Seromics: Decoding the Antibody Fingerprint

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Webinar Premise: Each individual carries a ‘fingerprint’ of antibodies that describes a lifetime of immune experiences to foods, allergens, viruses, the microbiome, and other exposures. This fingerprint is exceptionally unique to each individual and can remain stable for decades – but what does it mean?

In this talk, CDI’s Director of Platform Innovation, Tyler Hulett, PhD, will discuss the potential importance of anti-viral and autoantibody seromics technologies – what we already know about the antibody fingerprint and what we still don’t know – using example data from SARS-CoV-2, cancer, and autoimmune patients.

Webinar Content:

@ 0:00    Intro About Arrayjet technology (Gavin Boothroyd, ArrayJet)
@ 4:40    Arrayjet and CDI Labs produce “HuProt”, the worlds largest proteome microarry (Gavin)
@ 7:00    “Seromics – Decoding the Antibody Fingerprint” presentation (Tyler)
@ 41:10    Questions and Answers (Tyler and Gavin)

Explore the world’s most powerful antigen libraries.

huprot the human antigen matrix microarray button by CDI Labs

HuProt™: The world’s largest collection of full-length human proteins made from a comprehensive and thoroughly validated library. In addition to being the most powerful tool ever created for mapping antigen-specific immunity, HuProt arrays have been used to evaluate DNA & RNA nucleotide binding, antibody specificity, small molecule binding, protein-protein interactions, and more to properly folded human proteins. HuProt microarrays are available for direct purchase or as part of CDI contract research services.  Learn more…

Our Virion Display (VirD™) microarrays use a patented system to synthesize important drug targets with proper folding and function for cleaner and more reliable data. Our first version contains 160 non-odorant G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and is useful for drug development and functional assays as reported in Nature Communications. VirD microarrays are available for direct purchase, or as part of CDI contract research services.  Learn more…

huscan human proteome phage display phip-seq button

High-throughput human autoantibody discovery service. Our new HuScan™ technology provides epitope-level antibody discovery versus the entire human proteome. ANTYGEN™ HuScan™ service allows us to analyze patient samples (serum, plasma, CSF, etc.) for the presence of autoantibodies against the full UniProt human proteome in a single-well assay with quantitative sequencing readouts. This product is available as a service to both academic and industry customers.  Learn more…

Video: “Phage Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (PhIP-Seq)”

virscan viral proteome virome phage display phip-seq button by CDI Labs

High-throughput viral antibody discovery service. In addition to causing illness, viral infection can alter host immunity in more subtle ways, leaving an indelible footprint on the immune system. ANTYGEN™ VirScan™ provides an unparalleled way to assay a patient’s viral history by analyzing antiviral antibodies to a phage library displaying peptides from >1300 strains of viruses — nearly every virus annotated to have human tropism (UniProt). VirScan is available as a service to both academic and industry customers.  Learn more…

High-throughput xenoantibody discovery service. XenScan™ service provides an unparalleled way to assay a patient’s xenoantigen exposure history by analyzing xenoantibodies to a phage library displaying peptides from 604 unique xenoantigens representing 213 unique species curated by the Immune Epitope Database (IEDB); library contains every full-length UniProt |protein with an IEDB-reported antigen not originating from humans, viruses, or malaria. Available as a service to both academic and industry customers.  Learn more…

grand seromics multi dimensional antibody discovery button by CDI Labs

Enter new dimensions of antigen discovery. With Grand Seromics™ service you get a combined readout from each of the core ANTYGEN™ platform services – integrating data from HuProt™ human proteome microarrays, HuScan™ human phage display immunoprecipitation sequencing, and VirScan™ human virome phage display immunoprecipitation sequencing — providing antigen-specific immunologic insights never before possible. Available as a service to both academic and industry customers.  Learn more…

Webinar: “Seromics: Decoding the Antibody Fingerprint”

SARS-CoV-2 antibody detection platforms. 4 separate configurations enabling researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and vaccine developers to closely monitor the immune effects induced by COVID-19 disease, vaccines, and therapies.  Learn more…

The first proteome validated monospecific monoclonal antibodies for pathology; tested against >21,000 human proteins.  Learn more…

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