Barney E. Saunders, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Ignacio Pino, DVM

Chief Operating Officer; Co-Founder; Board Member

Scott Paschke

Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Tyler Hulett, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, VP Research & Development

Shaohui Hu, PhD

Director, Proteomic Sciences

TJ Lowden

Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Jef Boeke, PhD

Co-Founder; Board Member; SAB Member

Jon Brennan-Badal

Board Member

Antoine de Marsily

Board Member

Aaron Fisher

Board Member

Scientific Advisory Board

Heng Zhu, PhD

Co-Founder; SAB Member

Jef Boeke, PhD

Co-Founder; Board Member; SAB Member

Daniel Eichinger, PhD

Co-founder, SAB Member

Seth Blackshaw, PhD

Co-Founder; SAB Member

Prashant Desai, PhD

SAB Member

Jeffrey Rossio, PhD

SAB Member

CDI – Mayagüez

CDI would be nothing without its people. Many biotech companies have operations in Puerto Rico – but we are the first to found one on the island. CEO Ignacio Pino is a native of Mayagüez: the vibrant college town where we base our operations.  Over the last decade he’s recruited the best and brightest students from the local UPR-Mayagüez, building a team that has assembled the world’s largest human recombinant protein library and the first catalogue of proteome-validated monoclonal antibodies.

CDI – Baltimore

CDI has deep roots in Baltimore, co-founders Jef Boeke, Heng Zhu, & Seth Blackshaw started the company while they worked as professors at Johns Hopkins University. The company has retained a facility on-campus in the Rangos Life Sciences Building, allowing us close access to our growing Scientific Advisory Board. All HuProt arrays are currently printed by scientists at our Baltimore facility.