CDI Laboratories is looking for people to help us on our mission of building next-generation proteomic tools. Our protein library is the only of its kind and scientists trust it to help them make new discoveries.  We’re currently looking for dedicated people to fill the following job postings. Click on a posting to download the full position description:

 Molecular Microbiology Technician for Multi-Dimensional,
High-Throughput Antibody Discovery

Location: Baltimore, MD
Closing date: May 1st, 2023

About CDI Laboratories:

The company was created by scientists for scientists, and addresses the critical needs required to accelerate research, develop discoveries and translate these discoveries into novel products and services that improve human health. CDI Labs is a privately-owned research and discovery company in the field of proteomics.

To apply for any of the above positions, please send your resume or CV to: [email protected]