131 Tmem131l Tmem132b Tmem132c Tmem132d Tmem132e Tmem134 Tmem135 Tmem138 Tmem139 Tmem140 Tmem141 Tmem143 Tmem144 Tmem145 Tmem147 Tmem14a Tmem14c Tmem150a Tmem150b Tmem150c Tmem151a Tmem151b Tmem154 Tmem156 Tmem158 Tmem160 Tmem161a Tmem161b Tmem163 Tmem164 Tmem165 Tmem167 Tmem167b Tmem168 Tmem169 Tmem17 Tmem170 Tmem170b Tmem171 Tmem174 Tmem175 Tmem176a Tmem176b Tmem177 Tmem178 Tmem178b Tmem179 Tmem179b Tmem18 Tmem182 Tmem183a Tmem184a Tmem184b Tmem184c Tmem185a Tmem185b Tmem186 Tmem19 Tmem190 Tmem191 Tmem192 Tmem196 Tmem198 Tmem198b Tmem199 Tmem200a Tmem200b Tmem200c Tmem201 Tmem202 Tmem203 Tmem204 Tmem205 Tmem207 Tmem208 Tmem209 Tmem210 Tmem211 Tmem212 Tmem213 Tmem214 Tmem215 Tmem216 Tmem217 Tmem218 Tmem219 Tmem220 Tmem221 Tmem222 Tmem223 Tmem225 Tmem229a Tmem229b Tmem230 Tmem231 Tmem232 Tmem233 Tmem234 Tmem235 Tmem236 Tmem237 Tmem238 Tmem239 Tmem240 Tmem241 Tmem242 Tmem243 Tmem245 Tmem247 Tmem248 Tmem25 Tmem250-ps Tmem251 Tmem252 Tmem253 Tmem255a Tmem255b Tmem256 Tmem258 Tmem259 Tmem26 Tmem260 Tmem262 Tmem263 Tmem265 Tmem266 Tmem267 Tmem269 Tmem270 Tmem273 Tmem29 Tmem30a Tmem30b Tmem30c Tmem33 Tmem35a Tmem35b Tmem37 Tmem38a Tmem38b Tmem39a Tmem39b Tmem40 Tmem41a Tmem41b Tmem42 Tmem43 Tmem44 Tmem45a Tmem45b Tmem47 Tmem50a Tmem50b Tmem51 Tmem52 Tmem52b Tmem53 Tmem54 Tmem59 Tmem59l Tmem60 Tmem62 Tmem63a Tmem63b Tmem63c Tmem64 Tmem65 Tmem67 Tmem68 Tmem69 Tmem70 Tmem71 Tmem72 Tmem74 Tmem74b Tmem79 Tmem80 Tmem81 Tmem82 Tmem86a Tmem86b Tmem87a Tmem87b Tmem88 Tmem88b Tmem89 Tmem8b Tmem9 Tmem91 Tmem92 Tmem94 Tmem95 Tmem97 Tmem98 Tmem9b Tmf1 Tmie Tmigd1 Tmigd3 Tmod1 Tmod2 Tmod3 Tmod4 Tmpo Tmppe Tmprss11a Tmprss11b Tmprss11c Tmprss11d Tmprss11e Tmprss11g Tmprss12 Tmprss13 Tmprss15 Tmprss2 Tmprss3 Tmprss4 Tmprss5 Tmprss6 Tmprss7 Tmprss9 Tmsb10 Tmsb15a Tmsb15l Tmsb4x Tmtc1 Tmtc2 Tmtc3 Tmtc4 Tmub1 Tmub2 Tmx1 Tmx2 Tmx3 Tmx4 Tnc Tnf Tnfaip1 Tnfaip2 Tnfaip3 Tnfaip6 Tnfaip8 Tnfaip8l1 Tnfaip8l2 Tnfaip8l3 Tnfrsf10b Tnfrsf11a Tnfrsf11b Tnfrsf12a Tnfrsf13b Tnfrsf13c Tnfrsf14 Tnfrsf17 Tnfrsf18 Tnfrsf19 Tnfrsf1a Tnfrsf1b Tnfrsf21 Tnfrsf22 Tnfrsf23 Tnfrsf25 Tnfrsf26 Tnfrsf4 Tnfrsf8 Tnfrsf9 Tnfsf10 Tnfsf11 Tnfsf12 Tnfsf13 Tnfsf13b Tnfsf14 Tnfsf15 Tnfsf18 Tnfsf4 Tnfsf8 Tnfsf9 Tnfsfm13 Tnik Tnip1 Tnip2 Tnip3 Tnk1 Tnk2 Tnks Tnks1bp1 Tnks2 Tnmd Tnn Tnnc1 Tnnc2 Tnni1 Tnni3 Tnni3k Tnnt1 Tnnt2 Tnnt3 Tnp2 Tnpo1 Tnpo2 Tnpo3 Tnr Tnrc18 Tnrc6a Tnrc6b Tnrc6c Tns1 Tns2 Tns3 Tns4 Tnxb Tob1 Tob2 Toe1 Togaram1 Togaram2 Tollip Tom1 Tom1l1 Tom1l2 Tomm20 Tomm20l Tomm22 Tomm34 Tomm40 Tomm40l Tomm6 Tomm70a Tomt Tonsl Top1 Top1mt Top2a Top2b Top3a Top3b Topaz1 Topbp1 Topors Toporsl Tor1a Tor1aip1 Tor1aip2 Tor1b Tor2a Tor3a Tor4a Tox Tox3 Tox4 Tpbg Tpbgl Tpbpa Tpbpb Tpcn1 Tpcn2 Tpd52 Tpd52l1 Tpd52l2 Tpgs1 Tpgs2 Tph1 Tph2 Tpi1 Tpk1 Tpm1 Tpm2 Tpm3 Tpm4 Tpmt Tpo Tpp1 Tpp2 Tppp Tppp2 Tpr Tpra1 Tprg Tprgl Tprn Tpsb2 Tpsg1 Tpst1 Tpst2 Tpt1 Tpte Tpx2 Tra2a Tra2b Trabd Trabd2b Tradd Traf1 Traf2 Traf3 Traf3ip1 Traf3ip2 Traf3ip3 Traf4 Traf5 Traf6 Traf7 Trafd1 Traip Trak1 Trak2 Tram1 Tram1l1 Tram2 Trank1 Trap1 Trap1a Trappc1 Trappc10 Trappc11 Trappc12 Trappc13 Trappc14 Trappc2 Trappc2l Trappc3 Trappc3l Trappc4 Trappc5 Trappc6a Trappc6b Trappc8 Trappc9 Trarg1 Trat1 Trcg1 Trdmt1 Trdn Treh Trem1 Trem2 Trem3 Treml1 Treml2 Treml4 Trerf1 Trex1 Trex2 Trf Trh Trhde Trhr Trhr2 Triap1 Trib1 Trib2 Trib3 Tril Trim10 Trim11 Trim12a Trim12c Trim13 Trim14 Trim15 Trim16 Trim17 Trim2 Trim21 Trim24 Trim25 Trim26 Trim27 Trim28 Trim29 Trim3 Trim30b Trim30d Trim31 Trim32 Trim33 Trim34b Trim35 Trim36 Trim37 Trim38 Trim39 Trim40 Trim41 Trim42 Trim43a Trim43b Trim43c Trim44 Trim45 Trim46 Trim47 Trim5 Trim50 Trim52 Trim54 Trim55 Trim56 Trim58 Trim59 Trim6 Trim60 Trim61 Trim62 Trim63 Trim65 Trim66 Trim67 Trim68 Trim69 Trim7 Trim71 Trim72 Trim75 Trim8 Trim80 Trim9 Triml1 Triml2 Trio Triobp Trip10 Trip11 Trip12 Trip13 Trip4 Trip6 Triqk Trir Trit1 Trmo Trmt1 Trmt10b Trmt10c Trmt11 Trmt112 Trmt12 Trmt13 Trmt1l Trmt2a Trmt2b Trmt44 Trmt5 Trmt6 Trmt61a Trmt9b Trmu Trnau1ap Trnp1 Trnt1 Tro Troap Trp53 Trp53bp1 Trp53bp2 Trp53i11 Trp53i13 Trp53inp1 Trp53inp2 Trp53rkb Trp53tg5 Trp63 Trp73 Trpa1 Trpc1 Trpc2 Trpc3 Trpc4 Trpc4ap Trpc5 Trpc5os Trpc6 Trpc7 Trpd52l3 Trpm1 Trpm2 Trpm3 Trpm4 Trpm5 Trpm6 Trpm7 Trpm8 Trps1 Trpt1 Trpv1 Trpv3 Trpv4 Trpv5 Trpv6 Trrap Trub1 Trub2 Try4 Try5 Tsacc Tsc1 Tsc2 Tsc22d1 Tsc22d2 Tsc22d3 Tsen15 Tsen2 Tsen34 Tsen54 Tsfm Tsg101 Tsga10 Tsga13 Tsga8 Tshb Tshr Tshz1 Tshz3 Tsks Tslp Tsn Tsnax Tsnaxip1 Tspan1 Tspan10 Tspan11 Tspan12 Tspan13 Tspan14 Tspan15 Tspan17 Tspan18 Tspan2 Tspan3 Tspan31 Tspan32 Tspan33 Tspan4 Tspan5 Tspan6 Tspan7 Tspan8 Tspear Tspo Tspo2 Tspoap1 Tspyl1 Tspyl2 Tspyl3 Tspyl4 Tspyl5 Tsr1 Tsr2 Tsr3 Tssc4 Tssk1 Tssk2 Tssk3 Tssk4 Tssk5 Tssk6 Tst Tstd1 Tstd2 Tstd3 Tsx Ttbk1 Ttbk2 Ttc1 Ttc12 Ttc13 Ttc14 Ttc16 Ttc17 Ttc19 Ttc21a Ttc21b Ttc22 Ttc23 Ttc23l Ttc26 Ttc27 Ttc28 Ttc29 Ttc3 Ttc30a1 Ttc30a2 Ttc30b Ttc32 Ttc33 Ttc34 Ttc36 Ttc37 Ttc38 Ttc39a Ttc39b Ttc39c Ttc39d Ttc4 Ttc41 Ttc5 Ttc6 Ttc7 Ttc7b Ttc8 Ttc9 Ttc9b Ttc9c Ttf1 Ttf2 Tti1 Tti2 Ttk Ttl Ttll10 Ttll11 Ttll12 Ttll13 Ttll2 Ttll3 Ttll4 Ttll5 Ttll6 Ttll7 Ttll8 Ttll9 Ttn Ttpa Ttpal Ttr Ttyh1 Ttyh2 Ttyh3 Tub TUBA1A_Isoform_2 TUBA1C Tuba3b Tuba4a Tuba8 Tubal3 Tubb1 Tubb2a Tubb2b Tubb3 Tubb4a Tubb5 Tubb6 Tubd1 Tube1 Tubg1 Tubg2 Tubgcp2 Tubgcp3 Tubgcp4 Tubgcp5 Tubgcp6 Tufm Tuft1 Tulp1 Tulp2 Tulp3 Tulp4 Tusc1 Tusc2 Tusc3 Tut1 Tut4 Tut7 Tvp23a Tvp23b Twf1 Twf2 Twist1 Twist2 Twnk Twsg1 Txk Txlna Txlnb Txlng Txn1 Txn2 Txndc11 Txndc12 Txndc15 Txndc16 Txndc17 Txndc2 Txndc5 Txndc8 Txndc9 Txnip Txnl1 Txnl4b Txnrd1 Txnrd2 Txnrd3 Tyk2 Tymp Tyms Tyr Tyro3 Tyrobp Tyrp1 Tysnd1 Tyw1 Tyw3 Tyw5 U2af1 U2af1l4 U2af2 U2surp Uaca Uap1 Uap1l1 Uba1 Uba2 Uba3 Uba5 Uba52 Uba6 Uba7 Ubac1 Ubac2 Ubald1 Ubald2 Ubap1 Ubap1l Ubap2 Ubap2l Ubash3a Ubash3b Ubb Ubc Ubd Ube2a Ube2c Ube2cbp Ube2d1 Ube2d2a Ube2d2b Ube2d3 Ube2dnl1 Ube2dnl2 Ube2e1 Ube2e2 Ube2e3 Ube2f Ube2g1 Ube2g2 Ube2h Ube2i Ube2j1 Ube2j2 Ube2k Ube2l3 Ube2l6 Ube2m Ube2n Ube2o Ube2q1 Ube2q2 Ube2ql1 Ube2r2 Ube2s Ube2t Ube2u Ube2v1 Ube2v2 Ube2w Ube2z Ube3a Ube3b Ube3c Ube4a Ube4b Ubfd1 Ubiad1 Ubl3 Ubl4a Ubl4b Ubl5c Ubl7 Ublcp1 Ubn1 Ubn2 Ubox5 Ubp1 Ubqln1 Ubqln2 Ubqln3 Ubqln4 Ubqln5 Ubqlnl Ubr1 Ubr2 Ubr3 Ubr4 Ubr5 Ubr7 Ubtd1 Ubtd2 Ubtf Ubxn1 Ubxn10 Ubxn11 Ubxn2a Ubxn2b Ubxn4 Ubxn6 Ubxn7 Ubxn8 Uchl1 Uchl3 Uchl4 Uchl5 Uck1 Uck2 Uckl1 Ucma Ucn Ucn2 Ucn3 Ucp1 Ucp2 Ucp3 Uevld Ufc1 Ufd1 Ufm1 Ufsp1 Ufsp2 Ugcg Ugdh Uggt1 Uggt2 Ugp2 Ugt1a1 Ugt1a10 Ugt1a2 Ugt1a5 Ugt1a6a Ugt1a6b Ugt1a7c Ugt1a9 Ugt2a1 Ugt2a2 Ugt2a3 Ugt2b1 Ugt2b34 Ugt2b35 Ugt2b36 Ugt2b37 Ugt2b38 Ugt2b5 Ugt3a1 Ugt3a2 Ugt8a Uhmk1 Uhrf1 Uhrf1bp1 Uhrf1bp1l Uhrf2 Uimc1 Ulbp1 Ulk1 Ulk2 Ulk3 Ulk4 Umad1 Umod Umodl1 Umps Unc119 Unc119b Unc13a Unc13b Unc13c Unc13d Unc45a Unc45b Unc50 Unc5a Unc5b Unc5c Unc5cl Unc5d Unc79 Unc80 Unc93a Unc93a2 Unc93b1 Uncx Ung Unk Unkl Uox Upb1 Upf1 Upf2 Upf3a Upf3b Upk1a Upk1b Upk2 Upk3a Upk3b Upk3bl Upp1 Upp2 Uprt Uqcc1 Uqcc2 Uqcc3 Uqcr10 Uqcr11 Uqcrb Uqcrc1 Uqcrc2 Uqcrfs1 Uqcrh Uqcrq Urad Urb1 Urb2 Urgcp Uri1 Urm1 Uroc1 Urod Uros Usb1 Use1 Usf1 Usf2 Usf3 Ush1c Ush1g Ush2a Ushbp1 Uso1 Usp1 Usp10 Usp11 Usp12 Usp13 Usp14 Usp15 Usp16 Usp17la Usp17lc Usp17ld Usp17le Usp18 Usp19 Usp2 Usp20 Usp21 Usp22 Usp24 Usp25 Usp26 Usp27x Usp28 Usp29 Usp3 Usp30 Usp31 Usp32 Usp33 Usp34 Usp35 Usp36 Usp37 Usp38 Usp39 Usp4 Usp40 Usp42 Usp43 Usp44 Usp45 Usp46 Usp47 Usp48 Usp49 Usp5 Usp50 Usp51 Usp53 Usp54 Usp6nl Usp7 Usp8 Usp9x Usp9y Uspl1 Ust Utf1 Utp11 Utp14a Utp14b Utp15 Utp18 Utp20 Utp23 Utp25 Utp3 Utp4 Utp6 Utrn Uts2 Uts2b Uts2r Uty Uvrag Uvssa Uxs1 Uxt V1ra8 V1rd19 Vac14 Vamp1 Vamp2 Vamp3 Vamp4 Vamp5 Vamp8 Vamp9 Vangl1 Vangl2 Vapa Vapb Vars Vars2 Vash1 Vash2 Vasn Vasp Vat1 Vat1l Vav1 Vav2 Vav3 Vax1 Vax2 Vbp1 Vcam1 Vcan Vcl Vcp Vcpip1 Vcpkmt Vdac1 Vdac2 Vdac3 Vdr Vegfa Vegfb Vegfc Vegfd Veph1 Vezf1 Vezt Vgf Vgll1 Vgll2 Vgll3 Vgll4 Vhl Vil1 Vill Vim Vip Vipas39 Vipr1 Vipr2 Virma Vit Vkorc1 Vkorc1l1 Vldlr Vma21 Vmac Vmn1r1 Vmn1r10 Vmn1r100 Vmn1r11 Vmn1r112 Vmn1r113 Vmn1r115 Vmn1r116 Vmn1r117 Vmn1r119 Vmn1r12 Vmn1r120 Vmn1r121 Vmn1r122 Vmn1r123 Vmn1r124 Vmn1r125 Vmn1r13 Vmn1r130 Vmn1r139 Vmn1r14 Vmn1r149 Vmn1r15 Vmn1r151 Vmn1r152 Vmn1r157 Vmn1r159 Vmn1r16 Vmn1r163 Vmn1r167 Vmn1r168 Vmn1r169 Vmn1r17 Vmn1r170 Vmn1r171 Vmn1r172 Vmn1r173 Vmn1r174 Vmn1r175 Vmn1r176 Vmn1r177 Vmn1r178 Vmn1r179 Vmn1r18 Vmn1r180 Vmn1r181 Vmn1r183 Vmn1r184 Vmn1r185 Vmn1r188 Vmn1r189 Vmn1r19 Vmn1r191 Vmn1r192 Vmn1r193 Vmn1r194 Vmn1r195 Vmn1r196 Vmn1r199 Vmn1r20 Vmn1r200 Vmn1r201 Vmn1r202 Vmn1r203 Vmn1r204 Vmn1r205 Vmn1r206 Vmn1r207 Vmn1r208 Vmn1r209 Vmn1r21 Vmn1r210 Vmn1r211 Vmn1r212 Vmn1r213 Vmn1r214 Vmn1r215 Vmn1r216 Vmn1r218 Vmn1r219 Vmn1r22 Vmn1r220 Vmn1r221 Vmn1r222 Vmn1r223 Vmn1r224 Vmn1r225 Vmn1r226 Vmn1r227 Vmn1r228 Vmn1r229 Vmn1r23 Vmn1r230 Vmn1r231 Vmn1r232 Vmn1r233 Vmn1r234 Vmn1r235 Vmn1r236 Vmn1r237 Vmn1r238 Vmn1r24 Vmn1r240 Vmn1r245 Vmn1r246 Vmn1r248 Vmn1r25 Vmn1r253 Vmn1r257 Vmn1r258 Vmn1r26 Vmn1r260 Vmn1r27 Vmn1r28 Vmn1r29 Vmn1r30 Vmn1r31 Vmn1r32 Vmn1r33 Vmn1r34 Vmn1r35 Vmn1r36 Vmn1r37 Vmn1r38 Vmn1r39 Vmn1r40 Vmn1r41 Vmn1r42 Vmn1r43 Vmn1r44 Vmn1r45 Vmn1r47 Vmn1r48 Vmn1r5 Vmn1r50 Vmn1r51 Vmn1r52 Vmn1r53 Vmn1r54 Vmn1r55 Vmn1r56 Vmn1r57 Vmn1r58 Vmn1r59 Vmn1r6 Vmn1r60 Vmn1r61 Vmn1r62 Vmn1r64 Vmn1r65 Vmn1r66 Vmn1r67 Vmn1r68 Vmn1r69 Vmn1r7 Vmn1r70 Vmn1r71 Vmn1r72 Vmn1r73 Vmn1r74 Vmn1r75 Vmn1r76 Vmn1r78 Vmn1r8 Vmn1r80 Vmn1r81 Vmn1r82 Vmn1r83 Vmn1r84 Vmn1r85 Vmn1r86 Vmn1r87 Vmn1r88 Vmn1r89 Vmn1r9 Vmn1r90 Vmn1r91 Vmn1r93 Vmn1r94 Vmn2r1 Vmn2r10 Vmn2r100 Vmn2r101 Vmn2r102 Vmn2r103 Vmn2r104 Vmn2r107 Vmn2r108 Vmn2r109 Vmn2r110 Vmn2r111 Vmn2r112 Vmn2r113 Vmn2r114 Vmn2r115 Vmn2r116 Vmn2r117 Vmn2r12 Vmn2r121 Vmn2r124 Vmn2r13 Vmn2r14 Vmn2r15 Vmn2r17 Vmn2r19 Vmn2r2 Vmn2r21 Vmn2r22 Vmn2r23 Vmn2r24 Vmn2r25 Vmn2r26 Vmn2r27 Vmn2r28 Vmn2r32 Vmn2r33 Vmn2r35 Vmn2r36 Vmn2r39 Vmn2r41 Vmn2r43 Vmn2r44 Vmn2r45 Vmn2r47 Vmn2r48 Vmn2r49 Vmn2r50 Vmn2r51 Vmn2r52 Vmn2r53 Vmn2r55 Vmn2r56 Vmn2r57 Vmn2r58 Vmn2r59 Vmn2r60 Vmn2r61 Vmn2r62 Vmn2r63 Vmn2r65 Vmn2r66 Vmn2r67 Vmn2r68 Vmn2r69 Vmn2r7 Vmn2r73 Vmn2r75 Vmn2r77 Vmn2r78 Vmn2r79 Vmn2r8 Vmn2r80 Vmn2r81 Vmn2r82 Vmn2r83 Vmn2r84 Vmn2r85 Vmn2r86 Vmn2r87 Vmn2r89 Vmn2r9 Vmn2r90 Vmn2r93 Vmn2r94 Vmn2r95 Vmn2r98 Vmn2r99 Vmo1 Vnn1 Vnn3 Vopp1 Vpreb2 Vpreb3 Vps11 Vps13a Vps13b Vps13c Vps13d Vps16 Vps18 Vps25 Vps26a Vps26b Vps26c Vps28 Vps29 Vps33a Vps33b Vps35 Vps35l Vps36 Vps37a Vps37b Vps37d Vps39 Vps41 Vps45 Vps4a Vps4b Vps50 Vps51 Vps52 Vps53 Vps54 Vps72 Vps8 Vps9d1 Vrk1 Vrk2 Vrk3 Vrtn Vsig1 Vsig10 Vsig10l Vsig2 Vsig4 Vsig8 Vsir Vsnl1 Vstm2a Vstm2b Vstm2l Vstm4 Vstm5 Vsx1 Vsx2 Vta1 Vtcn1 Vti1a Vti1b Vtn Vwa1 Vwa2 Vwa3a Vwa3b Vwa5a Vwa5b1 Vwa5b2 Vwa7 Vwa8 Vwc2 Vwc2l Vwce Vwde Vwf Vxn Wac Wap Wapl Wars1 Wars2 Was Wasf2 Wasf3 Washc1 Washc2 Washc3 Washc4 Washc5 Wasl Wbp1 Wbp11 Wbp1l Wbp2 Wbp2nl Wbp4 Wdcp Wdfy1 Wdfy2 Wdfy3 Wdfy4 Wdhd1 Wdpcp Wdr1 Wdr11 Wdr12 Wdr13 Wdr17 Wdr18 Wdr20 Wdr20rt Wdr24 Wdr25 Wdr26 Wdr27 Wdr3 Wdr31 Wdr33 Wdr35 Wdr36 Wdr37 Wdr38 Wdr4 Wdr41 Wdr43 Wdr44 Wdr45 Wdr45b Wdr46 Wdr47 Wdr48 Wdr5 Wdr53 Wdr55 Wdr59 Wdr5b Wdr6 Wdr61 Wdr62 Wdr64 Wdr7 Wdr70 Wdr72 Wdr73 Wdr74 Wdr75 Wdr76 Wdr77 Wdr81 Wdr82 Wdr83 Wdr86 Wdr89 Wdr90 Wdr93 Wdr95 Wdsub1 Wdtc1 Wdyhv1 Wee1 Wee2 Wfdc1 Wfdc10 Wfdc11 Wfdc12 Wfdc13 Wfdc15a Wfdc15b Wfdc16 Wfdc17 Wfdc18 Wfdc2 Wfdc21 Wfdc3 Wfdc5 Wfdc6a Wfdc6b Wfdc8 Wfdc9 Wfikkn1 Wfikkn2 Wfs1 Whamm Whrn Wif1 Wipf1 Wipf3 Wipi1 Wipi2 Wiz Wls Wmp Wnk1 Wnk2 Wnk3 Wnk4 Wnt1 Wnt10a Wnt10b Wnt11 Wnt16 Wnt2 Wnt2b Wnt3 Wnt3a Wnt4 Wnt5a Wnt5b Wnt6 Wnt7a Wnt7b Wnt8a Wnt8b Wnt9a Wnt9b Wrap53 Wrap73 Wrn Wrnip1 Wsb1 Wsb2 Wscd1 Wscd2 Wt1 Wtap Wtip Wwc1 Wwc2 Wwox Wwp1 Wwp2 Wwtr1 Xab2 Xaf1 Xbp1 Xcl1 Xcr1 Xdh Xiap Xirp1 Xirp2 Xk Xkr4 Xkr5 Xkr6 Xkr7 Xkr8 Xkr9 Xkrx Xlr Xlr3a Xlr3c Xlr4b Xlr5a Xlr5b Xlr5c Xndc1 Xntrpc Xpa Xpc Xpnpep1 Xpnpep2 Xpnpep3 Xpo1 Xpo4 Xpo5 Xpo6 Xpo7 Xpot Xpr1 Xrcc1 Xrcc2 Xrcc3 Xrcc4 Xrcc5 Xrcc6 Xrn1 Xrn2 Xrra1 Xxylt1 Xylb Xylt1 Xylt2 Yae1d1 Yaf2 Yap1 Yars Yars2 Ybey Ybx1 Ybx3 Yeats2 Yeats4 Yes1 Yif1a Yif1b Yipf1 Yipf2 Yipf3 Yipf4 Yipf5 Yipf6 Yipf7 Yju2 Ykt6 Ylpm1 Yme1l1 Yod1 Ypel1 Ypel2 Ypel3 Ypel4 Ypel5 Yrdc Ythdc1 Ythdc2 Ythdf1 Ythdf2 Ythdf3 Ywhab Ywhae Ywhag Ywhah Ywhaq Ywhaz Yy1 Yy2 Zadh2 Zan Zap70 Zar1 Zar1l Zbbx Zbed3 Zbed4 Zbed6 Zbp1 Zbtb1 Zbtb10 Zbtb11 Zbtb12 Zbtb14 Zbtb16 Zbtb17 Zbtb2 Zbtb21 Zbtb22 Zbtb24 Zbtb25 Zbtb26 Zbtb3 Zbtb32 Zbtb33 Zbtb34 Zbtb39 Zbtb4 Zbtb40 Zbtb41 Zbtb42 Zbtb43 Zbtb44 Zbtb45 Zbtb46 Zbtb48 Zbtb49 Zbtb5 Zbtb6 Zbtb7a Zbtb7b Zbtb8a Zbtb8b Zbtb8os Zbtb9 Zc2hc1a Zc2hc1b Zc2hc1c Zc3h10 Zc3h11a Zc3h12a Zc3h12b Zc3h12c Zc3h12d Zc3h13 Zc3h14 Zc3h15 Zc3h18 Zc3h3 Zc3h4 Zc3h6 Zc3h7a Zc3h7b Zc3h8 Zc3hav1 Zc3hav1l Zc3hc1 Zc4h2 Zcchc10 Zcchc13 Zcchc14 Zcchc17 Zcchc2 Zcchc24 Zcchc3 Zcchc4 Zcchc7 Zcchc8 Zcchc9 Zcrb1 Zcwpw1 Zdbf2 Zdhhc11 Zdhhc12 Zdhhc13 Zdhhc14 Zdhhc15 Zdhhc16 Zdhhc17 Zdhhc18 Zdhhc19 Zdhhc2 Zdhhc20 Zdhhc21 Zdhhc22 Zdhhc23 Zdhhc24 Zdhhc25 Zdhhc3 Zdhhc4 Zdhhc5 Zdhhc6 Zdhhc7 Zdhhc8 Zdhhc9 Zeb1 Zeb2 Zer1 Zfand1 Zfand2a Zfand2b Zfand3 Zfand4 Zfand5 Zfand6 Zfat Zfc3h1 Zfhx2 Zfhx3 Zfhx4 Zfp1 Zfp101 Zfp105 Zfp106 Zfp108 Zfp109 Zfp11 Zfp111 Zfp112 Zfp113 Zfp114 Zfp119a Zfp119b Zfp12 Zfp120 Zfp128 Zfp13 Zfp131 Zfp141 Zfp142 Zfp143 Zfp148 Zfp157 Zfp160 Zfp169 Zfp174 Zfp180 Zfp184 Zfp185 Zfp189 Zfp2 Zfp202 Zfp207 Zfp212 Zfp213 Zfp217 Zfp219 Zfp229 Zfp236 Zfp239 Zfp24 Zfp248 Zfp251 Zfp26 Zfp260 Zfp263 Zfp266 Zfp267 Zfp27 Zfp273 Zfp275 Zfp276 Zfp277 Zfp28 Zfp280b Zfp280c Zfp280d Zfp281 Zfp282 Zfp286 Zfp292 Zfp296 Zfp3 Zfp30 Zfp300 Zfp316 Zfp317 Zfp318 Zfp319 Zfp322a Zfp324 Zfp326 Zfp329 Zfp330 Zfp334 Zfp335 Zfp341 Zfp345 Zfp346 Zfp35 Zfp352 Zfp354a Zfp354b Zfp354c Zfp358 Zfp36 Zfp362 Zfp365 Zfp366 Zfp367 Zfp369 Zfp36l1 Zfp36l2 Zfp36l3 Zfp37 Zfp382 Zfp383 Zfp384 Zfp385a Zfp385b Zfp385c Zfp386 Zfp39 Zfp395 Zfp397 Zfp398 Zfp40 Zfp407 Zfp408 Zfp41 Zfp410 Zfp414 Zfp418 Zfp42 Zfp420 Zfp422 Zfp423 Zfp426 Zfp428 Zfp429 Zfp433 Zfp438 Zfp442 Zfp444 Zfp446 Zfp449 Zfp451 Zfp455 Zfp456 Zfp458 Zfp459 Zfp46 Zfp462 Zfp467 Zfp472 Zfp473 Zfp474 Zfp488 Zfp493 Zfp503 Zfp507 Zfp51 Zfp511 Zfp512 Zfp512b Zfp513 Zfp516 Zfp518a Zfp518b Zfp521 Zfp523 Zfp524 Zfp526 Zfp53 Zfp532 Zfp534 Zfp536 Zfp54 Zfp541 Zfp551 Zfp553 Zfp558 Zfp560 Zfp563 Zfp566 Zfp568 Zfp57 Zfp575 Zfp579 Zfp58 Zfp580 Zfp583 Zfp59 Zfp592 Zfp593 Zfp597 Zfp598 Zfp599 Zfp60 Zfp600 Zfp605 Zfp606 Zfp607a Zfp607b Zfp608 Zfp609 Zfp612 Zfp616 Zfp617 Zfp618 Zfp619 Zfp62 Zfp622 Zfp623 Zfp626 Zfp628 Zfp629 Zfp637 Zfp638 Zfp639 Zfp64 Zfp641 Zfp644 Zfp646 Zfp647 Zfp648 Zfp65 Zfp651 Zfp652 Zfp653 Zfp654 Zfp655 Zfp658 Zfp661 Zfp664 Zfp667 Zfp668 Zfp672 Zfp677 Zfp68 Zfp687 Zfp688 Zfp689 Zfp691 Zfp692 Zfp697 Zfp7 Zfp703 Zfp704 Zfp706 Zfp707 Zfp708 Zfp709 Zfp710 Zfp712 Zfp719 Zfp72 Zfp729a Zfp729b Zfp735 Zfp738 Zfp74 Zfp740 Zfp746 Zfp747 Zfp748 Zfp750 Zfp759 Zfp760 Zfp763 Zfp764 Zfp768 Zfp771 Zfp772 Zfp773 Zfp777 Zfp78 Zfp780b Zfp781 Zfp784 Zfp786 Zfp787 Zfp788 Zfp790 Zfp791 Zfp799 Zfp800 Zfp804a Zfp804b Zfp808 Zfp809 Zfp81 Zfp811 Zfp819 Zfp82 Zfp820 Zfp825 Zfp827 Zfp830 Zfp831 Zfp839 Zfp84 Zfp846 Zfp85 Zfp850 Zfp853 Zfp865 Zfp866 Zfp867 Zfp868 Zfp869 Zfp87 Zfp870 Zfp871 Zfp872 Zfp873 Zfp874a Zfp874b Zfp879 Zfp882 Zfp9 Zfp90 Zfp91 Zfp92 Zfp93 Zfp930 Zfp931 Zfp932 Zfp933 Zfp934 Zfp935 Zfp936 Zfp937 Zfp938 Zfp94 Zfp940 Zfp941 Zfp942 Zfp943 Zfp944 Zfp945 Zfp947 Zfp948 Zfp949 Zfp950 Zfp951 Zfp952 Zfp953 Zfp954 Zfp955a Zfp955b Zfp956 Zfp957 Zfp958 Zfp960 Zfp961 Zfp963 Zfp964 Zfp965 Zfp967 Zfp97 Zfp970 Zfp971 Zfp972 Zfp974 Zfp975 Zfp976 Zfp979 Zfp980 Zfp981 Zfp982 Zfp983 Zfp984 Zfp987 Zfp990 Zfp991 Zfp994 Zfp995 Zfp997 Zfp998 Zfpl1 Zfpm1 Zfpm2 Zfr Zfr2 Zfta Zfx Zfy1 Zfy2 Zfyve1 Zfyve16 Zfyve19 Zfyve21 Zfyve26 Zfyve27 Zfyve28 Zfyve9 Zg16 Zglp1 Zgpat Zgrf1 Zhx1 Zhx2 Zhx3 Zic1 Zic2 Zic3 Zic4 Zic5 Zik1 Zim1 Zkscan1 Zkscan14 Zkscan16 Zkscan17 Zkscan2 Zkscan3 Zkscan4 Zkscan5 Zkscan6 Zkscan7 Zkscan8 Zmat1 Zmat2 Zmat3 Zmat4 Zmat5 Zmiz1 Zmiz2 Zmpste24 Zmym1 Zmym2 Zmym3 Zmym4 Zmym5 Zmym6 Zmynd10 Zmynd11 Zmynd12 Zmynd15 Zmynd19 Zmynd8 Znfx1 Znhit1 Znhit2 Znhit3 Znhit6 Znrd2 Znrf1 Znrf2 Znrf3 Znrf4 Zp1 Zp2 Zp3 Zp3r Zpbp Zpbp2 Zpld1 Zpld2 Zpr1 Zranb2 Zranb3 Zrsr2 Zscan10 Zscan12 Zscan18 Zscan20 Zscan21 Zscan22 Zscan25 Zscan26 Zscan29 Zscan4b Zscan4f Zscan5b Zswim1 Zswim2 Zswim3 Zswim4 Zswim5 Zswim6 Zswim7 Zswim8 Zswim9 Zup1 Zw10 Zwilch Zwint Zxdb Zxdc Zyg11a Zyg11b Zyx Zzef1 Zzz3

MouseScan™ technical details.

The first whole proteome murine autoantibody discovery platform reported; the first available commercially. Each protein in the GRCm38.p5 mouse proteome was downloaded and divided into 62-amino acid peptides with 19-AA overlap. Redundant sequences from identical regions of the different isoforms and homologs were eliminated if they had >95% identity overlap.  The final library contains 482,672 unique peptide sequences that represent a full murine proteome of 50,135 proteins and protein isoforms.

This was ordered as an oligonucleotide library, PCR-amplified with adaptors for cloning, and packaged into a T7 phage display vector that was expanded in E. Coli. An aliquot from this library is then reacted with diluted patient serum or other antibody-containing fluid. Bound antibodies are immunoprecipitated with protein A/G beads, the precipitate amplified by PCR, and the sequences quantified by a next-generation sequencing and analysis pipeline that compares patient-sample IP read counts to negative controls with no antibody input (mock IPs) in the context of overall clonal frequency of individual peptides in the parent library. Output data are then created at both the peptide level. A more detailed description of this process is available (Mohan, et al, 2018).

MouseScan™ service details & data deliverables.

A typical MouseScan™ service involves case and control serum or plasma samples. These undergo a protein A/G pulldown assay, PCR amplification, and next-generation sequencing. Raw sequence data are run through a normalization and quantitation pipeline as previously described (Mohan et al., 2018).  Raw pipeline counts outputs are then provided to customers alongside normalized hit calls data for all individual 62mer peptides.

MouseScan™ service sample requirements.

Neat mouse serum or plasma: Send one 20μL aliquot per sample.

Dilute mouse serum or plasma: Send one 2μL aliquot in 18μL PBS per sample.

Mouse (CSF) cerebrospinal fluid: Send one 50μL aliquot per sample.

Other antibodies (IgG monoclonals, B cell supernatants, etc): Send one 50μL aliquot per sample at .1 mg/mL concentration.

Twelve sample minimum. Typically sold only in multiples of x12 samples (ie x12, x24, 36 – full rows of a standard 96-well plate).

Cohort balancing (studies  >336 samples):  Individual PhIP-Seq studies are prepared in x96 well plates using aliquots of our phage library; each study requires x48 controls pooled plasma, known polyclonal, and protein A/G beads-only internal control samples per sequencer run (provided free-of-charge).  Data are most reproducible within a single sequencer run. Sequencer runs are currently limited to x4 96-well plates (336 experimental samples + x48 controls per run).

Sample shipping & sample return.

We will include shipping details in your quote – you must cover the cost of shipping samples to CDI. Typically, after you receive your report, CDI keeps the remaining samples for two months and then disposes of them. When shipping to us, please let us know if you want the remaining samples returned after the study is complete. We will charge for return shipping.

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