Seromics: Decoding the Antibody Fingerprint

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Webinar Premise: Each individual carries a ‘fingerprint’ of antibodies that describes a lifetime of immune experiences to foods, allergens, viruses, the microbiome, and other exposures. This fingerprint is exceptionally unique to each individual and can remain stable for decades – but what does it mean?

In this talk, CDI’s Director of Platform Innovation, Tyler Hulett, PhD, will discuss the potential importance of anti-viral and autoantibody seromics technologies – what we already know about the antibody fingerprint and what we still don’t know – using example data from SARS-CoV-2, cancer, and autoimmune patients.

Webinar Content:

@ 0:00    Intro About Arrayjet technology (Gavin Boothroyd, ArrayJet)
@ 4:40    Arrayjet and CDI Labs produce “HuProt”, the worlds largest proteome microarry (Gavin)
@ 7:00    “Seromics – Decoding the Antibody Fingerprint” presentation (Tyler)
@ 41:10    Questions and Answers (Tyler and Gavin)

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