Ignacio Pino, DVM

Chief Executive Officer; Co-Founder

Scott Paschke

Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Daniel Eichinger, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer; Co-Founder

Shaohui Hu, PhD

Director, Proteomic Sciences

Tyler Hulett, PhD

Director, Platform Innovation

Board of Directors

Jef Boeke, PhD

Co-Founder; Board Member

Jon Brennan-Badal

Board Member

Antoine de Marsily, MBA

Board Member

Paul Horan, PhD

Board Member

Scientific Advisory Board

Heng Zhu, PhD

Co-Founder; SAB Member

Seth Blackshaw, PhD

Co-Founder; SAB Member

Prashant Desai, PhD

SAB Member

Jiang Qian, MS, PhD

SAB Member

Kim Blenman, MS, PhD

SAB Member

Atul Tandon, PhD

SAB Member

CDI – Mayagüez

CDI would be nothing without its people. Many biotech companies have operations in Puerto Rico – but we are the first to found one on the island. CEO Ignacio Pino is a native of Mayagüez: the vibrant college town where we base our operations.  Over the last decade he’s recruited the best and brightest students from the local UPR-Mayagüez, building a team that has assembled the world’s largest human recombinant protein library and the first catalogue of proteome-validated monoclonal antibodies.

Faces of CDI Labs - Mayaguez Employees in Puerto Rico
CDI – Baltimore

CDI has deep roots in Baltimore, co-founders Jef Boeke, Heng Zhu, & Seth Blackshaw started the company while they worked as professors at Johns Hopkins University. The company has retained a facility on-campus in the Rangos Life Sciences Building, allowing us close access to our growing Scientific Advisory Board. All HuProt arrays are currently printed by scientists at our Baltimore facility.

Smaller Image of CDI Labs Baltimore and Johns Hopkins Employees